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I knew better than to be smug or lazy. In my business, smug and lazy got you in trouble. And sometimes they even got you dead.
The main character, a sarcastic, teenage Private Detective.
Delilah went on. "Because I owe the two of you an apology."
My lips clamped down just in time to keep me from smarting off, asking if the weather service had just issued a frost warning in hell.
  • Kid Detective: Scarlett is a crime-solving teenager.
  • Private Detective: She takes cases in her town of Las Almas.
  • Screw Destiny: She ignores Mook and Manny telling her that it's her destiny to protect the Shubaak and ring, instead choosing to trade them for Gemma's life.
  • Teen Genius: She tested out of high school early and becomes a private detective at age fifteen.
Scarlett's older sister, a doctor.
     Gemma Archer 
Oliver's younger sister, who goes to Scarlett for help when she suspects her brother is a murderer.
  • Hostage for MacGuffin: The Children of Iblis kidnap her and demand the Shubaak and Solomon's ring from Scarlett.


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