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Awesome / Tiberium The Fires Of Terra

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  • Chapter 14: GDI gets front row seats to the first shots between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. According to EVA, a war between the two would likely cripple mankind enough that, if the Scrin were to show up, the rest of humanity would be wiped out. However, should GDI attack, they will be demonized by the rest of the world. Their solution? Use a tractor beam to pull a Mobius Fighter into their territory, which, after escaping, attacks ZAFT. This allows them to claim that both parties pushed them to action, giving them ample justification to enter the battle.
    • As for how they end the fight? They completely obliterate a ZAFT force of GINNs via a nuclear Macross Missile Massacre, then using said attack to intimidate both parties into backing down.

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