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     Character Guesses 

Mumm-Ra was once a Thundercat "before he turned to evil"
Model sheets seem to indicate his powered up form will display pointed ears exceedingly similar to those Thunderians posses. Plus, the showrunners have indicated that his obsession with the ThunderCats will have quite an extensive back-story in this incarnation. Look at the close-up shots of him in "Old Friends". His feet are clawed and he walks on his toes, and his nose faintly resembles that of a cat. Maybe a long, long time ago, he went From Nobody to Nightmare, a cleric who got corrupted by magic and started dabbling in 'black arts' (hey, if there's magic, there's definitely black magic that nobody's allowed to touch but somebody inevitably does). This may have deformed him and turned him into a weird mummy creature and he just played on the image. It could also explain why he claims the Sword of Omens belongs to him - he could've been a member of the royal family. Either way, that would be why he hates the ThunderCats so much and why he wants to take over the realm.
  • Alternate Theory: It's also possible that Mumm-Ra is actually a Thunderian possessed by the spirit of the original Mumm-Ra. There is evidence that suggests that this series is not only a reboot, but a very loose sequel to the original series. The original ThunderCats defeated Mumm-Ra but only succeeded in destroying his body, so he found a new one.
  • Has seemingly been Jossed with "Journey to the Tower of Omens" where his snub nose is revealed as a vampire bat's noseleaf
  • Alternate theory, Mumm-Ra’s origins are set on the ancient planet Plun-Darr. He was once a young humanoid bat called Wahankh (like in the comics), the young son of the ruler of the planet Plun-Darr. Wahankh failed to receive any recognition from his father, so Wahankh tries to impress his father by gaining magical power. To achieve his goal, he invokes the Ancient Spirits for help. Once they showed up, he requested a small part of their power. In exchange, he would be their humble servant. The Ancient Spirits agreed to help him and Wahankh was infused with evil powers, becoming the immortal/undead sorcerer we all know and love, and dooming his home planet in the process.
    • Jossed- Plun-Darr is the name of the star that Mumm-Ra collapsed to create the material for his sword.

Mumm-Ra is a human from first Earth being kept alive by Magic from Technology
The mechanism to enter the pyramid, as well as many of the interior designs, including the inside of Mumm-Ra's sarcophagus, look like Sufficiently Advanced Technology. It's possible the pyramid is actually the tip of the iceberg, being part of a buried spacecraft that would have first ferried people to Third Earth. He may be kept alive by some sort of nanotechnology, which may well be the source of ALL magic on Third Earth. Up to and including the Sword of Omens and the as of yet unseen Book of Omens.

Mumm-Ra's home base is actually a crashed magic/tech hybrid starship. A prison ship, to be precise.
He was was being carted to some inter-galactic gulag (possibly by Mandora? Or at least an early incarnation of her organization.) He tried to take over the ship and ended up crashing it on Third Earth. Some of his magic/tech devices and knowledge was stolen by the ancient ThunderCats, and, severely weakened, he put himself in suspended animation to survive. He's actually wanting to re-power up his ship and escape Third Earth!
  • Bonus Points if it's actually El Dara.
  • Could be a Shout-Out to another Ra.
    • Partially Confirmed. It's his own ship not a prison ship, and not El Dara... In "Legacy"

Mumm-Ra was is fact the original owner of the Eye of Thundera
In the sense that it was him and the cats who stole the stone from other armies, and it was the cats that betrayed him.
  • Basically confirmed in "Legacy".

Mumm-Ra is attempting to use the ThunderCats in a MacGuffin Delivery Service to find the other power stones for him
Planning to swoop in at the last minute and steal them. However the quest for the stones has not only made the ThunderCats stronger through The Power of Friendship, but also improved their combat skills from trying not to die all the time that they will defeat him in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • It's also possible that Lion-O will not keep the other stones for himself once they're found, but give them to Tygra, Cheetara, and Panthro. This will unlock their "True Potential" (again, through The Power of Friendship) and allow them to defeat Mumm-Ra together.
  • Basically confirmed as of "Into the Astral Plain".

Mumm-Ra gained his knowledge of technology from Unicron.
  • Does his One-Winged Angel form resemble Unicron's design from the original animated movie to anyone else? More than just coincidence. He at one point met up with the Chaos Bringer and was altered by the experience, but gained a unique knowledge of technology at the same time. Seeing what happened with the Transformers, he then decided to keep the technology inanimate, while using organic life as his slave army.

Mumm-Ra is a Daemon Prince.
His Decayed Form definitely has some Nurgle qualities to it, and his "combat form" just SCREAMS "Khorne" (though it doesn't scream "Blood for the Blood God!"). And the Ancient Spirits of Evil, like in the original series, appear to be represented by four statues...
  • Yeah, but we don't have the Ancient Spirits of Evil wanting each others heads like the Chaos gods do.
    • That's never explicitly stated, and besides the Chaos Gods do get together occasionally to let the Despoiler launch his Black Crusades with their combined blessing... (lightbulb)
Following on from the above WMG, the entire setting takes place in the 40k universe
All the animals are abhumans and/or beastmen, and the whole thing takes place in some backwater world beyond the reach of the Imperium or else they'd be recruiting cannon fodder Guardsmen from Terra Tertius.
  • it explains the lost technology and the "magic".
Tygra was originally adopted partially in expectation of a Succession Crisis.
It's pretty obvious that Tygra is at least a year or two older than Lion-O. It's possible that Tygra was originally adopted because Claudus, being both a a king who was often in the midst of battle and a guy who wasn't exactly a spring chicken by that point, began to get concerned about the very real possibility that he might die and leave Thundera leaderless, as he as yet had no heir. Enter Tygra, the young son of a pair of Thundercat nobles who is tragically orphaned, possibly due to an attack by the Lizards. Claudus, having both the young orphan's interests and the interests of Thundera (and her need for a strong leader) at heart, takes the cub in and makes him his ward, raising him like his own son, which includes training him up as a potential ruler. Tygra, not being a lion, might not be able to legally inherit the throne, but that way, had the worst come to pass and Claudus died without an heir, at least Thundera and her people wouldn't have been left leaderless while the question of succession was decided. Of course, a year or two later, Lion-O was born, giving Claudus a proper heir, and putting Tygra completely out of the running. This could be one of the things fueling his Sibling Rivalry with Lion-O.
  • Sort-of confirmed, in "Native Son" a Succession Crisis was a real concern, but Tygra's arrival was treated as a blessing rather than an entirely utilitarian measure.

Tygra was not adopted until after Lion-O was born.
So even though Tygra is older than Lion-O, Lion-O is still the firstborn son and therefor the rightful and legal heir to the throne and age is irrelevant.
  • Yes and no. In episode 17, he was adopted first, but as the trueborn son, not an adoptee, Lion-O became the prince, displacing Tygra from his place.
    • Nitpick: while Tygra is definitely no longer the prince, "The Trials of Lion-O" indicates that he never stopped being a prince. When Lion-O dies, Tygra assumes kingship without Cheetara or Panthro gainsaying him. The only displacement was likely from "heir presumptive" (possibly "crown prince," though IIRC that's usually only applied to heirs apparent) to "second in line of succession".

Tygra will perform a Face–Heel Turn
Countless parallels have been drawn between him and Grune, especially in the relationships between Grune and Panthro and Tygra and Lion-O. Grune seemed to favor Tygra and gave him special training advice - including: 'take what you want, even if you haven't earned it.' Who's to say Tygra won't take that advice to heart when it comes to the crown? It's already been established that he's jealous of Lion-O and that he (and everyone else in Thundera) thinks he's better than his brother, which means he might decide that he'll make a better king, especially in light of his disagreements with Lion-O over how to lead. Mumm-Ra lured Grune to his side by promising him power - he might do the same for Tygra.
  • Alternatively, Grune will be a straight Evil Counterpart to Tygra. Tygra will be given a Not So Different speech and offered the same choice, but ultimately, he'll go with loyalty to his brother and king instead of power like his former hero did.
    • This may have some basis with the fact that one of the only Animals to stay loyal to Mumm-Ra in "Legacy" was a tiger
  • Let's not forget the original series penchant for making Tygra the 'constant' victim of mind control, not to mention all sorts of mind manipulation techniques.
    • Semi-confirmed as of "Into the Astral Plain Pt 1.
    • Jossed (at least for now) as of "Between Brothers", though he was tempted.

Tygra's parents died protecting Lion-O's mother.
However, all three perished (possibly in a clash with Lizards), and Claudus, out of guilt and wishing to honor their bravery, adopted the orphaned Tygra. Jossed as of "Native Son"
  • Alternately, Tygra's birth parents were traitors and/or enemies of Thundera. Kind of rips off Thor but maybe Tygus being against Leo's rebellion foreshadows that the tigers would later become traitors and break away from Thundera. Tygra's real father might have been killed in battle or by Claudus, who took in his enemy's son to make peace with the tigers or out of guilt or as a pawn to be used later before he started thinking of Tygra as his own son. This may mean there are scattered tigers out there, and they're not very big fans of the ThunderCats.
    • There was a very brief mention in the original series of Tygra belonging to some kind of Tiger Clan. Maybe we'll get a chance to see this clan later on.
  • Alternately, Lion-O's mother died in childbirth, and Claudus developed a thing for Tygra's mother afterwards. When she died, he adopted Tygra because he was all that remained of her.
    • Alternately Tygra was adopted by Claudus and his wife, who eventually died in childbirth with Lion-O. On top of everything else Tygra blames Lion-O for the loss of his mother.
      • Confirmed as of "Native Son"
  • Alternately Tygra is Claudus' illegitimate son (resembling his mother more than his father.) and the story of him being "adopted" is a cover to protect him from public scorn.
    • Wouldn't he be based on a liger if he was a bastard then?
    • Jossed as of "Native Son".

