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    November Annabella "Nova" Terra
Even if Ghost never came out, there's still the Covert Ops.

"Failure is never an option."

Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

A human female Ghost and assassin for the Terran Dominion. Also the would-be star of Starcraft: Ghost, a game stuck in Development Hell, although she was properly introduced in the Wings of Liberty campaign for Starcraft II. Nova's adventures have become something of their own sublicense within the franchise, with her backstory and training covered in a manga series and a pair of novels.

She is the star of the first DLC campaign released by Blizzard after Legacy of the Void.

Provides examples of:

  • The Ace: She's one of the most powerful Ghosts in the history of their existence; her psi index of 10 is equal to Kerrigan's prior to her infestation, and she completed her training in a record two and a half years when it normally takes four.
  • Action Girl: She's a Ghost. Naturally, this means that she's a badass psionic assassin.
  • All There in the Manual: Pretty much everything about her is learned in the Ghost novels and manga; in-game all you ever learn about her is that she's a Dominion Ghost that hunts Specters.
  • Anti-Hero: By the end of Covert Ops, she split up with the Dominion, but is still willing to help them from the shadows by doing the necessary dirty work that goes against Valerian's new 'good Dominion' image.
  • Anti-Villain: Type IV, she's just working for Dominion, and the only problems she has with Valerian Mengsk are whether he is a better man than his father or not.
  • Ascended Extra: After having one optional mission in Wings of Liberty and one brief cameo in Heart of the Swarm she became a star of her own campaign.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Her real name is November Anabella Terra.
  • Berserk Button: Don't touch Malcolm Kelerchian if you want to live.
  • Blue Blood: Is a member of the Terra family, one of the Old Families from the Days of the Confederacy.
  • Boobs of Steel: She's definitely stacked, and she's strong enough to throw a Terran Marine in full power armor over her shoulder.
  • Break the Haughty: Downplayed. She was fed a humility pill in Nova Covert Ops, having been framed with treason against the Dominion, and thus a need to prove her loyalty, but neither Matt Horner nor Valerian Mengsk believed she was a traitor.
  • Broken Bird: Suffice it to say, her time spent as a telepathic slave for a mob-boss was so traumatic that the mandatory mind wipe was considered an incentive for becoming a Ghost.
  • The Cameo: A shrine dedicated to her can be seen in World of Warcraft, as well as a cloaked Blood Elf female.
  • Canon Immigrant: From the game stuck in permanent Development Hell, Starcraft: Ghost.
  • Clear My Name: During Covert Ops, after another session of mind wipe, Nova was accused of treason against the Dominion and conspiring with the Defenders of Man. Those who checked out the 'Defenders of Man Access Point' custom map can know exactly what happened: The Defenders of Man captured Nova's team and then made footages of Nova assassinating Dominion agents. Needless to say, with amnesia at hand, it's just up to her skills to convince everyone that she's still loyal to Dominion.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Nova wears blue and silver to Tosh's red and black.
  • Depending on the Artist: Though Nova has pale blond hair in her official high-res Ghost render, in-game images had her with brighter yellow hair. In the graphic novels, her hair is orange.
