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Tear Jerker / Shadow Hearts

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  • From Koudelka, Charlotte, especially if you know about why she was killed. She was the daughter of a queen who had an affair behind the king's back. Her illegitimate child was taken from her and executed at a young age, her spirit doomed to wander the earth due to her hatred. When you give her the letters her mother wrote to her, Charlotte is so confused to discover that her mother cared for her and wanted to meet with her so much... but Charlotte died before her mother and the guards didn't let her receive any of those letters. Not only that, but she was so scared and confused about the fact that she was passing on to Heaven! Not only that, but also what Koudelka says to her after she passed on.
    Koudelka: Charlotte...How does it feel to know that you're loved?
  • That above quote takes new meaning when you learn that Koudelka's own mother hated her because she predicted her father's death... but didn't do anything to save him. This led to Koudelka's Roma clan disowning her and her wandering the country, selling herself for a place to stay... It's worse when she says this, as she's already drunk at the time...
    • The song that plays during this scene is called 'Dead'... an accurate description of how Koudelka must feel.
  • Patrick just wanted to resurrect his wife, and ended up making a monster.
  • James' sacrifice to defeat the Elaine monster.
    James: (crying) I have always loved you Elaine.

    Shadow Hearts 
  • Yen Yen's death from Li Li's curse in Shadow Hearts. He dies in front of his older brother, who is powerless to help him. Sea Mother's little speech makes it all the sadder;
    Sea Mother: Spirits in the heavens. Spirits in the heavens. Our proud fisherman will be coming under your care. Please be good to him.
    • Later repeated when Sea Mother dies while trying to free Li Li from her cursed existence. Alice gives her own speech.
    Alice: Spirits in the heavens! Spirits in the heavens! Our beloved magic user will be coming under your care. Our wonderful, wonderful magic user... Please be good to her...
    Yuri:.. yeah, spirits. Be good to her for us, won'tcha? See ya, Sea Mama.
  • Terry's death is quite the Tear Jerker despite him being a very minor character. Made even worse when you then have to inform his wife and little girl about what happened to him.
  • Cardinal Simon endured hundreds of years of abuse and hatred because he had the heretical idea of governing for the masses back during the Nuremburg trials. Even the real Roger Bacon, though his ideas were correct, but ahead of their time.
  • The bad ending is the canonical one, wherein Alice's life slowly ebbs away on the train at the end of the game, culminating in her falling asleep on her lover's shoulder and never waking up, plus Yuri's Please Wake Up reaction.
  • Master Xiaofang's sudden death is pretty sad, especially as he has the appearance and attitude of a little boy. Master Xifa is devastated by his death and asks for forgiveness shortly before sacrificing himself in order to save Yuri and the others.
  • Alice, Zhuzhen and Keith having to fight Yuri, who has lost his soul after trying to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance. He's a shell of his former self, with none of the warmth, wit and sarcasm that Yuri was known for. It's especially hard seeing him attack his former allies without remorse.
  • Halley's entire backstory. His mother was committed to an insane asylum for having special powers, the same magic she shares with Halley himself. However she only allowed herself to be captured so that Halley would be spared. Halley then spent years on the streets of London, trying to look out for other orphans, only to lose friends to the mysterious orphanage where children go in but never come out. Halley is eventually reunited with his mother, only to find that she can no longer stand or even speak due to the torture she underwent. He tries in vain to save her, but his power isn't strong enough. She then gathers up what little power she has left to strike a deal with Bacon; if she goes with him, he'll leave Halley be.

    Shadow Hearts: Covenant 
  • Covenant has a number of tragic antagonists:
    • Grigori Rasputin saw his Mother Russia suffering and though the only way to protect her was to take over Europe by force.
    • Nicolai Conrad wanted the love of his life, and to reconcile with his father, and surpass Yuri. He never got any of them, and thanks to the blundering of Dr. Hojo, was taken over by a demon.
    • Masaji Kato, a minor character from the first game who loses Yoshiko Kawashima, his lover, attempts to make a clone of her through Ouka. When she dies, he completely loses it.
  • Ouka's death.
  • "The Oath" scene in Covenant. (When Yuri meets Alice's spirit in his graveyard world.)
  • Alice's attempted resurrection.
  • Yuri: Sorry...I wont' be able to keep that promise.
  • Karin counts as one of the series' biggest Woobies. She joins the army to restore her family's honor, and witnesses her unit get destroyed twice in the attempted occupation of a village. She learns from the psychopath who ordered the second destroying that her family is dead, and said psychopath is stalking her. She falls in love with Yuri, but knows Yuri still loves Alice, and despite her feelings never being reciprocated, she holds onto loving him anyway. Which makes the scene of Alice's attempted resurrection all the more poignant for her. Either it succeeds and Karin is reminded of Yuri's unbreakable bond with Alice, or it fails and Karin and team are forced to kill their friends performing the ritual. The cut-scene ends - with Karin collapsed in front of the laboratory door, sobbing.
    And still, still it gets worse for her... As shown at the end of the game, Karin is sent to a point in history where she can be most happy after the battle at the end in time. Even though she won't get Yuri she ends up with most of her memory gone but in-front of Ben Hyuga, Yuri's father, a spitting image of Yuri and a far more traditional hero. Now this seems like a Heartwarming Moment... at first... until you remember what Yuri said happened to his mother - she is going to be killed off by Dehuai, shortly after her husband and with Yuri in her arms.Which is ultimately going to be what missed him up so much in-the-first place. Damn, Karin just can't catch a break!
  • The game has two tearjerker endings: the bad one, where Yuri loses his soul and all his memories, basically becoming a non-entity under the care of Roger Bacon, and a "good" one, where he's killed before his soul is finished being devoured, granting him a more or less happy ending in death with Alice.

    Shadow Hearts: From the New World 
  • Shadow Hearts: From the New World turns it up by making the villains so sympathetic that it's almost tempting to let them destroy the world just because watching Lady and Killer die hurts so much.
  • Ricardo being forced to kill Edna.
  • Grace Garland, or Lady is a creature purely driven by Malice]], therefore, has alien concepts of right and wrong. But she tries to resurrect Killer through her kiss of Malice, and it doesn't work. She is devastated.


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