Tygra is from the slums, like the Thunderkittens, and once had a tail, but docked it after his adoption by Claudus.
Much of his bravado is a front he puts up in order to overcome his station. He used to have a tail, however once he was adopted into the royal family he had it removed. This could explain why Tygra was prepared to allow Wilykit and Wilykat to join their group. Despite his Fantastic Racism towards the Beast-Men, he sees the Thunderkittens as a reminder of who he once was and will become a Cool Big Bro to them in a way he wasn't to Lion-O, sparking some jealousy.

Tygra was saved by Cluadus from a shipwreck.
Tygra and his biological parents sail on the ocean, but a storm comes and all hands are lost during the shipwreck. Later, Claudus, fighting some Lizards on a beach near Thundera, hears a baby cry in the distance. He finds baby Tygra all alone and takes the boy away to raise as a son...
  • It's a classic kind of adoption story.
    • Jossed as of "Native Son", technically it was a balloon.

Tygra and Bengali are brothers.
In the original series, Tygra did refer to Bengali as "Brother", in the "you're one of us now" sense rather than the "we're related" sense... but now there's a chance that the two were Separated at Birth, or that Bengali is some other Long-Lost Relative. Bonus points if this means Tygra actually has to choose between his adopted and biological brothers.
  • Or it could be a Heartwarming Moment when Lion-O jokingly says, "Great, now I have two brothers to look after." Bengali will be stunned that the king of the ThunderCats would just accept him into the family like that (bonus points if he has a tail) while Tygra laughingly tells him to get used to it.
  • Conversely, you could have Lion-O being jealous about how close Tygra and Bengali are. As if he and his brother didn't have enough angst as it was....
    • What if all of the above happen? Here's how: Bengali is revealed to be Tygra's brother after he's been with the group a while. Tygra has already gotten close to Bengali and is thrilled to find long lost family. Lion-O is jealous at first and even though Tygra is happy about Bengali being his brother, he still feels affection for Lion-O, the brother he grew up with. Lion-O will leave the group after an argument with Tygra about the closeness of Tygra and Bengali (and possibly brings up the tail thing if Bengali has one). Worried about his sovereign's safety, Bengali follows (despite Tygra's assurances that Lion-O will be fine and just needs time to cool off) and ends up saving Lion-O from some sort of threat and getting wounded in the process. Lion-O hurriedly brings Bengali back to the group where his wounds are tended. While they wait for Bengali to regain consciousness, Lion-O apologizes to Tygra about his out of line statements and explains that he just feels like Tygra is abandoning him (bonus points if Lion-O brings up Tygra's new relationship with Cheetara). Tygra accepts the apology and reassures Lion-O that he isn't going anywhere. When Bengali wakes up, Lion-O chuckles and says the "Great; now I have two brothers to look after" line where upon Bengali is shocked by the king's acceptance of him as family and the episode closes on a chuckling Tygra saying "Get used to it, Bengali."
  • Given what we learn in "Native Son," this seems extremely unlikely. It's implied that the whole village was wiped out, and that Tygra was the only one who amde it out... albeit not by his own will.

Bengali is a younger cat who looks up to Lion-O.
Being a bit of a Fan Of The Under Dog, and possibly considered as a nobody by his peers growing up, possibly for having a tail. Bengali would have heard about Lion-O taking a stand against the system. So naturally, being looked down upon himself he'd want to emulate someone like Lion-O.

Tygra's betrayal as mentioned in 'Into the Astral Plain' won't be a physical betrayal.
Since Status Quo Is God, and the betrayal is mentioned only in relation to Lion-O, it's probable that Tygra's betrayal will not necessitate a Face–Heel Turn and most likely hurts Lion-O more on an emotional than a physical level. Given the flashbacks in 'Into the Astral Plain', the most likely possibility at this point is that Tygra and Cheetara will enter into a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Except that wouldn't really be a betrayal. Both brothers acknowledge the Love Triangle and are simply competing like they have all their lives.
    • Not really an issue at this point since as of "Between Brothers" this has been Confirmed.

Cheetara has clairvoyant nightmares that give clues to defeating Mumm-Ra and the Ancient Spirits of Evil
Cheetara plays her cards close to the vest, and likely knows more than she is letting on about Thunderan history, Mumm-Ra, and the ASOE. The audience learns what Cheetara is thinking through her dreams. Her guilt that she didn't warn Lion-O about Pumyra's potential treachery will turn the dreams into nightmares.
  • Bonus points if Lion-O entrusts her with the Book of Omens, which she can read, (using magic to reveal the writing) and use to communicate with Jaga and interpret the nightmares.
  • Double bonus points if Cheetara is bound not to reveal certain things she reads creating conflict because Lion-O can tell she is holding back....

Cheetara has her own transformation sequence
Cheetara is now, in-canon, a highly proficient melee combatant and a magic user versed in self-enhancement. What if one of her Cleric abilities is a cat-variant on Mumm-Ra's classic transformation sequence? "Ancient Spirits of Honor, transform this mortal form to Cheetara the Unrelenting!" Or something similar.
  • Cheetara the Ever-Running?
  • Nah, we had Mumm-Rana in the original to be the good counterpart; she should return for the job. I'd more look for a way for Cheetara to use her clairvoyance without that annoying fatigue side effect (granted, it would elevate her to Game-Breaker status, being able to know everything ahead of time, but if she used her speed more consistently she'd already come close - you may be able to hit what you can't see, but it's very difficult to hit what you can't catch).
  • Her transformation sequence will be similar to the scene in the original series episode "The Telepathy Beam" where she gathers her energy to destroy Vultureman's weapon.
    "I am Cheetara. In my heart, I know I'm the strongest of my kind. The pride of my people. I am unique in this universe, and I will not. Be DEFEATED!"

The reaction to Wilykit and Wilykat will vary between the Cats given the racism present in the series.
Lion-O and Cheetara: Totally fine with them. Cheetara will be a little shocked at first since they have tails though.Tygra: Not think too highly of them at first, but will warm up to them fairly quickly. Kinda like the Lizards from the premiere, in that he doesn't hate them, but is indifferent to them.Panthro: Being the oldest, he'd be the most hostile. Nothing overt, he'd stress it's because of their age, but the subtext would be there. Cheetara may take an instant liking to the twins and become their loving mother-figure. Why? Because it's an adorable idea.
  • Jossed. Tygra wanted to take the kittens on the most in "Ramlak Rising", and was shocked by Lion-O dismissing them. Though Lion-O wasn't racist towards them, but ageist.

Kit and Kat are the children of nobles, but were cast out for having tails.
This might explain where Kit got her flute from.
  • Having or not having a tail is probably genetic, so it's more a caste system than just some random mutation. It's also just as likely she or her brother stole the flute to begin with.
  • Alternate theory: Wilykit's flute is The Magical Flute from the "Treasure of Thundera"
  • Origin theory Jossed as of "Survival of the Fittest". They had two parents, two siblings, and lived on a farm.

Panthro will develop a personal vendetta against Mumm-Ra for killing Claudus.
It's safe to say he's not gonna take it easily when he finds out Mumm-Ra used his very image to slay his best friend.
  • Alternate Theory: It's most probable than will develop a personal vendetta against Grune due his betrayal. Mumm-Ra is a personal target of Lion-O.
    • Confirmed in "Journey to the Tower of Omens".

Panthro cut off his tail in order to climb the social ladder.
As we see in the flashback to when he met Grune, Panthro used to have a tail. By the time of the story however, it is no longer present. Claudus seemed to think incredibly highly of Panthro and considering that this is Claudus we're talking about, it would be unlikely for him to show such high regard to someone of the low social status that tailed Thunderians seem to have. Therefore, Panthro cut off his tail or otherwise had it removed in order to rise through the ranks an gain such favor.
  • I'm gonna say that it got cut off by someone else in battle or he had to cut it off to get out from under a giant rock. Panthro just didn't seem like the kind of person to deform himself for the sake of status.
    • This troper agrees. Given how badass Panthro is, he hardly seems the type who would dock his tail for fashion or prestige. More likely, it's loss is a battle wound, either at the hands of a foe, or by his own hand to escape a trap. We might even see a former foe carrying the tail as a trophy later.
    • And when Panthro gets it back, he'll tie it around his waist like a belt. The others will be hilariously squicked.
  • Alternately: As above, Panthro lost his tail in battle, but found himself the recipient of noticeably (and arbitrarily) better treatment from the upper city's denizens in the aftermath, now that he could visibly pass as a noble. This fueled his cynicism for Thundera's caste system and explains his insistence that Lion-O prove his worth on meeting him.

Panthro Will Become A Cyborg, with help from the Berbils
As soon as Lion-O and Tygra cease their teenaged feuding long enough for Panthro to get a word in edgewise, they'll be hightailing it back to the Ro-Bear Berbils so Ro-Bear Bill and company can give his dear friend some snuggly wuggly righteously badass Swiss Army Appendages. (Coin toss as to which Cat has to put up with his backseat driving on the way.) Then Panthro can hug hug hug! Yay!
  • This hardly seems wild at all, as it is hard to believe they'd be able to keep Panthro useful without arms, his friendship with the Berbils is well-established, and we know they possess and are good with mechanical limbs as of the pilot, let alone their own episode. It will also, of course, make Panthro even more badass.
    • Also cybernetic arms will only enhance the already staggering resemblance Panthro has to Jet Back
    • One of the Panthro toys does have metal arms.
      • He lost both his arms.
      • Confirmed. The Berbils hook Panthro up with a set of prosthetic arms.

