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Awesome / Thousand Shinji

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  • The "Shinji Suicide Special" against Shamsel that makes it afraid of him.
  • Two NERV grunts finish off Ramiel by putting a TOW missile into its exposed core.
  • Asuka and Unit 02 jump inside Sandalphon, blow its rear half open with her melta and cut their way out. She called it "Sohryu Suicide Special". After seeing it Shinji screamed "Oh, just kiss me!".
  • Iruel is held off by Shinji rapidly altering the diseases in Rei's blood to horrifying extents, followed by being finished off with a psychic attack.
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  • The fight against Zeruel, although retold as part of Shinji's greatest failure then, took the original and made it even more amazing.
  • Nearly beat by the MP EVA Units, Asuka makes Unit 02 go Bloodthirster and rips through eight of them before going down, noting while doing so that she should have been dead twice over. Yes, Unit 02 went One-Winged Angel.
  • The culmination of the 40k gods' Gambit Roulette has to be seen to be believed.


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