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Characters / The Interdependency

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    Grayland II / Cardenia Wu-Patrick 
Emperox Grayland II is the current reigning sovereign of the Interdependency. Born Cardenia Wu-Patrick as the illegitimate daughter of Emperox Attavio VI and Hannah Patrick and named as Attavio's successor after the untimely death of her half-brother Rennered.

  • Unexpected Successor: No one expected Cardenia to become emperox. She was never groomed for the role. That was always supposed to be Rennered. After Rennered's death, Attavio VI declared Cardenia to be his heir instead of any number of more qualified cousins and nephews/nieces.

    Marce Claremont 
Lord Marce Claremont is the son of the Count of Claremont, a minor noble on the planet End. He is a Flow physicist like his father, he travels to Hub to meet with the Emperox and deliver their conclusion about the state of the Flow. Becomes Cardenia's lover in the second book.


    Kiva Lagos 
Lady Kiva Lagos is the daughter of Countess Huma Lagos.

    Nadashe Nohamapetan 
Lady Nadashe Nohamapetan is the daughter of Countess Jedna Nohamapetan. She is the brains behind the plan to take control of End, using her brothers Amit and Ghreni to do the actual work. Originally meant to marry Rennered Wu, Rennered's death put a stop to that. Goes to prison for treason at the end of the first novel.

    Tomas XII / Tomas Reynauld Chenevert 
Tomas Reynauld Chenevert, formerly King Tomas XII of Ponthieu, is the digitized copy of the mind of the real Chenevert, who died three centuries ago. Tomas's digital consciousness runs on the main computer of the starship Auvergne.

  • La Résistance: At one point, the original Tomas XII ruled the planet Ponthieu in the Assembly. His people rose up and deposed him, forcing him to flee aboard the Auvergne. The digital Tomas admits they probably had a good reason to revolt.
  • Spaceship Girl: Well, boy.
  • Virtual Ghost: The real Tomas Reynauld Chenevert died at some point after the creation of the digital Tomas 300 years ago. Unlike the virtual reconstructions of the dead emperoxs in the Memory Room, Tomas looks and sounds very much alive, even possessing the same bad sense of humor as the original.

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