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  • Alabama, the cute, slightly ditzy 5'1 woman beating up and killing Virgil, after taking a horrific beating, she stabs him in the foot with a corkscrew, hits him with a bust of Elvis, rubs soap in his eyes and sets him on fire with hairspray, then stabs him, and shoots him with a shotgun. BAD-FUCKING-ASS!
    • All the more so because the film is able to make Patricia Arquette beating up James Gandolfini actually look plausible.
      • It manages this in large part by averting the shit out of both She-Fu and Beauty Is Never Tarnished in the case of Arquette. No graceful backflips or high kicks, just a whole lot of desperation, endurance, and every possible kind of weapon she can get her hands on. At the end, well, Junior was right. Tony didn't have the makings of a varsity hitman.
      • Another cool thing to take notice is how long it took for her to kill Virgil. Unlike most "Empowering" moments similar to this, Alabama doesn't just stab Virgil once or twice and then win, she has to constantly keep attacking him, using anything that she can grab ranging from busts to shower soap while still getting a few punches from the bastard before finally doing him in. Alabama is also clearly frightened through most of the ordeal, and lets out a pained "Oh, God..." once Virgil threatens her with "No More Mr. Nice Guy."
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  • Clarence killing Drexl on behalf of Alabama, bonus points for shooting him in the balls.
  • Clarence's father Clifford, when Vincenzo Coccotti pays a visit to him to try to get the info out of him about where his son is, defies him in one of the most awesome ways possible. Knowing that Vincenzo is going to kill him no matter what, he goes into one hell of a speech about how "Sicilians were spawned from niggers", with the aim of getting Vincenzo so pissed that he'll kill him without making him give up his son's location. And it works.

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