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Shout Out / Thousand Shinji

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Shout Outs found in Thousand Shinji:

  • Reference is made to the many NGE AUs created with Possession Sue Shinjis, including but not limited to Once More with Feeling, The Second Try, Nobody Dies, Shinji And Warhammer 40 K and Children of an Elder God.
  • As with the other well-known NGE/WH40K fic, the author seems to be a Troper, and refers to several tropes by name.
  • There's also a brief reference to Buffy in Chapter 18: "Bored now."
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  • In Chapter 15, Kaworu imitates Dio Brando by telekinetically throwing knives at Shinji, and then dropping a steamroller on him.
  • Shinji pulls a Palpatine in Chapter 15, while clad in a black robe. "A pity you only learned this at the end. And now young Angel, you die," Shinji stated before pouring lightning into the body of the Seventeenth Angel.
  • Shinji quotes The Lord of the Rings when he says he feels: "like butter that has been scraped over too much bread".
  • Chapter 16 has a double shout out to the Terminator movies: Shinji says "I'll be back," then sinks into Leliel with a thumbs up being the last part that goes under.


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