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Awesome Music / ThunderCats (2011)

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No one expected the music to be that epic.

  • Though things looked grim when "Omens" first premiered and No Theme Tune was evident, "Ramlak Rising" gave viewers a hypercompressed spin on a classic. There's the Iconic Logo, the Fanfare, the Epic Riff, even the words are "audible." Verdict: Stripped down, but still epic.
  • While its usage is not exclusive to the ThunderCats series, the epic and amazing music used for the trailers and promos, "Protectors of the Earth", is definitely worth a mention here.
  • Lion-O's theme, which gets broken out any time he does something particularly awesome, is heroic beyond description.
  • The opening fanfare. Granted, it's only ten seconds long, but DAMN if it isn't a kickass ten seconds.


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