Grune will become a cyborg.
It'll be a gradual, Baxter Stockman style change. With each encounter with Lion-O and the others, he'll lose a limb, or choose to augment himself to gain an edge. Ultimately, he'll become more machine than cat, and the complete With Great Power Comes Great Insanity.
  • Depends on if (and how) he escapes the collapsing Astral Plane. He might come back as a full robot like the Berbils. Or perhaps he will be a spiritual Evil Counterpart to Jaga, assisting Mumm-Ra (assuming he doesn't continue being The Starscream—or even if he does).

Grune was Claudus's older adopted brother.
Grune became resentful of Claudus for being first in line. This would make him a parallel to Tygra, and show what Tygra could have turned into.
  • Hell, the practice of adopting a commoner or otherwise orphaned cub into the royal family may be some kind of longstanding tradition.
    • There's a certain lack of filial commitment in "Old Friends" Looks like Grune worked his way up from the trenches, though Panthro had farther to climb, judging by that tail.

Grune is WilyKit and WilyKat's father.
I asked the Crew of Omens what the names of their parents were, and they did not answer, so it's likely they may be someone important. I have no idea who their mother might be, considering the lack of many female characters. Grune might have spent a night with his lover before he left with Panthro to find the Book of Omens. The Thunder Kittens are just old enough to have been born right after Grune left, considering he was gone for around 8 years, judging by how old Lion-O and Tygra looked in the flashbacks.
  • Jossed as of "Survival of the Fittest".

Grune is alive, but exists outside of Third Earth
As Grune seems like too important a character to be killed off after only one season, it's likely he's not dead, but rather, trapped outside of Third Earth, or the Material Realm, or whatever you want to call it. As such, he will eventually learn to project himself onto Third Earth, but won't be able to interact with it fully, meaning, essentially, he'll be an incorporeal shadow. This way they pay homage to another aspect of the original 80s Grune-that he was a ghost-while performing another Jaga-like Meta Twist, namely, that Grune isn't actually dead and also leaves the door open for him to escape his imprisonment at a later date. Alternatively, Mumm-Ra could free Grune whenever he wants, but knows (or will find out from Slithe) that Grune was planning on betraying him, and will decide to leave Grune where he is as a form of punishment for his attempted treachery.
  • Here's a crazy thought: Grune will somehow gain a connection to Panthro. Much like Hammerhand becoming a clone of Panthro, Grune will either return to Third Earth as a sort of Doppelganger, or perhaps use Panthro's lost arms to take on his appearance to screw with the ThunderCats by sowing distrust among them.

Claudus is alive, sort of.
Even though the Claw gauntlet faded, which greatly implied death, it will turn out that Claudus did not pass on into the next life. Instead, Mumm-Ra stole his soul, likely with the dagger he used to kill Claudus. What will follow will be a similar set of events like in the original with Claudus being trapped in another dimension.
  • It's very unlikely in this continuity, but not impossible.
    • Too bad that now he no longer has a body for his soul to return to.

Jaga is alive, sort of.
Like in the original series his ghost will appear to Lion-O to offer wisdom and guidance in moments of need. This time around though everyone (except maybe Cheetara, who was one of Jaga's student's and Clerics) will think Lion-O is just crazy.
  • Confirmed: He still appears to be quite alive, though now as Sealed Good in a Can.
    • Now he's dead.
      • But now He's also alive within the Book of Omens, Schrodinger's Thundercat?

The Driller is a Gunman
  • Do I need to explain this one?
    • Further supported by the duel between Leo and Mumm-Ra in Legacy. Go on, tell me that the armored battlesuits don't look like Gunmen. I dare you. I dare you.

The animals are simply the descendents of regular animals who learned how to use Spiral Power.
  • Towards the end of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Boota manages to use Spiral Power to evolve into a humanoid pig-mole. According to Gurren Lagann canon, the humanoid form is the one best suited to the use of Spiral Power, and that force will cause creatures to evolve along that particular path. Sometime in the distant past, normal animals (cats, dogs, jackals, lizards, birds, sharks, etc) experienced some sort of event that allowed them to manifest Spiral Power, and they gained humanoid form. Cats are capable of manifesting it the best, which makes them stronger and faster than the other races, and also why they look most human of the various animal races. In addition, this explains the tail/no tail racism in ThunderCats society: those without tails are closer to human form, and are of higher rank because of this. The only ones with magic powers we've seen in the show have been tailless. Also explains the tail/lack of tail of Panthro: eventually, he got enough spiral power that it disappeared.

The Animals will eventually betray Mumm-Ra and Grune and side with Lion-O.
They will eventually realize that serving under Mumm-Ra isn't all that it's cracked up to be, as he treats them even worse than the Cats ever did. Since Lion-O is sympathetic to their troubles, they will decide to throw their lot in with him and rebel against Mumm-Ra.
  • Possible, though it's fair to say that Slithe, Monkian, Jackal Man, and Vulture Man may remain loyal, as they (well, Slithe so far) seem to be doing it For the Evulz.
    • Though when Grune suggested destroying the hut in the elephant village and trapping Mumm-Ra in the astral plane, Slithe liked the idea. He's not really loyal, and neither is anybody else. They just don't try killing Mumm-Ra out of fear.

The Lizards have limited control of their technology
They have only recently re-discovered it from the ruins of an advanced and long dead civilization, possibly with the aide of Mumm-Ra. Most of their gear that they use is either scavenged and anything that is not is built from ancient designs in ancient factories that they do not fully understand.
  • It's possible they found all the Warbots in an abandoned Armory/factory of sorts.
  • It's more likely that Mumm-Ra ether built or taught the Lizards how to build the Warbots and other tech.

One or both of the Lizards that Lion-O had pardoned will join the ThunderCats' side
It was shown in the premiere that the Lizards in the pillory stocks were taken aback by Lion-O's sympathy...enough so that the more antagonistic of the two slipped the key to Tygra and Lion-O's cell after Thundera fell.
  • If this does happen it won't be for awhile, considering joining Lion-O now is basically committing suicide considering what he's up against.

Everyone the ThunderCats helps will join forces later.
Some of the lizards, the sea crew, the Petalars...everyone they've aided will come together in the end to help them overthrow Mumm-Ra.
  • "Legacy" seems to indicate that this will likely happen, or at least is Lion-O's intent.
  • 'What Lies Above, Part II' confirms this when, after Kit and Kat contact them, the Fishmen, Elephants, Dogs and Berbils come to their aid during the battle for the Tech Stone in Avista.

The Robear Berbils were enslaved and forced to build the war mechas that the Lizards use in their attack.
The sound effects that the mechs make, at the least, was a Shout-Out to the Berbils in the original; a Berbil arm also pops up in a Thunderian shop, indicated that they are present in the reboot.
  • In Episode 9, the Berbils show up. Given that they are being sold as slaves, this takes this WMG into the realm of possibility.

Berbils are alcohol powered
It explains why they cultivate high sugar fruits. Also makes them profitable as slaves since their masters don't need to have generators, just give them some Samogon and they would be just fine.
  • Terrifying if true. Would you really want drunken robot bear mechanics?

The Berbils are failed creations of the Cybermen.
Okay, a bit wild but everyone's been wondering how those guys came about so I'm sticking to one theory somebody proposed previously in another ThunderCats forum. The Berbils are probably failed creations of the Cybermen. Before Mondas was destroyed, they upgraded a few bears as basically "the help." They're there to repair the Cybermen themselves and any of their technology even help out with the Cyber-Conversions, to an extreme; they're slaves. But later on, they grasped the concept of free will and very much escaped to Third Earth for shelter.

The Petalars will return.
Either when the Cats are close to finding the Book or possibly El Dara. Because of their extremely short lifespans, the Petalars will only remember Lion-O and the others through "Legends", even though it'll have been no more than a few weeks/months since their original encounter with the plant people.

The Petalars' Garden is in fact an actual garden and they are mobile garden plants
More specifically, they were genetically engineered for life in actual gardens made by whatever civilization designed the ancient technology. They were created for aesthetic purposes and to guard against pests using that pollen attack. They also have a genetic memory of technical information such as language.

Snarf will meet other Snarfs' and be forced to choose between staying with them or Lion-O.
Seems to be a good way to give him character growth. Bonus points if we see a flashback of how Lion-O and Snarf first met.
  • Snarf will befriend a younger Snarf, who is the reboot version of the 80s counterpart's nephew.

Lynx-O will join the group eventually.
This time as an Old Soldier. We've already seen him as a sentry, and he looks far more kick-ass than the old man from the original series.
  • And with him he'll bring Bengali and Pumyra, whom he has been training to fight and survive.
    • This has been teased via Word of God during various interviews at Comic-Con, so we can almost bet that it'll come to pass.
    • Related Theory: Bengali and Pumyra are related to Lynx-O Rather than just being some random trio who banded together this time around they will be actual family members, possibly his niece and nephew, or depending on their actual ages even his grandchildren.
    • Another possibly related theory: Lynx-O has been leading a group of ThunderCats in guerrilla warfare against Mumm-Ra's forces, and he and his team are Heroes Of Another Story. They'll eventually meet up with the main cast in the midst of a big operation against Mumm-Ra.
  • Another theory is that Lynx-O is now a fully Retired Badass who fled the fall of Thundera with Pumyra and Bengali and will (initially) refuse to help Lion-O out of shame and a desire to keep the younger two cats from seeing the horrors of war.

