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Fridge Logic

  • In "Song of the Petalars", the lizards start a forest fire to burn the Thundercats alive. A nice, simple plan, until you notice the lizards are still in the forest.
    • They aren't burning the forest itself, they're burning the briar patch the Thundercats have fled into. The Lizards do have men in there but Ssslithe comments that they're expendable, mostly to drive home just how much of a bastard he is.
  • In "The Duelist & The Drifter", Lion-O goes looking for supplies while Tygra helps Panthro tinker with the Thundertank. Given that Lion-O was established as interested in technology from the beginning while Tygra only recently acknowledged it even existed, it seems like the only reason it wasn't the other way around was for the sake of the plot.
    • In the previous episode though he is shown tinkering with his gun, so it looks like he's a quick study, also since Lion-O is much better at dealing with other animals it makes sense to send him. It also turns out to be a damn good thing they sent Lion-O anyway since their Thunderan money was no good there and he was the only one out of the group capable of earning any more.
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    • It makes more sense when you consider that Panthro sent Lion-O because he does understand technology, and thus would know what to get and not be fooled by a crooked merchant. Meanwhile, Tygra stays to help Panthro, so as to learn how to do proper maintenance on unfamiliar machinery.
  • In "Sight Beyond Sight", the elephant-people routinely get their food stolen by giant wasps. Lion-O decides to help by blocking off the wasps' nest. This "upsets the balance of nature" and awakens a giant stone golem. Then, the golem gets blown up. Cue Lion-O getting a lecture about the balance of nature. Wait, what? He just solved two problems at once. The wasps are gone and the golem is gone. He doesn't deserve a lecture, he deserves a medal!
    • And now several living things that didn't have to die are dead.
    • It goes into the theme for the episode and the next, harmony and big picture. We could throw in consequences and patience. He saw a problem and went to fix it without worrying about the harmony in life the wasps represented. It was worth the extra food that got stolen to keep the rock monster asleep, then they don't have to worry about it.
  • If the Elephants have such terrible memories then why don't they just write everything down?
    • Umm... I can't remember....
    • *Walks slowly to get parchment and writing instrument, sits down to write, and then...* "What was I doing? Why do I have a parchment and pen?"

Fridge Brilliance

  • Applies to the original series, when Lion-O holds the Sword of Omens to use "Sight Beyond Sight" the Eye of Thundera ends up positioned in front of his forehead, or where his "third eye" would be according to certain traditions.
  • The Lizards suffer from Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy because they couldn't have had access to this weaponry for very long...
  • When Mumm-Ra's character art was first released people thought he might be a corrupted Thundercat due to him having the same large pointed ears as them under his hood and the fact that he seems to walk on his toes (nevermind the fact that every other animal in the series seems to walk on the soles of their feet). However his larger transformed state (suggested in "Legacy" to be is actual default form, while the smaller form is some kind of power-saver mode) has large wings. Combine this with his large, upturned nose and vulnerability to very bright lights and it becomes clear that he's not a cat at all, he's a bat.
  • Panthro must truly be a genius. He's gone from having no knowledge of tech to someone who can repair and operate a tank that he must have stolen from under Mumm-Ra's nose in what could have only been weeks.
    • Panthro probably didn't steal the Thundertank so much as found it rusting in a junk pile somewhere. I imagine the situation played out in a similar fashion to the first Star Wars film. Panthro fell down into what turned out to be a garbage shoot. He recovered from his injuries, then stumbled across the Thundertank. After some time, and tinkering, he learned hands-on how to work, and fix tech.
      • OP here. He still has to get it out of Mumm-ra's ship with out Mumm-ra finding out about it and if the tank wasn't in good repair in the first place it just makes it more impressive. It would be like haveing an army commander from the 1600's learn how to repair and operate a M1 Abrams tank on his own in what is likely only 2 to 3 weeks.
    • But remember, Panthro and Grune left Thundera when Lion-O and Tygra were still kids. Panthro was probably tinkering with that tank for a lot longer than two to three weeks.
  • Why does the Duelist spare his defeated foes even though the show has shown no qualms about killing off characters? Because he wants them to live with the humiliation that he defeated them, and his very sword collection is his way of proclaiming their defeat to the world.
