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Awesome Moments in The Spectrum Game

Chapter 1: The Libra Force

  • Inigo's battle against Silas, while the circumstances behind it were silly and easily avoidable, was still quite an awesome fight that shows how much Iceaura 39's fight choreography has improved since Aesir: Cross Wars. And the fights only get better from there.
    Inigo: I hope you aren't still trying to justify yourself and defy me. After all, it's no use!

Chapter 2: Lucky Charm

  • Silas vs Azurine, which is arguably even better, thanks to Tim_Sneek's advice.
  • Azurine immediately coming to terms with the fact that her actions were wrong, and apologising to him before the battle.

Chapter 3: The Trial

  • Silas taking down a boulder in four punches.
  • Inigo's strategy to defeat the giant robot.

Chapter 4: The First Memory

  • Azurine's determination to find Inigo after he disappears.
  • Inigo and Iago's duel:


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