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Awesome / This Present Darkness

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  • Legolas and Aragorn killing Dragaer. It's a deeply satisfying moment.
  • The (sadly offscreen) duel between Thranduil and nine Corsairs.
  • Aragorn and Legolas's conversations in Chapter 49 veers between heartwarming, heartbreaking and nightmarish, but the conversation at the end...
    Legolas: When all is lost, when the body is broken and all chance for healing and peace and home is gone, and the gods themselves had turned their backs... perhaps there is one thing yet that remains.
    Aragorn: What is that? What remains, Legolas?
    Legolas lifted his head, and a new light was kindled in his eyes. In that moment he seemed not the victim of rape and torment, not the object of lust and obsession, but as he had been in their friendship of old.
    Legolas: Me.
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  • Rape is a death sentence for Elves. But Legolas survives for months, by sheer strength of will.


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