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  • In 'The downfall of Bleach' part 2, he makes a rant about Orihime's Character Derailment. While hilarious, he is understandably enraged to see that a character who goes on to have a larger role only to go back to the wreck she was before that.
  • Top 5 Badass MANga characters. Strong emphasis on MAN, because this list ain't for them pretty boy Bishounens that have infested most manga series. This list is for the manly, muscular, real men.
    • Special mention goes to how he said that Toriko got the number two spot because he did something that topped each of the previous entries on the list
    "Takamura beat up a bear? Toriko killed and ate a monstrous panda and it wasn't even that big a deal. Whitebeard's power is to cause earthquakes? Toriko can cut a crevice in the earth by accident. Guts severed his arm and replaced it with a cannon? Toriko had his arm chewed off and threw a punch with his still bleeding stump! Ugh, I can feel the hair on my chest growing just by talking about that scene."


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