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Thousand Shinji is a Dark Fic with Anti-Hero main characters, but it also has amusing moments:

  • Asuka used against Sandalphon a suicidal tactic that Shinji had used against another Angel. When he said he had called it "Shinji Suicidal Special" for one reason, Asuka replied that it could be called "Sohryu Suicidal Special" as well. Shinji's reply? "Please, kiss me!"
  • During their first meetings Shinji loved getting Asuka annoyed. Their verbal battles were laugh-worthy, indeed.
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  • Shinji is trying to help Touji with Hikari, but dealing with Touji's thick-headness is very distressing:
    Holding up his forehead with his thumb and index finger, Shinji tries not to throw about the term ‘monkey’ too much before he says, “Okay, if you can’t take the direct route, be sneaky. Doesn’t Hikari have a younger sister?”
    “Yeah, and?” Toji asks.
    “Don’t you have a younger sister?” Shinji asks.
    “Yeah, and?” Toji asks.
    I will refrain from mind crushing him, even though it would feel so good right now. I will refrain from mind crushing him…
  • Shinji's reaction after seeing Misato's apartment was "There's Chaos and then there's THIS..."
    • In chapter 7, Shinji and Asuka have the next conversation:
      Asuka: Where’s Misato-san?
      Shinji: She called while you were in the bathroom to say that she would be at work all night, and, to quote ‘I had better not find out about any hanky-panky when I get home’.
      Asuka: (rolling her eyes) Please.
      Shinji: (cheekily) Yeah, I mean, it’s like she doesn’t trust me to be smart enough to properly dispose of the evidence.
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    • Four chapters later:
      Misato: Now while I’m gone I don’t want to find out about any hanky-panky between you two.
      Shinji and Asuka (in unison) We’ll remember to destroy the evidence.
  • When they see Asukhon for first time Touji and Kensuke cry out that Asuka is really a demon.


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