When first seen Lynx-O isn't blind. Yet.
His sight was failing but not gone, and Panthro's loss shows that the creators aren't afraid to inflict far more gruesome injuries on their heroes anymore. This time around rather than just having his eyes injured in the fall of Thundera this version of Lynx-O has actually had his eyes put out by the time he joins up with the rest of the team.

Pumyra will be a Replacement Goldfish to whichever brother Did Not Get the Girl.
The creators haven't been shy about their desire to milk the Lion-O/Cheetara/Tygra Love Triangle for all its worth, but it will have to resolve itself eventually. This way they can Throw the Dog a Bone, so to speak as her choosing one over the other is sure to send the other straight into The Woobie territory.
  • Nah, the Love Triangle will just shift. About the time Lynx-O and friends join the gang, Lion-O and Cheetara will do a Relationship Upgrade and Tygra will switch to flirting with the new single girl of the group, making Bengali incredibly jealous because he fears she may think of them Like Brother and Sister. Bonus points if he has a tail and we can do a Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor story.
    • As of "Between Brothers", if anyone will be switching to flirting with Pumyra when she shows up, it'll be Lion-O. Though the tail thing and jealousy could still happen.
    • Jossed, sort of, in the episode "The Pit". Once she stops trying to kill him, Pumyra's the one how does the flirting!
    • And in "The Curse of Ratilla," Pumyra outright tells Lion-O that he should switch his romantic attention to someone else (gee, I wonder who?) after she sees that he likes Cheetara.
    • In "Recipe for Disaster" Lion-O starts openly courting Pumyra, who is just confused and annoyed by his out-of-character behavior. Once he starts acting like himself again and saves her (again!) from Mumm-Ra she pounces on him and gives him a Smooch of Victory.
    • And now she's officially revealed as The Mole. Poor Lion-O.

Pumyra will be the Girly Girl to Cheetara's Tomboy
In the original ThunderCats, Pumyra was a healer and medic. The remake will take this trait and expand on it making her a full-blown Non-Action Girl who hates fighting as it goes against her principles and whose main character trait in her gentleness despite being thrust into this hostile situation. Bonus points if they keep her original outfit (which included a skirt) to contrast with Cheetara's more action-oriented shorts.
  • She may even be the Hinata of the group, possibly having an obvious crush on Lion-O who of course is oblivious to her affections!
    • Now that the Trials of Lion-O take place in the spirit world and decide whether or not he's worthy of returning to life after his "death" it's possible that Pumyra is the person who nurses Lion-O back to health, falling in love with him in the process.
    • If the previews are any indication, this has been jossed. Pumyra looks to be even more Tomboy than Cheetara is, though there is always the chance she could still be a healer.
      • If you watch "Curse of Ratilla" closely you can see that her mannerisms and body language are more "girly" than Cheetara despite her firey temper.

Lion-O will become a Chick Magnet
In order to make up for losing Cheetara to Tygra the showrunners will make Lion-O the object of affection for every attractive female on Third Earth.

Upon Lion-O's return from the Trials Wilykit will develop a Precocious Crush on him.
The reason he even ends up going through the Trials is because He's killed trying to protect her and she is properly devastated upon his death. In his struggle to let her down gently he'll gain better perspective on his own relationship with Cheetara.

Mumm-Ra's real rivals are going to show up: The Amazons/Lunataks/Mon*Star/insert group want their War Stone back.
You know, guys with their own space fleets and hyper-tech armies, either to put Mumm-Ra and his followers (ie. All Animals) down for good, or just to seize the magic rocks, the sword of Plun-Darr and the planet Third Earth. And given that it took a whole fleet of ships to take it from them,Lion-o is not going to be able to stop them. and they'll be lead by Mon*Star.
  • Here's another earth-shattering twist for you. Lion-O and Mumm-Ra will be forced to join sides in order to defeat Mon*Star and his army!
    • Lion-O could receive help from the SilverHawks team as well.

Among the swords the Dualist wields is the Thunder-Cutter.
And the Drifter will deliver it home, introducing us to Hachiman.

Humans will appear later in the series.
Both as inhabitants of Third Earth (the Warrior Maidens) and a space-faring civilization (Safari Joe and Mandora The Evil Chaser). The Cats will think the "hairless monkeys" look incredibly bizarre even though they've met Plant People and Fish People. There will be massive Ship Teasing between Willa of the Warrior Maidens and Tygra, with Lion-O enjoying every minute of it.
Lion-O: Okay, so she's not what I thought my sister-in-law would look like, but hey, she's good with a bow!
Tygra & Willa: LION-O!!
  • It would be the other way around at this point

Slithe will become The Dragon.
Now that Grune is killed off (in a sense), Slithe will become Mumm-Ra's Dragon like in the original 80s cartoon. Then we'll have the old characters Jackalman and Monkian working for him as his co-Mook Lieutenants.
  • Not if Kaynar and Atticus have anything to say about it.
    • Kaynar and Atticus ARE Jackalman and Monkian, only with actual names.

A female Panther character will join the cast as a love interest for Lion-O
Legacy showed that his ancestor had a Panther for a love interest. For added hilarity, she'll be a relative of Panthro's.

Lion-O will be separated from the other ThunderCats for a period of time
Needing to get his head together after finding out about Tygra and Cheetara Lion-O either strikes out on his own or is otherwise separated in combat from the core team. It is during this time that he will find Lynx-O, Pumyra, and Bengali, and possibly undergo the trials that complete his transformation from brash idealistic teenager, to a mature king. This could work well because being left alone is part of the archetypal hero's journey and it would be a chance to alternate between Lion-O's adventures and that of the other ThunderCats giving the chance for both to undergo character development.
  • Maybe Lion-O will run away feeling all hurt and heartbroken. And while he's alone he'll think things through and realize Tygra and Cheetara are actually a good match.
    • More of less confirmed Since he dies in "The Trials of Lion-O."

At some point Tygra will attempt to wield the true Sword of Omens.
But will be unable to because he's not worthy. After this he will finally accept Lion-O's authority and leadership.
  • Another theory, Tygra may be forced into taking up the sword after Lion-O goes missing/pressumed dead. Tygra will realize what kind of pressure Lion-O was always under. Then he'll snap and admit that he can't do the job as well as Lion-O can.
  • Or when forced to take over leadership of the team he will constantly be reminded of what Lion-O would do in that situation, eventually snapping at his comrades "I'M NOT LION-O!!"

Upon discovering Lynx-O, Bengali, and Pumyra Lion-O will abandon the other ThunderCats to join them
Partially because he feels hurt that they never came to look for him after his fall but because he feels they need him more. If Pumyra is still a medic and the one who nursed him back to health he may also feel obligated to help them as well as feeling more at ease with a group that doesn't bicker with him and treats him more like "one of the guys."
  • Jossed as a result of Pumyra being The Mole, not to mention her incarnation here was not as a medic (even when undercover).

The Animals that served Mumm-Ra were humans transformed through the Fish Tank from TigerSharks
Since Tigersharks is a part of Thunder Cats 2011 canon, this could further explain the origin of the Animals. In original TigerSharks, the heroes transformed into half-human half-fish people through the Fish Tank. For the 2011 canon, the different Animal races could be the result of using similar technology to create more diverse animal hybrids, only they never reverted back to human. Mumm-Ra uses each type of Animal for specific purposes, and it's possible that in the past human soldiers were modified with specific animal DNA to complete different kinds of missions. Mumm-Ra could even be some sort of very early prototype, or possibly a sorcerer who used this technology to become a human-bat hybrid.

The reason that Lion-O's mother had trouble having children was due to in-breeding between the Lions
To try to keep the psychic gifts of Sight Beyond Sight, the royals only married into their own families, thus causing later genetic problems in the line of kings. It could also be why everyone was resigned to Lion-O being a Cloud Cuckoo Lander by Thundercat standards.

WilyKit and WilyKat's sibling are named
WilyKut and WilyKet

WilyKit and WilyKat's family are part of the work force in Mt. Plun-darr.
They're farmers, so the lizards would likely see the value of them as workers. Not only that, but given that they've been set up recently, and their fates left ambiguous, the writers have a great opportunity for a Chekhov's Gun to go off. It would also serve as brilliant character development for Kit and Kat.
  • While they aren't seen onscreen, this is possible- there were many cats there, it wouldn't be hard for three to not be seen in the brief time they were seen.

Tookit is a Time Lord.
To support my WMG theory about The Forever Bag being a TARDIS, Tookit may be a Time Lord either in disguise or the raccoon is his current form. He originally looked human but one incident killed him and he regenerated into an anthropormorphic animal as he stuck around with the animals for too long and the raccoon form fits him as he was no doubt a kleptomaniac and a thief back on Gallifrey and stole a TARDIS to which he managed to make it look like a bag on the outside and the TARDIS itself? Probably meant to be a storage or at least a cargo ship to which he gleefully stole and has managed to figure out the code "Rankin-Bass."

The Forever Bag isn't a TARDIS, but it is Gallifreyan Technology.
  • At one point, the Doctor mentions that his pockets are bigger on the inside as well. Possibly, it's a code-activated bag that is bigger on the inside. No need for something that can travel in time and space when you just want a suitcase, after all...

Now that the Wilytwins have the Forever Bag, they own probably one of the last remaining remnants from Gallifrey in existence.

  • Tookit is a thief and a self proclaimed Kleptopath, maybe he stole it knowing it was powerful but not having any idea how powerful

The Necro Mechers have something to do with the phyrexians.
Since they appearently like to convert organic organisms into metallic monstruousities as well. However, they somehow managed to find themselevs some restraint, and get rid of the oil.
  • Alternatively, they're Mirran fugitives.
  • Alternatively to that alternate, they're the Necrontyr.