    • Similarly, he isn't affected by any anti-evil enchantment surrounding the Sword of Omens... because he has no intention of ever using it. He's a dual wielder and the bastard/longsword would cramp his style. He still wants it as a trophy though, because he's just that much of a tool.
  • In "Song of the Petalars", the Petalars note that they have been stuck in the forest for generations. They probably got stuck at the same time the Thundercats did.
  • Thunderians in this continuity don't wear shoes, and it's been shown they use their hind claws for climbing and running. In the flashbacks in "Legacy" Leo and Panthera are shown wearing boots. It makes sense that Mumm-Ra, controlling the Thunderians, would want to include such a Restraining Bolt in their uniforms.
  • I thought it was odd that the Thundercats, a supposedly strong empire, was taken down so easily, but then I realized, their 'empire' was probably just that one city. Otherwise they would have known technology existed (by running into species like the Berbils for one thing). They were far too reclusive, so the loss of that city was the loss of the entire race pretty much.
  • In the series opener, I thought Tygra giving a flirtatious glance at then-disguised Cheetara was kinda silly dumb, but in the episode "Into the Astral Plane" Tygra already knew Cheetara way back when they were kids, and it can be assumed they, or at least Tygra, kept paying somewhat close attention to her.
  • When you think about it Thundera was kinda like ancient China. Ancient China was greatly seperated from the rest of the world because of geographic barriers like desserts, mountains, and stuff like that. The only people who ever really came into China were nomadic in which the Chinese deemed them "barbaric" because they weren't civilized. Because of the separation from the outside world they often thought themselves better than others until either the 1800's or 1900's(I can't remember which) I mean come on! Thundera has it's own Great Wall surrounding the city! And the third episode showed Lion-O and the others going through some heavy terrain.
    • Mountains:Check
    • Canyons:Check
    • Desert(the sand sea):Check
    • A Supposibly big ass forest:Check
    • And another Canyon that also doubles as a maze:Check.
    • This could also make Thundara similar to the persian empire. Even the Roman Empire (with Hadrian's Wall as the wall of Thundera).
  • The dynamic between Lion-O and Tygra is fascinating, Lion-O isn't interested in the throne and cannot escape it while Tygra wants nothing less and cannot have it. There have also been hints dropped that at some point before the series, when they were children, that Lion-O was chosen over Tygra to inherit the throne not simply by royal blood, but that the Sword of Omens itself chose him while rejecting Tygra. While this development frustrates Tygra (and even some fans) it does make some sense as Lion-O is (usually) looking at the bigger picture while Tygra focuses more on the current situation. Both ideas have their merits, but look at the way they're employed: Lion-O would rather study technology because he knows it can be an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands, or a terribly destructive weapon in the wrong ones, Tygra disregards tech and focuses more on honor, duty, and tradition. Lion-O is largely against the system of racism and hatred that has driven a wedge between the Cats and the other species of Third Earth (and eventually begins a quest to unite them) while Tygra (initially) simply doesn't care and only gets involved when Lion-O is in danger. In the competition in the pilot Lion-O is focused on the goal, while Tygra is focused on Lion-O. In "Song of the Petlars" Lion-O would rather run and live to fight another day while Tygra insists on a (almost certainly) suicidal last stand (Lion-O was eventually came around and sure enough, they were almost wiped out). Lion-O's first instinct is to help other people in distress while Tygra would rather not get involved. Tygra is by no means a bad person and is certainly capable of great kindness and compassion but he is also selfish and concerned mostly with himself and winning. Lion-O by contrast can be selfish but is mostly concerned with others and helping people. That's why he'll be a better king.
    • It also makes perfect sense when you look at the species of cats they're based on, Lions are social animals who live in groups and work together. Tigers are solitary and territorial.
    • And then we find out that Tygra isn't even blood related. He's adopted. Lion-O is the rightful heir to the throne.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: We can assume that Leo is the founder or the forefather of Thundera. His lover was Panthera who was, well, a panther. What's the symbol of Thundera, that shows up in all the art and costumes? A panther. Awww!
    • Related to the above, Leo and Panthera were the funders of a dynasty of lions; what's the lion's scientific name? Panthera Leo.