  • The Dragon: Top assassin of the Terran Dominion. Raynor even calls Nova Mengsk's "pet ghost". This role is even more apparent during her attack on the Umojan lab. By comparison, Valerian Mengsk, despite being crown prince, doesn't necessarily fit the bill for being a dragon. Neither Kerrigan nor General Warfield toe the line despite the former being second in command to the Sons of Korhal and the latter being C-in-C to the Dominion Military.
  • Enemy Mine: Approaches Raynor with the offer of taking out Tosh's Spectres, after which she gives him the schematics to make Ghosts of his own. Jim notes the risk she takes by doing so. If Raynor sides with Tosh instead, Dr. Hanson claims that spectres are no more prone to insanity than normal people, this may or may not be correct. Siding with Nova however reveals a note of jealousy with Ariel. However, Wings makes it clear that the only reason Raynor has to trust a Dominion assassin is because Tosh is a potentially more dangerous choice. Some of the news reports in Wings suggest that the Spectres have been running a terrorist campaign against the Dominion, and leaving a lot of dead civilians in their wake. But overall, the choice between Nova and Tosh is definitely one of the weaker ones, at least from a storytelling perspective.
  • The Extremist Was Right: In Covert Ops, Nova repeatedly suggests killing General Davis, only to be shot down by Valerian repeatedly even after Davis escapes custody with some unintentional help from Alarak. Then after Nova kills Davis in their final confrontation, we see a UNN report where it's mentioned that most of the Dominion's citizens, unaware that Valerian ordered Nova to keep Davis alive, feel he was justified in using lethal force to end the threat.
  • Faux Affably Evil: While the "Evil" part depends on what she was told to capture, she does thank Raynor for his help against Tosh in Wings of Liberty (had you done so) before capturing him.
  • Foil: To Kerrigan; they're both powerful Ghosts that serve (or have served) Arcturus Mengsk and are emphasized as beautiful but dangerous. The key difference is that despite being given a chance to break away from Mengsk and become something more, Nova remained loyal. Swann ribs Raynor over the similarities between the two, and Blizzard is also aware of their similarities.
    "No, I am not Kerrigan, and if I had my own game you'd know that."
  • Heel–Face Turn: Sort of. She keeps working for the Dominion after Arcturus' death and Valerian being crowned the new Emperor, meaning she has technically become a good guy without actually defecting. The irony of it all is that the Dominion believes she did the exact opposite.
  • Hidden Depths: In Covert Ops, she proves to be an adept field commander in addition to being a skilled Ghost. Also, she does have a sense of morals, as seen when she expresses her doubts on whether Valerian is truly better than his father as Emperor.
  • Knife Nut: It's a Ghost thing, apparently. A closer look at the cutscene shows that Nova actually swiped Tosh's balisong, complete with voodoo decal, although she certainly handles it with familiarity.
  • Last of Her Kind: Is the last member of the Old Families of the Confederacy, as most were wiped out on Tarsonis, the surviving heirs were killed under Mengsk's orders, Edmund Duke (being a General defecting to Dominion) and Arcturus Mengsk (Mengsk family were ostracized from the Old Families strata because of Angus' anti-Confederate movement) were surviving members after Confederacy's end until the former's death in Brood War and latter's demise at hands of Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm, and Valerian isn't really a true member since both from erasure of Confederacy's legacy and the Mengsk family being rebellious outcast. Carolina Davis may have been one based on her statement of her past with Terra family before her execution.