Pumyra is being mind controlled.
I find it highly unlikely that Pumyra would willingly work for the person responsible for her home being destroyed. They made a point to show she died and was resurrected, so it's very possible that she's being manipulated by magic, being driven by her rage for revenge. The Pumyra we know is a homunculus, and just a shadow of the real Pumyra, but with several aspects of her old personality. It's possible that without Mumm-Ra's influence she wouldn't be evil. Here's hoping Lion-O can redeem her, and possibly give back her real life with the Spirit Stone.
  • She may be saved by the Ancient Spirits of Goodness and reborn as Mumm-Rana.

The real Pumyra never really died.
She was rescued, and the one who betrayed the group is a manifestation of her anger and hatred towards Lion-O. In the end, Lion-O will be forced to kill this false Pumyra and be stunned when he finds the real one.
  • Alternately, this was never the one true Pumyra at all, just a relative. The true Pumyra will appear later and is more like her counterpart from the original series. (Hey, if Smallville could do it, they could here too.)

Pumyra will be redeemed in Season 2, if it ever gets made.
She will go through a What Have I Done moment, either precipitated by a Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves and/or You Have Out Lived Your Usefulness declaration by Mumm-Ra. Redemption may equal death for her.

WilyKit and WilyKat will receive a Plot-Relevant Age-Up
As the result of a magical accident, or the local version of the Cave of Time (from the original series episodes "Trouble With Time", "ThunderCubs, Part V" and "Return of the ThunderCubs"). When they're given the chance to return to their younger forms, WilyKit, at least, will choose to stay older because she's in love with Lion-O, but they couldn't be involved when she's a child.

Mumm-Ra cast a spell to prevent the passing ThunderCats from noticing Pumyra
Come on, there is no way all six of them would have missed her.
  • On the contrary. They were highly distracted by the total annihilation of their kingdom, the death of family members and loved ones, and were moving away. From the way the scene was shot, they were a good distance away from her when she called out, and when she did call, it wasn't that loud. It's entirely possible that they didn't see a cat who (in addition to all the above) was buried under rubble and had a coat that blended quite well with the debris coloration.

Mumm-Ra is Nyarlathotep.
Think of it. It's explicitly stated and even sort of a plot point of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath that cats are sworn enemies of Nyarlathotep. Everything else also fits.
  • Except that the reason the Cats are so powerful is because they used to be his enforcers.

If the show gets a second season, Lynxana will eventually show up, and be a love interest for Lion-O.
First of all, she is just too cool a character not to use. Secondly, now that Pumyra has been revealed to have been a traitor, it makes sense that the writers would want a new love interest for Lion-O, and there was a definite Dating Catwoman vibe (pun very much intended) to Lion-O and Lynxana's relationship in the comics.
  • Or, possibly, it could be a more long-term love relationship, to help Lion-O get over being burned twice by females he's been attracted to- Cheetara and Pumyra.

The Grand Finale will have the Cats and the other animals and creatures joining forces to defeat Mumm-Ra once and for all.
  • This is heavily implied to be the case, and in addition to this, sort of happened already in the season finale.

Tookit is Sly Cooper or a relative.
He is a Rascally Raccoon who is good at stealing things.

Pummyra Is planning a Reverse Mole situation against Mumm-Ra the whole time and the show just never had time to explore it
.That would be one explanation for why she seemingly works with the guy who killed her.

     Plot Guesses 

Someone or something will break the Sword of Omens
And the ThunderCats will have to go on a quest to reforge the sword. Bonus points if Hattanzo is the one to do the reforging.
  • Or Bengali?

The surviving population of Thundera was taken as slaves
They are employed in weapons factories or mining camps by the Lizards/Mumm-Ra. Their will be an episode in which the band comes across one of said camps and frees them. While the Jailbreak happens, someone will yell "THUNDERCATS ARE LOOSE!"
  • Which will be followed by Tygra finding a guitar and strumming a quick riff just as the words are said.
  • I was in the crewofomens tumblr chatroom last night. To paraphrase: "Some cats died, some were taken as slaves, and some just ran off into the woods."

Lion-o's love interest, whoever she may be, will have a tail
Why would the producers make sure we know that having a tail marks a cat as the lowest cast of their society? Because they plan on having the king fall for a charming commoner for maximum drama and to reinforce his beliefs that everyone is equal.
  • Leo's love-interest had a tail, so why not?
  • Maybe Pumyra has a tail? ;)
    • Jossed on the Pumyra theory, she has no tail.
      • Maybe she has a bobtail she hides under her skirt.
      • And given recent events, he's probably not gonna find out if she has one under said skirt... or want to, for that matter.
      • Considering that Lion-O's planned endgame love interest was going to be none other than an older WilyKit, this is pretty much confirmed.

One of the War Stones is hidden in El Dara
What better place to hide a magical gemstone than a city full of jewels and treasure?

El Dara is a city of Lost Technology instead of treasure
In which case the Thunderkittens will be sorely disappointed, while the other ThunderCats will be glad to have technology that gives them a fighting chance against Mumm-Ra's forces.
  • Related Theory: El Dara will become the ThunderCats' base

El Dara is where Grune and the Mutants got their Lost Technology.
It'll appear to have been undiscovered at first, letting the ThunderCats think that they've found a way to fight back... and then they discover evidence that they weren't the first ones there.
  • Or else, their discovery of El Dara will end up benefiting Mumm-Ra's side in some fashion, such as him swooping in to nab the Plot Trinket inside. Way to go, Lion-O.

El Dara is the futuristic city that Mumm-Ra stole the Eye of Thundera from.
It's mostly ruined after the attack with a few survivors still alive. When the cats find it, the locals will not be happy that the Cats still have the Warstone/Eye of Thundera.

The Anointment Trials will form the Season/Series finale
Just as the original series, Lion-O's new position was bestowed with great haste. However, this time he will not as much friendly warning, and instead be thrust into the trials by Tygra, who will have finally come to respect his brother fully and wish to make him into the King he knows he can be.
  • Confirmed: The Trials will be in the first season, but in much-condensed form, no word on whether they'll be the season finale or part of an earlier arc.
    • That's great. One can only wonder if it'll end in a similar fashion; Lion-O defeating Mumm-Ra.
  • It could be a B-Plot Arc
  • Related Theory: After going through the Trials, the other ThunderCats will become faithful in Lion-O This will allow him to call to them when he calls THUNDERCATS HO!!!
  • Seems to have been Jossed instead, unless learning how to properly use the Sword of Omens, entering the Astral Plane, having a Sword Fight with Tygra, and blasting Mumm-Ra back into the real world are another form of the trials. Which they might be! got pushed back into the second season.
  • Actually now it seems to be confirmed. The first season has sixteen episodes with the Trials forming the finale but Cartoon Network chopped off the last three to make a standard thirteen-episode season.

There will be a Prophecy Twist
In that the prophecy that's quoted in the prologue doesn't apply to Lion-O, but possibly to Tygra or even Wily Kat. The producers have shown that they're not afraid to mess with the formula a bit (Lion-O and Tygra are brothers, Thundera is a kingdom on Third Earth, Panthro not joining the group until later, Snarf no longer being able to talk, Jaga being freakin' alive!), maybe they're saving the biggest surprise for last.

Tailed Thunderians cut off their tails to gain more social status.
If we believe that ones with tails are considered lower class citizens, then it's only natural that some would want to get rid of their tails. Becomes Fridge Horror when you imagine that some parents might even do this to their own children.
  • It might be a practice that's done fairly early on before the tail can fully develop so removing it won't cause problems with balance and whatnot (they are cats after all). Wily Kit and Kat's parents died before they could have it done and now the two of them are "too old" as they are used to using and having it on a daily basis. However it may be revealed that having a tail gives them an advantage over other Thunderians, such as superior balance and agility.
  • This may be actually real as Panthro is shown with a tail in the first flashback, when he was just another soldier; but in all the other flashbacks, he does not have it anymore.

The ThunderCats' credo (Truth, Justice, Honor, and Loyalty) will be deconstructed over a series of episodes
  • How do you manage telling the "truth" when you are bound to, and have to keep secrets.
  • How do you experience "justice" in a society where your tail or breed keeps you from serving in certain social positions.
  • How do you live with "honor" when you have to get your hands dirty to do the right thing.
  • How can you share any "loyalty" with others when you don't know who to trust? Bonus points if Vultaire is a double agent who maintains an uneasy alliance with the cats.

When they find the Book of Omens, that is when the ThunderCats will get their insignia
If you look at all the ThunderCats, all they have is this big red circle where the ThunderCats insignia is supposed to be, but when Grune shows up again in "Old Friends" his blank red circle now has Mumm-Ra's insignia on it meaning that it was changed.
  • Jossed. The Book of Omens has been found and no insignias have been given.
  • The insignias might be there, but are removed for the purpose of making animation easier. Or are faint.

What Lion-O saw in the Book was mostly lies.
So the book is Magitek...but the Magic part is magic from Mumm-Ra. You'd have to be crazy to trust it.Note how what Lion-O saw doesn't quite match up with Mumm-Ra's recollections.
  • It's possible Mumm-Ra was incorrect, your memory starts to slip after several centuries.
  • The vision Lion-O saw wasn't the Animals arrival on Third Earth. Nothing from the book said it was, Lion-O just assumed it was so. It was actually a vision of a much much earlier period.
    • That raises the question of how in the world Mumm-Ra's ship got on Third Earth, though.
  • Jossed, Jaga himself confirmed what Lion-O saw in the book was (more or less) true and not a lie.

