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Characters / StarCraft

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Characters include the following:

  • The Terrans
    • Raynor's Raiders note 
    • Terran Dominion note 
    • Ghost Corps note 
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    • Other Factions note 
    • Independent Terrans note 
  • The Zerg
    • Sarah Kerrigan
    • Zerg Swarm note 
    • Other Zerg note 
  • The Protoss
    • The Daelaam note 
    • Protoss Empire note 
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    • The Nerazim note 
    • The Tal'darim note 
  • Other Characters note 
  • Co-Op Commanders

Alternative Title(s): Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty, Star Craft II Heart Of The Swarm, Starcraft II Legacy Of The Void, Starcraft I, Starcraft Units, Starcraft Novels, Star Craft II, Star Craft The Dark Templar Saga, Star Craft II Nova Covert Ops, Starcraft II Coop Mode