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  • Wario himself is the personification of Villainous Valor. Take Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 as an example. After learning first hand why Bowser is the only villain that can keep challenging Mario, Wario wisely decides to leave him alone and start his own path. He decides he's gonna get an even bigger and better castle than Mario ever had. How? By stealing a legendary treasure back from a group of vicious pirates and holding it for ransom, of course. So he finds his way to the pirates' fortified island stronghold, and with no supplies, no backup, and no plan beyond "loot everything," he systematically proceeds to wreck their shit. And though his "hold the treasure ransom" plan fell through (damn Mario), he was the one to actually find the thing. And his "loot everything" plan still got him his castle.
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  • Wario getting a planet in the best ending of Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.
  • In Wario Land II Captain Syrup kicks Wario out of his castle and takes over in one of the story paths, resulting in him storming his own castle and taking it back.
  • Wario Land went for many years without a sequel until Shake It! was announced. How does Wario celebrate his return into adventuring? By destroying Youtube.
  • In the ending of Wario Land: Shake It!, after defeating a great evil and saving an entire dimension, Queen Merelda goes to thank Wario. Halfway through her speech, Wario grabs her, throws her over his shoulder and walks towards the treasure.
  • In the first two Wario Land games, Captain Syrup had her treasure stolen from her by Wario. She vowed revenge back then, and years later in Shake It! she finally got it. But not by attacking him head on like she did in the previous games. Unlike other reoccurring Mario universe villains, she actually tried a new strategy altogether: manipulating Wario and stealing the treasure she tricked him into bringing her himself.


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