The whole thing is a Stable Time Loop where Mumm-Ra had to be defeated because Lion-O existed in the future. That's why Jaga warned him not to fail, it would create a paradox or change the present to one where Mumm-Ra ruled the galaxy. And it's very possible Lion-O was making out with his great-great-and so on grandmother.
  • Verily and that past-nastification is what shields him from Mumm-Ra.
  • The book's power to show the past looked more like a virtual-reality deal to me.
  • So it's sort of like Quantum Leaping?
  • ...More like the holodeck.

In "The Trials of Lion-O: Part 2":
Lion-O's final trial will be his self-doubt which takes the form of Tygra (but could later morph into the form of their father, Cladus). Lion-O has been told his entire life that he wasn't good enough, that his interests and decisions are wrong. His most vocal critic has been his brother and rather than the "work around" solutions of the previous trials this is one that he as to overcome the old-fashioned way: By outright beating his opponent and proving them wrong.
  • Lion-O's final trial... Lion-O lost.

In the final episode...
Lion-O kills Mumm-Ra, bringing peace to Thundera and officially becoming king (like the finale Anointment Trial episode). However, as the crowd cheers, the episode will end with Mumm-Ra becoming alive again.

Expect a sort of crossover special between ThunderCats (1985) and Thunder Cats 2011
Similar to Turtles Forever, where the 2003 Ninja Turtles and the 1987 Ninja Turtles (and their respective villains) all wind up in the same plane of existence. This could happen if the 2011 ThunderCats show really takes off.
  • It would be cool to see something of this effect, and given the heavy implications of everything being a semi-continuation of the original series, they could always a time travel special, with Larry once more as Lion-O. Shame though, seeing as how they'll have to definitely recast nearly all the original characters (except for maybe Cheetara, whose actor is still very much alive).

There will be a cross-over with a new SilverHawks team.
Which will act as a test pilot for a possible revival of that series, which would actually be connected to the ThunderCats for once.
  • The line about "Flying ships" from the pilot doesn't refer to the airships that will be seen later on, but spaceships. The SilverHawks will crash-land on Third Earth and it will be up to the Cats to help them repair their ship before Grune, Mumm-Ra, and their allies lay claim to its much more advanced and incredibly powerful technology and use it to subjugate all of Third Earth.
    • And then Mon-Star will show up, leading to a hilarious moment with him and Mumm-Ra being pointed out as being similar in both voice and powers.
    • Word of God (Producer Michael Jelenic): "It's possible SilverHawks could appear in this universe. Warner Bros. owns the SilverHawks, they own the TigerSharks... it wouldn't be reaching to think that characters from both of those series might show up in this series. Mon*Star might make an appearance." From this interview.
    • Confirmed as of "Legacy".

ThunderCats will Crossover with Kamen Rider OOO...
...with the plot heavily revolving around the Yellow Core Medals.
  • Lion-O!Tygra!Cheetara!

Due to both shows achieving a Periphery Demographic, there will be a crossover between ThunderCats and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Two highly-popular revivals of '80s cartoons both airing at the same time possibly sharing a similar audience? Too cool not to happen.
  • Cue the ThunderCats meeting the Mane Six and new bonds being born. With Lion-O and Twilight Sparkle forming a brother/sister-like relationship, Tygra constantly quarreling with Rarity, Cheetara challenging Rainbow Dash to a race, Panthro helping Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres, and the Thunderkittens fooling around with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.
  • The ensuing squee of Snarf and the Thunderkittens interacting with the ponies will almost destroy the world however.
    • Isn't there a law against too much cuteness?!
  • Like Thundera, Equestria is just another kingdom on Third Earth, albeit larger and (so far) free from Mumm-Ra's influence. The reason why the gas giant planet hasn't been seen by the ponies is because Third Earth is tidally locked and only the Thundera side faces the planet. Eventually the cats will enter Equestria an be amazed at finding horses (especially unicorns) and will try to enlist their powerful magic in defeating Mumm-Ra. It is also possible that one of the Power Stones is hidden in Equestria, since its high concentration of gemstones would be like hiding a needle in a haystack. Also the Snarfs (which are distantly related to dragons) are originally from Equestria but migrated to the Everfree Forest, which is actually a massive landbridge that serves as the link between the two. It is also possible that whatever possessed Princess Luna is in fact one of, all of, or a splinter of the Ancient Spirits of Evil that Mumm-Ra invokes in his Transformation Sequence.
    • Look very closely at the moon in "Song of the Petalars" .There are shadows on it that look very much like the "Mare in the Moon" seen in the opening to My Little Pony.
  • Not to mention, we could have a badass exchange like this:
    Twilight Sparkle: Give it up, Mumm-Ra! The power of friendship is greater than any evil!
    Mumm-Ra: Insolent pony! This so-called "friendship" is nothing more than a worthless emotion mortals use to delude themselves into preventing the inevitable!

There will be a trip to the Lizard Kingdom
Much like Avatar: The Last Airbender it could even be a season worth of episodes to rescue the indentured Thunderians and for the two slave Lizardmen from the pilot to join the group.
  • Alternatively, the ThunderCats will run into a peaceful Lizard tribe and be lectured that not all Lizard people are bad.

There will be an ep about Tygra or Lion-o Outdoor Bath Peeping on Cheetara
... I can't be the only one hoping for this, am I?

Lion-O will start having doubts about trusting the rest of his friends.
Though he'll admit he couldn't rightfully claim Cheetara as his girlfriend, he'll begin to have concerns about how well he can trust the others. This will tie into Anointment trials, with the others preparing for them and their sudden distance leading Lion-O to truly wonder if they're loyal or not. In the end, he'll learn to not have doubt and even approve of Cheetara's choice and happy for Tygra.

Lion-O's trials will be performed in complete isolation from the other ThunderCats
Feeling betrayed Lion-O will abandon the other ThunderCats and spend some time Walking the Earth. It is during this time that he will undergo severe Character Development and mature into a strong and wise king.
  • He may even run into a look-alike for each of his teamates, who will be the ones he has to beat in order to pass the trial's.
    • More or less confirmed since Lion-O dies and the trials take place in the spirit world with each test taking the form of someone he's close to in the living world (i.e. the other ThunderCats).

Lion-O was holding back when he fought Tygra in the Astral Plane.
Lion-O seemed less mad than Tygra was during the fight, oddly enough. Before they fought, he tried to intimidate Tygra by saying the Sword of Omens could not be beat. Lion-O would know from his lesson in "The Duelist and the Drifter" that it's the swordsman, not the sword that's powerful, so Lion-O was probably deliberately bluffing. He didn't use his gauntlet until he fell down into the pit, and he chose to try and talk Tygra back to his senses rather than use the grappling claws to get out.

The series will end with a huge battle in a Gondor Calls for Aid situation
At first it will be just the ThunderCats against Mumm-Ra and his army and the battle will take a turn for the worst and all will seem lost. But then all the people that the ThunderCats befriended during their journey will show up in a Big Damn Heroes moment: namely the Petalars will come after legends of the good King Lion-O have been passed down from generation to generation, the Berbils will come as tech support, the Elephants will come after meditating that it is for the good of all species, the Fishmen will come in gratitude for giving them their home back, etc. The series will then end with a distant epilogue of a new Thundera where all species are equal and live in harmony with each other.
  • Hmmm... they will send a desperate call into space to anyone out there on the side of good. Humans will arrive with [[Literature/Bolo BOL Os]]. Awesome ensues.

There will be a Villain Episode focusing on the Lizards and/or the Quirky Miniboss Squad introduced in Episode 4
This will give a Perspective Flip on the ThunderCats' enemies, showing that not all of them are Always Chaotic Evil and injecting yet more Grey into the conflict between the Cats and the Lizards. Expect a lot of quirky shenanigans and perhaps a few Ensemble Darkhorses in the making!
  • With Slithe as the lead character and Kanar and Addicus as his teammates.

There will be a Bad Future Episode
Lion-O will somehow be sent forward about ten years and find that Mumm-Ra managed to conquer the world in his absence and all of the ThunderCats have been enslaved by him. One or more of the original team will have died (Panthro, Snarf, and Cheetara are all likely candidates), Tygra will be bitter about Lion-O's disappearance ask him where the hell he was while his people needed him, Wilykit and Wilykat will have grown up to be Future Badasses, and Lion-O will somehow learn an important weakness of Mumm-Ra which he will take back with him after he escapes or defeats the Bad Future.
  • An episode like that would actually work well with any of the lead characters. It would also be a nice way of showing that if even one of them left the team, the team just wouldn't be able to pull together like it should.
    • To take it a step further, each team member will have a vision of the future of where they have died, like a grimmer version of Remedial Chaos Theory"

The SilverHawks were put in cryonic sleep during a battle against Mon*Star prior to Mumm-Ra's invasion and will eventually be found by the ThunderCats
  • It would function as both a Mythology Gag and a way to Crossover between the two shows without affecting each other's continuity too much. Most likely there will be a Let's You and Him Fight moment since the last thing the SilverHawks remember will probably be Mumm-Ra invading with the Cats and other Beast Men. They'll probably function as allies for the ThunderCats and help them better understand the technology as well as the universe outside the planet, with the hope that one day the ThunderCats and other species will be able to rebuild the technology for space travel and find where they once came from.

When the Book of Omens told them the next stone was up it didn't mean the top of the "mountain"
It meant that the stone was on another planet. Which would be a good way to introduce the SilverHawks.
  • Or it as telling them to look for the stone in the Bird Nation.
  • Or perhaps the stone is on one of Third Earth's moons?
  • Bird Nation Was Confirmed as of "What Lies Above Part 1".

