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Tear Jerker / Twisted Death

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  • Brandon's back story. He lost all his family in just a blink of an eye. When he was just six. First, Rafael's men rammed his mother in the stomach with a steel beam, killing his unborn sister. Then Rafael showed him his father's severed head. On top of that, Rafael thinks of trafficking Brandon in the black market, which leads to his man seizing Brandon. Lastly, Brandon's mother is shot down by Rafael for being a Mama Bear and wounding said man.
  • The parting with Marcus. Marcus, having been a hero and a loving Parental Substitute to Brandon, eventually decides to abandon the boy. Because Marcus had killed Rafael's man to save Brandon, he knew Rafael would someday come to make him pay and thus, Brandon's life is endangered. Marcus didn't want Brandon to suffer such a fate, so he had no choice but to leave the boy.
    • Worst of all, Brandon believes that the abandonment is his fault. He's too young to understand a thing...
    • Marcus himself also cried silently when he left Brandon. It's clear that this is a painful decision for him to make.
    • Later on, it's revealed that Marcus was kidnapped and taxidermied by Rafael. Brandon learned this at the age of eighteen.
  • Nancy. Lost her parents and then watched how her sister was killed. Then she was nearly killed by some necrolyzers. This caused her to show some signs of PTSD...and she never has the chance to get better. She's soon kidnapped in an invasion by necrolyzed beings and necrolyzed.
    • What makes this worse? Nancy was later left alone to survive in Billion and there just happens to be a tournament for undead going on although it's just the collaboration between Biscoe and Wong to catch Zach. Bartel, needing money, tricks Nancy into following him and registers her on the tourney. Brandon learns this from Biscoe and decides to kill Nancy, even if he has to deal with the consequences of going against Biscoe's order and risking Millennion's connection with Gatou.
      • "Can we go home?"
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    • When Albert asked why Brandon was willing to go so far just for an insignificant child, Brandon just lost it. He threw a couch at Albert and snapped, blurting out a hint that he was doing so because he knew how it felt to be an unfortunate child (in his case, he was nearly trafficked and perhaps enslaved) like Nancy.
  • When Mika is seriously injured in chapter 8, Brandon just goes berserk. Unfortunately, his rage isn't enough to avenge Mika. When the foes have escaped, Brandon reminisces about how Mika becomes an invaluable treasure to him. When everybody treats Brandon like trash (in Betray Me Not series), Mika is the only person who shows genuine kindness to him and protects him from those people.
    • Brandon's reaction as an ambulance comes to take Mika. It's not shown because we're in Biscoe's POV, who learns this from the phone, but it's still horrible to learn that Brandon has to be sedated and restrained afterwards.
  • The encounter with Christina and Nina on chapter 11. Both of them had been necrolyzed and were left for dead by means of decomposition. Christina, suffering from profound pain of decomposition yet not wanting her daughter to suffer the same thing, begged Brandon to end Nina's pain via Mercy Kill. Brandon did it, although it wasn't without any Manly Tears beforehand.
  • Everything about William. When he was still a kid, he learned about necrolyzation from Bernard, who illicitly listened about it from their parents. Their father was soon killed in a raid by Mad Dog Ladd, leading to William - still too naive to understand the implication of necrolyzation - wanting to study more about it just so that he can revive their father.
    • William necrolyzes Bernard for the same reason: the pain of losing his loved ones is too profound, just like when his father died.
  • Bernard's real death. The problem is that William has just managed to briefly convince him that he loves him, but Brandon just cuts him off.
  • Zach's back story. He was married to Emily, but it took five years of waiting and trying just to get Felix. Unfortunately, Emily soon showed signs of impending eclampsia. Zach knew that he had to terminate the pregnancy soon, but because he treasured the baby so much, he decided to consult an obstetrician in hopes to be proven wrong. However, the obstetrician also suggested terminating the pregnancy. Zach steadfastly refused, and what did his decision lead to? Emily died and Felix was born as a premature baby. With underdeveloped lungs, Felix had to be put in the NICU and it cost Zach a lot.
    • Zach's grief was so profound that an "invisible friend" suddenly manifested. He listened to it, leading to all the mishaps surrounding the Rutherford family and Millennion organization.
  • When Brandon meets Mika again in the hospital, the bandage around her head just reminds Brandon of his failure during the tower basement raid. He blames himself for being too weak to protect Mika and everybody else.
  • William's death as a necrolyzer. He sacrifices himself because he knows that it's what Brandon needs to defeat Zach.

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