  • Ms. Fanservice: A green-eyed blonde with a curvy body zipped up inside a skintight Ghost suit. Aside from Kerrigan, Nova is the main source of female eye-candy in the series.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: After the mind-wipe is reversed, she still abides by her oath to serve the Dominion, though she's perfectly willing to bend the rules here and there to suit her. Interestingly, she is loyal to the Dominion itself rather than Arcturus - which means she becomes a good guy when Valerian becomes the new emperor. Also, in Covert Ops, it's clear that she is initially cynical about Valerian being truly different from his father as Emperor, a sentiment which Valerian managed to dispel.
  • The Ojou: Before a terrorist attack killed her parents.
  • Pet the Dog: Helps a young telepath evade the reach of the Ghost Academy in Spectres, and find a home where her gifts can be cherished.
  • Pragmatic Hero: Even if she's on the side of good under Valerian, Nova still leans towards pragmatism, with her immediate answer to the problem of General Davis being to just shoot her. She goes rogue at the end of Covert Ops after doing just that against Valerian's orders.
  • Psychic Powers: Second only in power to Sarah Kerrigan herself, although she surpasses Kerrigan's powers when Sarah was in her Ghost self. She's able to do stuff like disable enemy weapons with her mind or kill an entire city block with her telekinesis. Of course, Kerrigan's now a planetary-level consciousness since her infestation, and she's basically in a league of her own.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: She only does what the Dominion orders her to do. She's willing to help Raynor in Wings of Liberty when she's in the hunt of spectres, but when Raynor is the Dominion's target in Heart of the Swarm, she does not think twice before capturing him. In Nova Covert Ops, she is investigating an anti-Dominion organization at Valerian's behest.
  • Rogue Agent: Zig-zagged. At the end of Covert Ops, Nova has decided she will no longer take orders from Valerian or the Dominion. By disobeying the emperor and killing Davis, she is now a fugitive of the Dominion. However, both Valerian and Matt still trusts her to do the right thing, and so have decided to leave her and her crew alone, for the time being.
  • The Southpaw: In Nova Covert Ops, there are several indications that Nova is left-handed. This is most notable in the cinematic after the first mission when Matt Horner throws her a rifle and she catches it with her left hand, but her character model throughout shows her wielding weapons left-handed as well.
  • Super Soldier: As a Ghost, this is her role in the Terran military.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Rory Swann sees her as one towards Kerrigan.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: Straddles this line for long. When Dominion was run by Arcturus, Nova was constantly put on 'Lawful' mode, participating in any orders Arcturus had, no matter how petty or brutal. When Dominion was run by Valerian, Nova manages to find a good balance in doing things on her own moral compass and following the law. By the time Covert Ops nearly ends, Nova struggles again to follow Valerian's law and let Davis go free or just go with the pragmatic 'Good' path of killing her on spot. She eventually chose the latter and went rogue.
  • The Unfought: Despite her reappearance early on in Heart of the Swarm, you never actually get to fight her.

