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Awesome Music / Shadow Hearts

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  • The Shadow Hearts series has incredible music. It might be best described as the result of putting the emotive and situationally-iconic music of traditional JRPG soundtracks into a blender along with the hellish noise horror of Silent Hill, turning it to "Liquify," and pushing the "On" button. Examples: one of many versions of Icaro, very much The Fate, Hardcore to the Brain (boss music!), Alice (you'll especially think so after playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant), and so much more.
  • Imbroglio. Not only is it one of the best final boss themes ever, but one of the greatest battle themes period.
  • The Three Karma. A strange song (even more so than Ladder to Heaven, which is already pretty strange), but nonetheless intimidating, dramatic, and glorious. The arrangetracks version also qualifies.
  • Final Battle (Lady Tears II) is nothing short of brilliant.


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