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  • Brandon saving Nancy in chapter 3. He catches her falling body in a jump all while getting bitten in the sound leg by the hellhounds. When he lands, the hellhounds turn to chase Nancy, and he just shoots the hellhounds dead.
  • Brandon vs giant hellhound in chapter 7. First, there's Brandon tearing his way out of the dog's stomach with...uh, the blade in his own stomach, which is a spine of the hellhound's that is shot at him earlier.
    • During the chase, Brandon rips off a huge metal door in his way. He later uses it to block the hellhound's attack.
    • Bonehacker's debut. Hellhound's spines? Smashed in a swing. Later, Brandon performs a flip that pushes him over the the dog's open mouth.
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  • Brandon vs the necrolyzed security guy. Brandon has lost his prosthetic leg when he encounters the green-skinned giant.
  • Brandon's journey to save Nancy and Mika in chapter 8. He cuts a swath through what is equivalent to Legions of Hell with his axe.
    • Brandon's Unstoppable Rage after seeing Mika being hit in the head with a baseball bat by a necrolyzer. His only arm is broken, and he knows his back muscles will be shredded due to the giant hellhound's claws dug into them, but he just tears free from the grip. Then he just barrels his way to the necrolyzer. Unfortunately, his attempt to avenge Mika fails.
  • It's just satisfying to see young Brandon choking Rafael to death with a belt. Imagine a six-year-old boy who's lost his entire family to this fiend committing this murder when he's grown up into a robust seventeen-year-old street thug... Revenge is a dish Best Served Cold indeed.
    • And later, one fact makes this more awesome: Rafael has actually trafficked hundreds of children and made ornaments out of their parents' bodies and sold them for a lot of money. Or simply put on a display in his trophy room. Marcus, Brandon's guardian before he was put in the orphanage, was one of his trophies.
  • Brandon raiding Bernard's HQ despite having just taken a bullet to his lungs. Giant hellhound? Killed. Necrolyzers? Slaughtered. The necrolyzer who hit Mika in chapter 8? Well, Brandon ripped off said necrolyzer's leg and beat him to death with it.
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  • The revelation of Zach's involvement in everything results in the injured Brandon ripping off his IV line and oxygen mask. His attempt to stop Zach and avenge Norton doesn't succeed, but still awesome nonetheless.
  • Zach also has a few moments, such as overpowering Brandon in their first fight, creating Sulphur and a giant werewolf, and manipulating Bernard into helping him.
    • But overall, Zach committing so many crimes in Millennion without getting known itself is awesome. He would've gotten away if he hadn't decided to attack Norton with his Wolverine Claws, although he perhaps wouldn't have earned so much money from Biscoe.
  • Sulphur is just a dog created by Zach, but it is smart - even smarter than its creator himself. During Zach's hunt to find more guinea pigs for his experiments, Sulphur is the first to spot the old wolf in the forest. It quickly looks for food and uses it to bait the wolf. Zach only needs to add his newest concoction to turn the old wolf into a werewolf.
    • Chapter 18 has Sulphur luring Brandon to West District and then ambushing him with its pack of spike-back dogs, the werewolf, and Zach. It also injures Brandon with its acid spit.
  • Brandon vs Sulphur, a pack of spike-back dogs, the giant werewolf, and Zach. When only the werewolf and Zach remain, Brandon is already injured but he decides to enter the werewolf's mouth. This way, if Zach decides to chase him, their duel within the werewolf will only end up killing the werewolf from the inside. But if Zach doesn't, Brandon will have enough time to recuperate and think of an idea to dispatch him.
    • Albert of all people, saves the day. He contacts Biscoe as soon as he sees Brandon fighting Zach and the werewolf, leading to Biscoe kidnapping Zach's son and luring the panicked Zach to an abandoned warehouse at the old docks of Billion.
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  • The eventual Brandon vs Zach, especially Brandon's Traumatic Superpower Awakening. However, things only get nightmarish afterwards due to Brandon taking sheer pleasure in torturing Zach.
  • Brandon subduing a treant. He sets it on fire and blows up a truck on its face.
  • Brandon vs Bartel. Empty gun? Launching a magazine at your foe always works.

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