    Gabriel Tosh

"You guys did good. Now me and my spectres will finish the job. We'll kill Mengsk...and burn his Dominion to the ground."

Voiced by: Dave Fennoy

Once a Dominion Ghost and a personal friend of Nova, Tosh somehow became involved in Project Shadowblade and was transformed into a Spectre, a "next-generation" Ghost with greater powers. Disillusioned with the Dominion, Tosh ended up taking control of the project and the Spectres, and began a personal rebellion against Arcturus Mengsk that made him an uneasy ally of Raynor and his men.

Provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Evil: He pays you handsomely for your aid and scouts out the region to help you, but he's also very creepy, shifty, and definitely has a hidden agenda. He's ultimately a very cynical and shady Anti-Hero who sticks by the Raiders to help them if they see his mission through with him.
  • Assassin Outclassin': If you side with Nova (the non-canon option), she out-Ghosts him and literally stabs him in the back. It's implied that Tosh was distracted in that moment by being extremely pissed off at Raynor.
  • Badass Baritone: Has a very deep, accented voice.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: He's not evil, but his personal set of powers is rather dark. To wit: a Mind Rape brain blast, a Life Drain he uses on his allies to restore his own energy, and of course nukes.
  • Canon Immigrant: He's from the same storyline as Nova Terra is, and he was another character recovered from the cancelled StarCraft: Ghost game.
  • Cassandra Truth:
    • While the others (except Raynor) have their initial mistrust of Tychus Findlay, Tosh is the only one to openly suspect him and turns out to be right all along (having psionic abilities helps).
    • In one mission epilogue, Tosh casually mentions smelling a Protoss on board the Hyperion, and Raynor has no idea whether he's joking or not. It turns out there is one, it's Zeratul.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Red and black to Nova's blue and silver.
  • Creepy Good: He's ultimately on Raynor's side, though the others are weirded out by his powers, his cynicism, and his general sketchiness.
  • A Day in the Limelight: You can control him during the Folsom liberation mission, and his abilities really shine.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Not every mission's epilogue on the Hyperion necessarily involves Tosh giving out good advice. In fact, some dialogue speeches are where Tosh snarks at Raynor about specific items such as engaging in piracy when he dislikes it, teasing Raynor about smelling a protoss onboard the Hyperion, and the snark that perhaps Ariel Hanson isn't all sweet like Raynor and others think.
  • Dreadlock Warrior: His hair is in dreadlocks and he's a powerful fighter.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: Tosh was actually in the same squad as Nova during their days in the Ghost Academy. Oddly enough, he used to support her back then during mission training, and kissed Nova once. However, any chance of a relationship was made naught by the rules of the Ghost Academy, which would also neurally re-socialize (i.e. mind-wipe) its students on a regular basis. The final break probably came around the time when Tosh became a Specter and Nova received a full re-socialization that had virtually eliminated her original personality.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: The singular known reason why Matt Horner is uncomfortable with him.
  • Hollywood Voodoo: In his backstory, his grandmother initially believed his psionic abilities to be Voodoo. In Wings, he'll even whip out a voodoo doll on Raynor if he decides to screw Tosh over. For some reason, it works on Tychus instead. Also explained in Wings that most Specters grow eccentric after their training and may carry trinkets and totems because they believe in their enhancing powers even if they may know nothing about Voodoo.
  • Honey Trap:Discussed with Raynor about Doctor Ariel Hanson.
    Tosh: She's a lovely thing that one. Full of honey. Or maybe, that's just what she wants you think.
  • Knife Nut: Ironically, this is also how he was killed in the non-canon mission "Ghost Of A Chance".
    • In the cinematic after the mission "Breakout," Tosh throws his knife carelessly at a table, perhaps to avoid hurting Matt Horner for politically disagreeing with him ideologically. However, Raynor understands Tosh and gives him his knife back.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: You know the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism? Tosh may be a trustworthy, nice individual who doesn't mind helping Raynor fight the good fight, but when it comes to society and the Dominion, he lands hard on the cynicism side.
  • Monochromatic Eyes: Possibly the result of Ocular Implant surgery. According to Ghost Academy manga he got them after getting caught in Nova's psionic explosion on their last mission as trainees. Same incident also rendered him immune to telepathy and mind wipes directly leading to him going rogue.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: Play Breakout, and it turns out Nova's full of it. Play Ghost of a Chance, and he really is an Affably Evil Psycho Prototype trying to screw you over.
  • Not So Different: Raynor acknowledges that he and Tosh are the same in their pursuit of revenge against Mengsk being their primary objective, and any good they do in the meantime (like bending to save Ariel Hanson and her colonists, fending off the zerg or releasing political prisoners during Tosh's attack on New Folsom) is a strike against Mengsk or a happy coincidence.
