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Awesome / Twila The Girl Who Waz In Luv With A Vampyre

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  • "TWOLA IS MARRING ME ALREADI" he sed wif his voice was booming n all da windows exploded n da glass rained down lik in dat avril laven video wer she punches da miror n da glass all flyes out around her.
  • "THIS NITE WALK DA DEAD" scremed gerad way. den... EVENIEZENCE KAME ON! dey sand a duet wif mcr. den dey sang sum more stuff. emet had an ejaxclamation in da audience n sudenly HE TURNED IN2 A BAT. "OH SHITTTTT NOOOO" EDWard sighed."
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  • Immediately after Bella's death: "Her body disintergrated into her bed which was all wet with blood. We ate her bed so there would be no evidenze (lol geddit like evinezenze.) And left before her mom could wake up."
  • A Meta-one, but two sporkers managing to track down the mostly-lost final two chapters so they could riff on it. Shown here, MSTed.


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