The versions of the ThunderCats Lion-O encounters in "The Return of Lion-O" two parter are the Ancient Spirits of Evil
Whatever they the "creatures" were that tested Lion-O mentioned during the first trial that they were only taking the forms of Kit and Kat. We know there are many of them, and the Ancient Spirits of Evil are likely responsible for Mumm-ra's immortality. If they can keep one character from dying, they might be able to bring another character back to life. It would also help to explain why they wanted his soul during the second part.
  • Except they don't actually want his soul, and whatever it was that was testing him clearly wanted him to succeed as they keep dropping hints on how to win. The whole "sacrifice your soul" thing was just another part of the test. They just wanted to see if he was willing to go that far or would even think of that option.
    • Or they could be the new series equivalent to the original series Ancient Spirits of Good (or goodness I honestly don't remember) that powered Mumm-Ra's spiritual opposite Mumm-Rana!

Tygra and Cheetara will begin to grow apart the same time Lion-O and Pumyra grow closer together.
  • Tygra and Cheetara's relationship seems to be going pretty well, but Tygra still doesn't seem to like Lion-O giving Cheetara any attention. Lion-O will eventually start to move on and begin a relationship with Pumyra. But at the same time Tygra's jealousy regarding Cheetara's loyalty to Lion-O will drive the couple apart. Bonus points if he accuses Lion-O of pursuing Cheetara when Lion-O has legitimately gotten over her.
    • Yeah, Lion-O and Pumyra doesn't really look like it's happening...

Lion-O will hook up with Pumyra, but he'll have to be told that she's interested.
  • After completely misreading Cheetara's intentions (mistaking loyalty for romantic attachment), Lion-O will think twice before acting on Pumyra's affections to prevent getting burned twice. It'll only be when she makes her intentions clear (knowing her in the least subtle way possible) that he'll realize that she has feelings for him.
    • And given the season finale, that's probably not happening for fairly obvious reasons.

Lion-O will get all the stones, and Mumm-Ra will fight him as Mumm-Ra the All-Powerful, which will have more a change in his appearance than just being bigger
  • Mumm-Ra getting all the Evil Spirit's power seems like too epic an idea not to use, and since the main change in his appearance in contrast to his Ever-Living form in the original cartoon was being bigger and he's huge enough already, he'll become even more evil looking.
    • Mumm-Ra has a sort of form like that, as seen in "Legacy" and the season finale.


     Mac Guffin Guesses 

The Book of Omens isn't actually a book but a computer archive
Which will makes things that much harder for the ThunderCats since none of them will have a clue how to activate it.
  • No one except Panthro, remember the creators have stated that he's pretty much The Smart Guy who knows how to work most of the Lost Technology. While it may initially seem beyond him once he sits down with it for awhile he'll figure it out. It would also make an awesome Mythology Gag because Panthro was the one usually working at the computer in the original series If you look closely at the book Lion obtains in "Journey to the Tower of Omens" it doesn't have pages at all and what we can see looks mechanical, basically it looks like it's a kind of computer.

Mumm-Rana is the guardian of the Book of Omens.
Since it seems that Mumm-Ra has outright claimed to be the former owner of the Eye of Thundera, it's not unreasonable to think that his Distaff Counterpart on the good side might be in possession of the Book of Omens.
  • Has been Jossed at the end of "Journey to the Tower of Omens".

The Book of Omens is in El Dara.
It's veeery probable...
  • Unless El Dara happens to be another name for the Tower of Omens, no.

The Book of Omens is a Chaos Artifact
  • It's constructed of a mixture of magic and technology, the last guy who used it was completely freaking evil, and LOOK AT THE FREAKING COVER. It's an eight-pointed star!

The Eye of Thundera ORIGINALLY belonged to Mon*Star, making the world Mumm-Ra and the Thundercat ancestors attacked to get it Brimstar, Mon*Star's planetary headquarters.
A few things support this:
  • 1.) While Mumm-Ra is invading we see on his computer screens various images, among them is a picture of Mon*Star, (and since he's usually depicted with an eyepatch, it may even literally be HIS eye)
  • 2.) The world that was attacked in the flashback in "Journey to the Tower of Omens," is red with a single moon. In SilverHawks, Brimstar is red with a single moon (the Moon-star).
  • 3.) Word of God (Producer Michael Jelenic): "It's possible SilverHawks could appear in this universe. Warner Bros. owns the SilverHawks, they own the TigerSharks... it wouldn't be reaching to think that characters from both of those series might show up in this series. Mon*Star might make an appearance." From this interview. (Also noted further down)
  • 4.) Both SilverHawks Big Bad Mon*Star and Mumm-Ra himself use a similar incantation to transform themselves into a more powerful being. This could also mean that the Ancient Spirits of Evil in the 2011 continuity is the same power Mon*Star calls upon to transform; Mumm-Ra just calls this power the "Ancient Spirits of Evil" because he learned how to invoke it so long ago. The flashback suggests these events took place thousands of years prior.

The Stones of Power are used to power weapons.
In the Thunder Cats 2011 party pack, a choice for a trivia question is Rat Eye Daggers, the weapons Rataro used in the OS. While it heavily hints that Rataro will appear, it also implies that it's in a way related to the Sword of Omens and Sword of Plun-Darr. An image of the Eye of Thundera shows it as a raw, uncarved gem, so it's highly likely that these stones are implanted into weapons to give them magical properties.
  • Has been Confirmed, as of "Legacy."

The Stones are this universe's Crystals.
  • They just behave differently here.

The Stones of Power have the same powers as the Marvel Universes Infinity Gems.
And the three older cats will each be the keeper of one of the three, when Lion-O isn't using them that is.
  • Tygra will hold the gem of Reality Power, that will allow him to use mental and psionic powers to create illusions. Cheetara will hold on to the gem of Mind Power, which will allow her to warp to any location (basically just a Super Speed upgrade). And Panthro will hold the gem of Matter Power, which will give him the ability and become invincible!
    • Looks like that's not the case with the spirit stone, oh well.

The Stone that was supposed to be in the Elephant Village is in the Astral Plane.
  • Lion-O saw it was supposed to be in the hut, but nothing was there. The next episode is supposed to be about the Cats finding a magic school in the forest, and after that is "Into the Astral Plane." They will have to learn how to enter the astral plane in order to retrieve it.
    • Confirmed as of "Into the Astral Plane".

The ThunderCats will encounter the civilization that created the Eye of Thundera
The Eye of Thundera will turn out to have been created for peaceful means and Lion-O will learn how to use it as a shield or an alternate source of power, not just as a weapon. The creators will also most likely not be very happy that their creation has been turned into a weapon and will make Lion-O promise to use it for nonviolent means after he kills Mumm-Ra. In a distant epilogue, we'll see that Eye of Thundera being used to power a futuristic city with all of the species living together in peace under its protection.
  • Considering the fact that the planet where the Eye of Thundera came from was under Mon*Star's control, I kinda doubt he and his lacky's are a peaceful bunch.

Ratar-O's Rat's Eye Daggers were created in a failed attempt to recreate the Sword of Pun-Darr.
After Ratilla was killed and the Sword of Plun-Darr was cursed, the Rats used what they knew of the Sword of Plun-Darr to try and make a new magical weapon, which they would use to reclaim their glory. Since the Rats likely lack the magical skills of the Cats, they ended up creating the Rat's Eye Daggers instead, which were not as powerful.

The Forever Bag is a rare prototype TARDIS.
Underneath all the stolen goods must be a control room and it must be a rare TARDIS and an early prototype too. The magic words "Rankin-Bass" are a security code so that no intruders will get in and steal it. How it got to Third Earth is a mystery though.

Or at least it could be a TARDIS that was meant to be more of a storage room for lost or rare items from Gallifrey and other points in Earth's time or other planets but had somehow gotten lost and ended up in Third Earth of all places. The security code being "Rankin-Bass" still stands.

The Thunderkittens will not keep the Forever Bag's treasure
This goes without saying under normal circumstances, but in this case, it's justified. The money will go towards setting up a new home for the rescued Cats, and/or financing the rebellion.
  • Jossed. They kept the bag.