  • Not So Stoic: Normally calm and collected, Tosh reacts pretty badly to the psychic "scream" of the Hybrid that Raynor's team encountered. It's hard to blame him really.
  • Only Sane Man: He's almost the only member of the Hyperion who can see that Tychus is a mole working for the Dominion. Although knowing that was probably more due to him being psychic.
  • One-Man Army: You get sent waves of Red Shirt reinforcements during Tosh's mission, but you likely won't even need them.
  • Pet the Dog: In Heart of the Swarm, he volunteers to lead the mission to break Raynor out of prison. A prison that Matt says "makes New Folsom look like a nursery." Kerrigan refuses the offer, but that Tosh made the offer at all shows how truly loyal he's become to the Raiders.
  • Psychic Powers: A requirement to be a Ghost or Spectre.
  • Psycho Serum: Terrazine, according to Nova. According to Hanson (if she still is with you after the mission "Breakout"), Nova was lying, though a more charitable explanation is that she was mistaken or even lied to. To be more precise, Terrazine has a number effects on its users in that it is addictive and can cause insanity if used by itself according. Spectres indicates that its effects can be controlled when used in conjunction with Jorium (AKA, the Yellow/Rich Minerals) and in carefully regulated doses... Problem is, Tosh does neither.
  • Put on a Bus: In Heart of the Swarm. While Word of God confirms it was canonically Tosh who Raynor sided with, his only appearance is a brief background shot when Matt mentions he could help. And despite his strong ties with Nova, he didn't even make an appearance in Covert Ops.
  • Revenge: If you choose to help out Nova over him, he does not take it well. Amusingly, he somehow got Tychus' voodoo doll mixed up with Raynor's but still. Apart from that, this is his personal motivation for getting involved with Raynor's Raiders (well, other than profit). After everything Mengsk did to him,
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized: Unlike Matt Horner, he does not believe that overthrowing Mengsk will be a tea party and things will not be happy-ever-after once the Dominion is overthrown.
  • Scary Black Man: Witch Doctor-like creepiness and Jamaican accent included. Notwithstanding, Tosh really isn't all that scary to Raynor, let alone a good majority of the cast. Only Swann and Tychus mention Tosh being anywhere remotely close to scary.
  • Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!: Tosh is usually quite calm, but becomes visibly angry at Matt's optimistic outlook in the cinematic A Better Tomorrow.
  • The Sociopath: According to Nova, who states he is a psychopath who might backstab Raynor everyday and that this happened to all Spectres as a side-effect of the program. Wings, however, tends to suggest he actually is a subversion; despite Nova's statements, Tosh, while cynical, never betrays Raynor, and only attempts to kill him when understandably pissed off if you choose to side with Nova against him (see You Bastard! below). In fact, if you happen to finish his story arc before Ariel Hanson's, she reveals to Raynor that studies on the Spectres found no traces of psychotic side-effects, meaning Nova was either wrong or lying. The novel Spectres shows that he's not sociopathic per se, but he is rather insane otherwise, suffering from hallucinations and hearing voices.
  • Soul Brotha: He has this speech pattern.
  • Super Soldier: Being a Spectre, who are experimental versions of the Ghosts.
  • Supporting Leader: You only control Tosh in the mission "Breakout". You have Raynor and Horner rooting for you the entire time, and you fight against Mengsk, Nova, and the Dominion, who as far as the Wings of Liberty campaign are concerned one of many Big Bads.
  • Verbal Tic: Gabriel Tosh always ends his speeches with "brother", brother.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Tosh's relationship with Nova as a Ghost was... complicated; (We know they shared their first kiss, and liked it, at minimum) but that all went south after he discovered the truth behind the Dominion and went rogue.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Word of God is that, while Raynor canonically sided with Tosh, they wrote the games to not contradict the player's freedom of choice in the matter. Thus, if Tosh survived Wings of Liberty, he gets a very small cameo in Heart of the Swarm, and so far has never been seen again.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: He calls out Raynor and Matt if the player decides to side with Nova, calling it cold-blooded betrayal and vowing revenge.
  • You Bastard!: Side against him during the last leg of his mission arc and he scolds you for betraying him when he's been straight with you so far.
  • You Didn't Ask: Various characters have commented on how Tosh isn't telling the whole truth about him, with Dominion assassin Nova running with the idea the furthest. On the other hand, especially if you choose to side with Tosh rather than Nova, one can make a viable argument that he doesn't tell you everything about him simply because he doesn't know any better than telling you only things he can see you thinking of asking (such as the locations of the mineral and terrazine gas deposits- you are collecting those for him, after all, whereas the Spectre is something you didn't even know, let alone ask, at the beginning). He might be a telepath, but he can't see any question that is not on your mind.

