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You know how I came up with the idea for the xXx program? Skateboards and swimming pools. Skateboards used to be stuck on the ground. Adolescent transportation. Then 1977 happens. Big drought hit southern California. Got so bad, rich suburbanites couldn’t afford to fill their swimming pools. That's when the light clicked on. Some kid figured out he could skate those empty pools and get some real nasty air. Dogtown and Z-Boys. Have you seen it? I's a movie. Doesn't matter. Anyhow, our hero starts doing things on a board that no-one's ever seen before. Thing the world thought were impossible. Now; that kid needed that drought. The world needed those empty pools. That's why xXx.
Augustus Gibbons, Founder of xXx Program; "Single-handedly stopped World War 3"


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