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Awesome / Through the Eyes of Another Pony

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  • The fight against the Nightmare-controlled Ursa Major is an excellent action scene. The bit with Celestia Übercharging Firewall (Kritzkrieg-style, if you must know) so he could send humongous fire blasts at the big baleful bear was particularly intense.
  • The race between Rainbow Dash and Storm Wing. Now watched by everypony on "TV", with Pinkie Pie as announcer! Rainbow Dash wins.
    • Storm Wing revealed that he threw the race on purpose, so that he had an excuse to consider her for the Sky Archons.
  • Fire pulling off a successful and proper 'SHORYUKEN!' against Shadow Shot. This pony knows how to fight!
  • When Firewall gets Burning with Anger, it's actually rather awesome. Especially when he turns it into a power.
    • The fact that even Storm Wing seems afraid of him in this mode really shows how huge the badass part of Firewall's Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass personality is.
  • The fact that Firewall, despite being a human-turned-pony in the middle of a war against an all-powerful shadow spirit, with new reveals being made every damn five seconds, manages to keep his cool with few exceptions, speaks wonders about his restraining ability.
  • And of course nobody notices how cool it is that Firewall, originally just a simple brony, managed to get Princess Luna, one of the two gods of Equestria, to actually fall in love with him.
  • Chapter 14 has two counts, one is the powerhouse battle between David and Stephen.
    • Firewall/Stephen & David's debate on the integrity of ponies. Also doubles as Hartwarming, showing just how much faith Firewall has in ponykind.

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