  • Why was Lion-O so sympathetic to the animals that were mistreated and disadvantaged due to Thundera's Fantastic Racism? Well, growing up with a perfect guy like Tygra as his rival probably made him much more sympathetic to the underdogs of society, since he himself didn't measure up to the standards of the culture he grew up in.
  • Why is the Lizard Army now so easy to defeat when they managed to destroy the kingdom of Thundera in one night? Well, the only advantage that they had over the Thundercats was technology, which the Thundercats were unfamiliar with. The few remaining Thundercats are now quite familiar with technology and even possess greater weapons than the average Lizard patrol. Also, it's pretty easy to get a huge army together by promising them the loot of their enemies. Once said enemies are defeated and the loot is taken? Not so easy when the Lizards explicitly state that they have families and children to return back to!
    • In "New Alliances" it appears that much of the Lizard army are conscripts. They may have been oppressed under the cats but under Mumm-Ra they're outright slaves. No wonder they take Lion-O's offer of mutual co-existence, it's the best deal they've ever had.
  • Why did the Spirit Stone give Lion-O another chance at life? Because in spite of everything he's said and done, and all the mistakes he's made, he died trying to protect Wilykit. That act alone is enough to make him worthy of another shot.
  • Javan and Caspin are named after two sub species of Tiger. Specifically, extinct tigers.
  • When Tygra fought Lion-O in the Astral Plane, he says "You took the crown, you took her!" At the time, it was assumed that by "her" Tygra meant Cheetara, who had kissed Lion-O's cheek earlier. After the flashbacks in "Native Son" however, it seems that Tygra was really referring to their mother who died giving birth to Lion-O.
  • Here's a a nice obscure callback to the original series that most people might not catch. You know those creatures called "Thunderian Mounts" that appeared in the first two episodes? The animals that no one can identify? I have recently been reviewing episodes from the original series and I came across the episode "Return to Thundera". Where Lion-O was sent into Thundera's past and met Kano, his domesticated Thunderian pet cat from childhood. At first I didn't make the conection, but after a time I couldn't help but notice the similarity. The Thunderian Mounts are based off of Kano from the original series! That was a brilliant move on the part of the creators of the new show.
  • When Mumm-Ra sends Slithe to recruit Addicus and Kaynar, he says that they've committed crimes that disturb even him. How can that be, when we later find out that he destroyed a populated solar system in order to forge the Sword of Plun-Darr? Because Mumm-ra favors stoicism on the sliding scale of Emotions vs. Stoicism, and simply detaches himself from the lives that are snuffed out in the pursuit of power. Addicus and Kaynar are psychopaths who enjoy the act of inflicting pain and death on those who cross their paths.
    • Also Mumm-Ra sees himself as bringing order to a chaotic universe, so while he does commit horrible acts there is at least a greater purpose behind it (in his own mind, anyway). Addicus and Kaynar do it because it's fun.
  • Why is Pumyra oblivious and/or annoyed with Lion-O's courtship attempts in "Recipe for Disaster?" Because it's the first time since she met him that he's been meek, unsure, and possibly even dishonest with her. Since day one neither of them have pulled their punches when talking to or criticizing one another but all of a sudden he's stumbling over his words and being contradictory. In the end once he's back to being sure and confident she's all over him because that's the Lion-O she's come to know and care for, the guy that will always be there for her, is always sure of his actions, and never let her down.
    • Considering the finale episode of the first season, that is now up for debate.
  • If you look closely at Lion-O's outfit underneath his armor (which seems to be based on jousting armor, fitting in with his overall Knight in Shining Armor character) he's wearing the same uniform of the Thunderan soldiers seen in the pilot, this fits nicely with his idea of everyone being equal and not seeing himself as any better or worse than anyone else.
  • In the pilot on his way to visit his Friend in the Black Market Jorma Lion-O is angered to see a group of cats picking on a hapless dog and steps in to help him. It helps make him looks like a decent guy and is largely forgotten about until twenty-four episodes later when Jorma shows up again in Dog City, mentioning that he's originally from there. Of course Lion-O's going to stick up for dogs, his best friend at the time was one!
  • Pumyra being willing to destroy a city for a stone isn't something that Lion-O would tolerate but it's definitely something Mumm-ra would do.
  • Someone once criticized "Curse of Ratilla" for how drab and dull the designs of the enslaved Thunderians were, in comparison to the main characters and even the citizens in the first two episodes. However, if you think about it, they probably look so drab because their fur and skin and hair is so dirty from all the work in the mines.