     Setting Guesses 
The series will be a prequel to the original ThunderCats
In the Series Finale, both sides will be devastated, and our heroes will be put into the cryogenic sleep they wake from in the original.
  • Alternate theory: This is a Stealth Sequel Series. The lead characters are the descendants/reincarnations of the originals, except Mumm-Ra.
    • The second, "Sequel Theory" seems more probably seeing as the planet they're on already happens to be Third Earth and there's talk of how the "original" ThunderCats founded their empire.
      • This seems all-but outright stated in the first episode. This is precisely how I interpreted it, and I just assumed the matching names would be either a) convenient for recognition from those who watched the 80s cartoon or b) 'Fate' being all Fate-y.
    • The evidence for that so far is confined to King Claudus making reference to an ancient band of Thunderian warriors who called themselves "ThunderCats", whom he does not identify individually. If he reveals that Lion-O was named after the leader of these earlier ThunderCats, then the theory gains credence, though it makes Lion-O II being best friends with Thunderians who just happen to share the names and appearances of the friend of the original Lion-O annoyingly coincidental.
    • Here's how it could be: The series goes by alternate history where the original ThunderCats came to Third Earth and populated it. But where the original series eventually restored Thundera, that never occurred in this timeline and instead the Cats settled completely on Third Earth. The Lizard men then settled as well, which is why they aren't called mutants anymore. As for Mumm-Ra, he may be the same, but now has a personal connection to the sword of Omens which he never had before.
      • Not really, the names could have become common for cats with that appearance due to the legends surrounding the originals. Most Thunderians seem to have a very generalized appearance though without distinctive striping or spots.
    • Also, Mumm-Ra claims that the stone (Eye of Thundera) within the Sword of Omens belongs to him. Even if you don't believe in this series being a distant sequel, that definitely suggests that the main theory has some weight.
    • Or... Mumm-Ra is really Lion-O from the first series!
    • I veto that theory; Mumm-Ra is and always has been some ancient Egyptian Sorcerer who sold his soul for power to the 'Ancient Spirits of Evil' who incidentally look like/are the demonic deities Set, Apep, Sobek, and Taweret. Hmm yes four gods (or beings posing as said gods) who use chaos, darkness, death, and transformation who grant those powers onto Little Mr. Power Hungry.
    • In regards to the whole Third Earth/Thundera theory: Thundera was indeed restored, but two possible outcomes played out; In one of them, the ThunderCats decided to leave New Thundera to become the home for a new race, believing they were needed on Third Earth. Alternatively, after repopulating began, some Thunderians choose to return to their reborn homeworld, where they would be technologically advanced, while the other half remained on Third Earth and became the ThunderCats seen in this series. In any case there's clearly another planetoid near Third Earth and it's definitely not the moon, which is there as well.
    • Though Word of God calls it a straight reboot (with intentional Adaptation Distillation), This Troper thinks that it will eventually be revealed as taking place a few hundred years after the original. One question, though, is how the Snarfs would have gone from being a sentient race in the original series to pets.
      • De-evolution. The Thunderians themselves aren't immune to that, as evidenced by the tail-bearing undercaste. There's also some hints that Snarf's alot more intelligent then your typical animal (think Toothless) and simply speaks Feline, which Lion-O can understand. There's also no reason why there isn't still a Snarfworld somewhere in the galaxy, if the Sequel Theory is correct, and might make for a rather interesting story later on.

Third Earth is actually a terraformed moon of Jupiter.
The planet is orbiting a gas giant. Third Earth is thus the third world terraformed by humans, who have all vanished. Except, maybe, for Mumm-Ra.
  • So do we think Second Earth is Venus, or Mars?
    • Definitely Mars. It's the more Earth-like of the two, it's easier to warm a planet than cool it, and it's a stepping stone on the way from Earth to Jupiter.
  • Related Theory: ThunderCats and Beast-Men are Designer Babies designed to survive outward colonization to escape as the Sun expanded into a Red Giant. Third Earth itself was somehow shifted to a stable orbit held in place between the gravity of Jupiter and the Sun. The lost technology implies an After the End storyline, and the talk of ships that fly indicates space travel. The inclusion of animal DNA into human genetic codes may have been to ensure survival in the harsh new conditions. This could also explain the Fantastic Racism, as those with tails were seen as being too far removed from their original human ancestors, and were relegated as second class citizens.
    • The fact that Third Earth is close enough to What-Looks-Like-Jupiter for it to be that prominent in the sky and still get an Earthlike quantity of solar light and heat lends credence to the "red giant" part of that theory.
    • Related Theory: Animals wound up on Earth at some point. The Jackalman is the spitting image of Anubis, and the unnamed panther woman in "Legacy" would make a good Bast.

Thundera is Mega Kat City in the Past.
Perhaps Thundera in the new ThunderCats cartoon is Megakat City (from SWAT Kats) in Ancient Times. Must be a rather primitive version of the local. Think about it, they're populated by anthropomorphic cat people and they have their own set of heroes and will obviously go up against supernatural beings. Perhaps T-Bone and Razor had ancestors around that period.
  • The new Mumm-Ra design looks a lot like the Past Master.
  • SWAT Kats reboot, possibly?

One of the other moons of the gas giant is Pandora.
  • Sorry, couldn't resist. Just having some fun here.

The series takes place in the Doctor Who universe.
The name "Third Earth" has to be taken literally. In the Doctor Who universe, the humans move to a planet called New Earth after the sun of our Earth grows into a Red Giant, swallowing Earth in the process. At this time, human mutants with cat-like features already exist. When New Earth itself will become uninhabitable, the next planet will be Third Earth, and the cat people will become the dominant species.

The ThunderCats are descended from Frankenstein of Red Dwarf.
The cat-people that evolved from Lister's cat — the group that left the 'Dwarf in search of paradise did not crash and die, but instead were picked up along the way by Mumm-Ra in a ship, genetically tweaked to bring out more of their feline traits and made to serve him.

Having ones tail docked isn’t something that has to be done in order to escape low cast, but rather a privilege of high rank
Okay, yeah there’s still the stigma of ‘having tail=low rank“, but it’s not the tail that makes the rank, it’s the low rank that spares the tail. Royals and other bluebloods have their tails docked at birth as a mark of their noble heritage, but working stiffs like Panthro have to earn their docking privileges.
  • It's unlikely though that all Cats are born with tails, as we can see a young Cheetara does not have a tail in her flashback when she was poor and homeless.

Third Earth is the planet that the crash on at the end of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Because the only thing missing from the this is giant tranforming robots.

Humans are the Precursors of this universe.
And Mumm-Ra is the last Human still alive and active. With the Animals being genetic projects created by him to be his foot soldiers. Presumably the spirits of evil were created by humanity in an attempt to harness the mystical forces of reality that had previously been inaccessible. Unfortunately the Magitek variant of A.I. Is a Crapshoot happened and the old human empire was destroyed by their own experiment and The Quisling.

     Meta Guesses 
ThunderCats will have a huge female Periphery Demographic.
Essentially making it the Spear Counterpart to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Femcats?
    • Very possible as both Lion-O and Tygra are very much Bishonens and the addition of a Love Triangle to drive the fangirls crazy.
      • Perhaps the Ho Yay between Lion-O and Tygra is a deliberate attempt to attract female fans.
      • The main creative force behind the show is One of Us, dropping tropes like "Breakout Character" and "The Scrappy" in casual conversation. Furthermore he was also a fan of the series (especially the opening). I wouldn't put it past him.
    • Alternately it will spark a (re?) revival of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) which this seems to be a sort of spiritual successor to.
      • Make that revival an actual return to that 2002 series and you can have all of my money!
    • Well I'M already signed up!
      • At the very least it could create an interest in old Hanna-Barbera properties like Pirates of Dark Water, which considering the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean films would make this a perfect time for a come-back. If you think about it, the plots for this show and PODW are almost identical: Prince sets out on journey with companions and a Team Pet to find mystical MacGuffins.
  • There's also the Thunderkittens and Snarf, which have caused much Squee! from both male and female fans. And considering the vast amount of high school/college girls in the Furry Fandom, I'd say this is a given. (Also joining in on wanting that Masters of the Universe revival to come back, it was awesome.)

There's gonna be so much slashfic of Tygra and Lion-O. SO MUCH.
We all know it's inevitable. Two really bishonen cat-guys who technically aren't related along with Tygra's 'ring your bell' line and a healthy dollop of sibling rivalry? That noise you hear in the distance is a million slashfic engines starting up.
  • With the amount of yaoi fanart piling up over on DeviantArt at the moment, that's a safe bet.

There will be a blooper reel released online.
As a sort of Mythology Gag referring to the racy outtakes from the original ThunderCats and SilverHawks.

There will be a real opening intro once Panthro joins.
The reason for the very minimalist intro there is now is that the creators are avoiding a Spoiler Opening.
  • Not likely, the creators were given the option for an opener but it had to be really short (under 30 seconds if I remember right), so they opted to not have one and just put the time back into the show.
    • Jossed: Panthro has joined the group, and the opening hasn't changed.
      • If we're lucky (and considering the amount of fanservice the creators are giving us), we may at the very least see an extended, full length version of the song online or on the dvd, complete with music video... that recreates elements of the original!
      • This troper is afraid that the closest thing we will get will be Fan Openings / A.M.V.s on You Tube

Just watch and see. Or, The Amazing World of Gumball will refer to this show. And, you probably know why, right?
  • For those of us who don't, could you please enlighten us?
    • The protagonist of The Amazing World of Gumball, is a cat. Including his mother. That's enough explanation right there.note 
    • Under that logic, we'd also get shoutouts to Garfield, Heathcliff, The Pink Panther, and why-the-hell-not, Hello Kitty.

Not just the SilverHawks and TigerSharks are going to show up, but also the characters from Mini Monsters, Street Frogs, and Karate Kat
If they can use the TigerSharks then they can use the other characters from The Comic Strip. The Mini Monsters will be in a "Dark Is Not Evil" episode. The Street Frogs will be a group of musicians the Cats encounter. And Karate Kat will become a Thundercat, and in a crowning moment of awesome, will wreck tanks with his bare hands.
  • Yeah! The frogs could be like the wandering musical nomads from Avatar: The Last Airbender!
  • On a related note, I think it would be cool to see some characters from the old comic appear on the show. Like the (former)Thundercat Lynxana. Maybe she and Lion-O could be old friends or something. I think that would be kinda cool.

Someone among the writing staff will write a comedy episode.
I'm not talking about like what they did with the Snarf short Butterfly Blues. I mean like, what if somewhere down the line; someone comes up with a fliller episode and it's a pure comedy?
  • I'm guessing this one is confirmed then?

There might be a Halloween episode.
No, not like a holiday episode. I mean like a legitately scary episode like the tone is something straight out of The Woman in Black (both the book and the 2012 movie). Like it concentrates on atmopsheare and tension to generate scares as much as they could for a Saturday morning timeslot.

There will be another ThunderCats reboot in the future.
Hey, if Voltron Legendary Defender can be a smash, why not give ThunderCats another chance?


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