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Awesome Music / CHUNITHM

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The CHUNITHM series is highly praised for many of its elements, among which is the highly diverse music selection featuring all kinds of artists.


  • Theme of SeelischTact. It's a rare thing for the very first installment of your music game series to attract the legendary Nobuo Uematsu, providing an example of his classic fantasy-RPG style tailored to rhythm gameplay.
  • Infantoon Fantasy is perhaps all the better for being fairly restrained compared to t+pazolite's usual Happy Hardcore repertoire.
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  • Guilty by hard rock band MintJam, seems like a battle between the guitar and vocals to see which can hit harder. And it received an extended version with additional vocal parts!
  • Grab your sword, a cheerful if cheesy song about optimism and family.
  • Ima zo agame tatematsure omaerayo!!, a mishmash of cheerful and heavy elements that works very well.
  • Anemone, a violin-driven electronic piece that would turn out be one of ESTi's last works for games not called The Idolmaster.
  • We Gonna Journey, in which Cranky brings his trademark epic rave to the CHUNITHM stage.
  • Memories of Sun and Moon, a symphonic guitar solo that seems almost too virtuosic to originate from a music game. This is also the last known VGM work of Aiko Oi.
  • Senkou no Brionac, composed and sung by sasakure.UK in his own trademark style, and featuring a rhythm that's more than tricky to follow.
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  • Gate of Fate, by Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki, sounds like it wouldn't be out of place on a rampaging journey to the Gates of Hell.
  • Shinji Hosoe once again proves to be irreplacable in the video game music scene with The wheel to the right, which sounds almost like a modernisation of Rotter Tarmination.
  • The series' first "boss" song, Ikazuchi, by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (yes, the DAYTONAAA guy). A chaotic lightning storm in music game form, this was evidently awesome enough that it was ported to games from other companies including Sound Voltex, Groove Coaster, Taiko no Tatsujin, and Arcaea.
  • World Vanquisher by void (Mournfinale) is borderline majestic with its mix of orchestral instruments, choir vocals, and strong synthetic instruments, combined with a dramatic and gripping melody.