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Awesome / xXx: Return of Xander Cage

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  • Many, many moments stand out. Particularly the climax.
    • The chase between Xander and Xiang's team in Detroit.
    • Adele sniping the corrupt CIA director from afar... By shooting right between two of Xander's fingers.
    • Adele and Serena's Back-to-Back Badasses moment during the final battle, going Guns Akimbo on an army of mooks, John Woo style.
    • Becky taking out several enemies with a machine gun. By accident. She then excitedly yells, "That was fucking awesome!"
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    • Darius Stone coming out of nowhere and blowing up the incoming enemies and trucks.
    • Xiang ejecting Marke out of her plane to her death.
  • Adele takes out an entire Russian military squad from her tree perch with expert ease.
  • Xander and Xiang chasing through the forest on motorcycles. Coming to the beach, each hits a button allowing skis to cover the wheels and continue the chase on water.
  • Xander's opening scene consists of him skiing and skating down the jungles of the Dominican Republic while being greeted by tons of friendly people.


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