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Awesome / The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

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  • In one of the mid-level boss battles, you are betrayed by the only person you've trusted up to this point, and led into a trap. Your opponent is a twelve-story-tall Super Robot, backed up by as many tanks as the army can muster. In what is quite possibly the game's Crowning Boss of Awesome, you beat the robot by hammer-throwing their own tanks into it.
  • The scene after the fight with Devil Hulk. He's beaten, fallen on his chest, and is struggling to get back up on his feet, and Hulk punches him so hard it flips him onto his back.
    • The opening to boss fight with Devil Hulk. We have seen Devil Hulk before but now in the hellish battlefield the player can see how utterly gigantic he is as he towers of the Hulk, boasting about how he will kill the Hulk. Hulk isn't intimidated, actually firing back.
    Devil Hulk: "You can't win, Hulk. You're just a frightened child. You're a fractured piece of Bruce's psyche... a little boy crying out to be loved. And you are afraid of me - as you should be - because I'm going to erase you from his mind."
    Hulk: "Hulk is not afraid! Hulk is strongest one there is!"
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  • After boss fight with the Abomination, he tries to rush at the Hulk, which Hulk easily avoids and flips him over, then grabs him by the head, spins around with him and throws him at the dam.
  • Really, just everything about controlling the Hulk. You're the Hulk! You are literally playing as destruction incarnate. And it. Is. Awesome.


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