  • What are the forms of the four Ancient Spirits of Evil? A jackal, a monkey, a lizard and a vulture. Who are the four members of Mumm-Ra's Quirky Mini Boss Squad? Kaynar (Jackal), Addicus (Monkey), Slithe (Lizard) and Vultaire (Vulture).
  • Watching "Song of the Petalars" reminded me of The Exodus. Like the Israelites in Egypt, the Petalars were forced from their homeland by a natural disaster and spent generations in another land with the promise of eventually returning home. They finally set out on their journey home when a leader arises to lead them home, but it takes a full generation for them to make it there.
    • This of course means that Emrick is Moses. And just like Moses, he himself does not get to go home with his people.
  • Bengali hasn't been mentioned yet because he was likely with Pumyra when she was killed, and given that Lion-O is seemingly a straight fellow, he'd be quite a bit less useful in attempting to get close enough, so he simply wasn't resurrected.
    • Actually, the reason Bengali was never mentioned is because he was supposed to be the son of Tygra and Cheetara, if the show had gotten a second season.
  • Related to the above regarding Lion-O vs. Tygra. There is an actual Wikipedia article titled Lion vs. Tiger. Reading it will show that in a fight between the two, Tigers will almost always win in a straight fight. Lion-O always loses to Tygra when they fight. Tigers are just bigger, stronger, smarter, and faster. The one thing Lions have that Tigers don't though is teamwork. Lion-O always faces Tygra alone, but a large theme of the series is about Lion-O getting the other races of Third Earth to unite to fight Mumm-Ra. In contrast, the Tiger clan all died partly because they refused to ask for help from Thundera. Their pride and loner mentality got them killed.

Fridge Horror

  • For Transformers fans, "Song of the Petalars" gives you a good example of what the relationship between the Autobots and their Human Sidekicks would be like from the Cybertronians' point of view. Imagine having to defend a race of smaller and more fragile beings with a life expectancy far shorter than yours.
  • Seeing how adorable the Berbils are in "Berbils" and the fact that they are targeted by slavers puts the Berbil arm seen in the premiere in a very disturbing light.
  • "Legacy" showed that Leo, Lion-O's ancestor, had a girlfriend named Panthera. The two of them kiss several times during Lion-O's stint as Leo in the Book of Omens. Now, while it is certainly possible that she died in the crash, it is highly probable that she survived since she was standing next to Leo (who definitely survived) at the time of impact. If Panthera did survive the crash, there is a very good chance that Lion-O was MAKING-OUT WITH HIS GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GRANDMOTHER!!!
    • To whom he is barely related. After that many generations, they would be both socially and genetically perfect strangers. It would be like finding out that your girlfriend is your fifth cousin, thrice removed.
    • Plus, I think the fact that he was possessing the physical form of his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather kinda negates it.
  • The Elephant Men late in season 1 have a funny quirk of poor memory skills and being easily distracted... Not so funny if its from the resulting ship crash in "Legacy" causing them massive brain damage
    • Physical brain damage is not an inherited trait, nor is it selective. If that were the case, most of the descendants of the other animals on the ship should have sustained such injuries and passed it on as well.
  • In the first episode of the series, Lion-O is seen fiddling with one of the pieces of Lost Technology, which turns out to be a bomb and is still active. What would have happened if he'd accidentally activated it?
  • In "Song of the Petalars", the Petalars' life cycle is only 24 hours long. They were walking with the ThunderCats for almost an entire day. Which means that most of them basically spent their entire lives walking, trying to get home. Some of them never do make it.
    • Also, unless their utopia garden is *VERY* close, they'll be riding that updraft for more than a single day. Good luck trying to make baby Petalars when its one man per leaf. Their migration home may very well be an extinction event.
      • Considering they survived being blown from there into the briar patch in the first place, it must be.
      • Why don't we see any of the Petalars age if Lion-O lost Emerich for mere seconds and the next time we saw him he grew to be a man? Because they are quantum monsters, they only age when they are not observed by non-petalars!!!
      • Seeing as Petalars are plants, I don't think they need to make physical contact in order to reproduce. They just need the wind to carry their pollen.

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