    Jackson Hauler 

The leader of Confederate, later Dominion, Nova Squadron and current operator of Project Shadowblade. At least, this is how he presents himself. The man now known as Jackson Hauler is actually a self-described "psychic chameleon," able to manipulate the memories of others to effectively steal identities and pass himself off as anyone.

Provides examples of:

  • Big Bad: Of Spectres.
  • Demoted to Extra: Meta-example. He was intended to appear in Ghost with a much larger role. With that game canned and plot elements for it condensed down and adapted to novels, Hauler is reduced to the villain of a single novel and never appears in the games.
  • I Have Many Names: He stole the identity of Jackson Hauler from a random marine years ago, and calls himself Cole Bennett while working on Project Shadowblade. It's unknown what his original name is, or how many alter-egos he's taken on over the years.
  • Mind Rape: Deserves particular mention for being able to alter memories freely, making it easy for him to take on the identities of others.

    Kevin Bick 

The Director of the Ghost Academy.

  • Affably Evil: It's chilling how cheerfully he tells Colin "we've got big plans for you, buddy!"
  • Bald of Evil: Being the head of Ghost Program give him a little flexibility in choosing and training Ghosts.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: He had to go on the news to claim that the Ghost program treats its trainee as students (ignoring their rather harsh treatment) rather than soldiers, and publically announced the adoption of group training programs just to appease the public agitation from Corbin Phash's pirated videos.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: At least relatively pragmatic, Bick opened Ghost program to the public and made slightly less harsh methods (though not reluctant enough to perform mindwipe and resocialization) just to increase the numbers of psionic recruits through public appeal.

    Sarco Angelini 

The Superintendent of the Ghost Academy and Bick's right-hand man.

Provides examples of:

  • Bald of Evil: Implied — Nova sees a vision of him bald with psionic equipment on his head, but if it's a hallucination or if she senses what he really looks like is unknown.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Bick is more concerned with being a Villain with Good Publicity to the Dominion and keeping Mengsk and his superiors happy while Angelini interacts directly with the Ghosts and oversees Colin's "training".
  • Mind Rape: Likely it comes with working in the Academy, but he's quick to resort to memory wiping and neural resocialization to solve any problems with trainees.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: He's not so stupid as to experiment in ways that could damage Colin's brain, since that would risk destroying his powers or even killing him.

    Devon Starke 
A ghost in Valerian's personal employ, unlike so many of them he has been given his free will and has no neural inhibitors. He is sincerely loyal to Valerian for being spared execution when Valerian hand-picked him to work for him from a list of soon-to-be-killed ghosts.

Provides examples of:

  • Badass Baritone: Described as one.
  • The Dragon: To Valerian.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He mentally "steals" some of Jake's Protoss memories to draw the Dominion off his trail, aware that he likely won't survive their methods to "extract" the memories from him.
  • I Owe You My Life: He was one of thousands of Ghosts spared from death only because Valerian wanted one for his personal services. Devon knows this and is very grateful for it.
  • The Quiet One: Given that he has such a distinctive deep voice, and Ghosts are supposed to be covert, it's mentioned he doesn't talk much.

    Kath Toom 

A member of Team Blue in the Ghost Academy, she's good friends with Nova and Tosh. Like Nova, she eventually graduated from the Academy to become a full-fledged Ghost in the Dominion ranks, only to be scouted out by Tosh and forcibly recruited for Project Shadowblade.

Provides examples of:


    Lio Travski 

Another member of Team Blue, his psionic powers are largely the ability to interact with computers and machines using his mind. However, drug addicition inhibits his skills.

Provides examples of:

  • Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: Implied by Spectres, particularly the ending.
  • Bald of Awesome: Though the Awesome doesn't kick in until he's resocialized.
  • Drugs Are Bad: His Hab addiction had caused him to earn low grades in every mission due to withdrawal-induced stress. Only when Cistler's mistaken smuggling of a more potent Turk-Hab cocktail instead of Hab that Bick had to resocialize him.
  • Virtual Ghost: In Spectres.
  • Mind Rape: His resocialization, not helped by being cured of his hab addition by going cold turkey.
  • Robosexual: It's heavily implied, if not outright stated, he had a sexbot in the past and his girlfriend left him when she found out.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Far more effective in the field after being resocialized and memory wiped. If there's an instance where you could argue for the positive effects of Mind Rape, Lio is it.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Existing as a computer AI allows Lio's knowledge of the universe to expand on a massive scale, but he becomes almost entirely detached from human morality, or even logic.

    Aal Cistler 

The son of the Dominion Treasury Minister, he made it a point to be a troublesome child and got himself sent to Ghost Academy to whip him into shape. He was initially on Team Blue, but after getting kicked out of the Academy and coming back was moved to Team Red.

Provides examples of:

  • Empowered Badass Normal: As far as Ghosts go. He's only got a psi index of 4.5, and the minimum requirement for the Academy is 5.0. Cistler is only in for his connections, and it's emphasized he is nowhere near as powerful as his classmates. However, he's still a master martial artist and his psionic skills give him foresight about an opponent's movements, making him a force to be reckoned with in one-on-one combat.
  • Ship Tease: Also with Kath, though only on his side.
  • Smug Snake: He is astoundingly arrogant and smug, assured his family connections will protect him from any retribution he may face from breaking academy rules.

    Malcolm Kelerchian 

A Wrangler of the Confederacy, Wranglers are low level telepaths who track down Candidates for the Ghost Program. He was one of the best detectives of the Tarsonis Police Department until office politics knocked him into the Wranglers. He is the one responsible for Nova's Recruitment. Later works for the Dominion Wrangler Corps.

Provides examples of:

    Dylanna Okyl 

The leader of Team Red in the Ghost Academy, rival to Team Blue consisting of Nova, Tosh and their friends. She takes the rivalry very seriously.

Provides examples of:

  • Green-Eyed Monster: Her rivalry with Nova is influenced by her attraction to Tosh, but he has eyes for Nova.
  • The Rival: Her and all of Team Red to Team Blue, but particularly her to Nova, since Nova is Blue's strongest member.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Eventually becomes a Spectre working for Tosh, but is very unstable.

    Colin Phash 

The son of Corbin Phash, Colin is only six but has already shown remarkable psionic potential, particularly the never-before-seen ability of astral projection. When his powers were made public knowledge, Colin was forcibly seized for training in the Ghost Academy, and for experimentation in the meantime.

Provides examples of:

  • Break the Cutie: What happens to him during his run from the Academy and subsequent experimentations. He was once a smiling, happy boy. Not anymore.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: How they get him to cooperate.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Eventually, he escaped to Umojan Protectorate and reunited with his father. Although he became a Ghost for them, the Umojan's variants are treated significantly better and have free-will.
  • Psychic Powers
    • Invisibility: In a psionic sense — he can shift his thought patterns so zerg don't react to his presence.

    Delta Emblock 
A younger trainee in the Ghost Academy working with Nova. She eventually graduated and became a member of Nova's covert ops team. In-game, her first appearance is in Nova Covert Ops.

Provides examples of:

  • Ascended Extra: Played with. While she went from appearing in the Ghost Academy graphic novels to appearing in the games, she actually has a comparatively smaller role in the games, only appearing in one mission as a brief cameo, while she was a major character in the graphic novels.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She had to work at a factory after his mother died and father became an alcoholic; as a result, she never received basic education and proper social life until she was inducted into Ghost Program.
  • Genki Girl: Very hyper and energetic, as well as younger than Nova and her friends.
  • Mind Rape: She eventually completed her Ghost training and was resocialized and memory wiped into obedience to the Dominion.
  • Never Learned to Read: Delta never had a chance to attend school and had to learn basic literacy when she became a Ghost.
  • Playing with Fire: Has the power of pyrokinesis.

A Dominion ghost and member of Nova's team in the field. He is the first to contact Nova during her escape from the Defeners of Men facility, and the one with the most current screentime amog Nova's team.

Provides examples of:

    Theodore Pierce 
A Dominion Ghost and another member of Nova's team. Pierce is the oldest member of the team with 9 years of service in the Confederate ghost program.

Provides examples of:

  • Psychic Powers: A prerequisite for being a ghost.
  • Super Soldier: He is a ghost, so this is a given.
  • What Happened to the Mouse??: After the first mission the entirety of Nova's team pretty much disappears from the plot. His fate isn't mentioned in the subsequent missions.

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