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Nightmare Fuel / The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

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"I'm your inevitable conclusion. I'm the ultimate you. I'm the Devil."
  • Devil Hulk. He's a demonic giant that towers over the Hulk, representing Bruce Banner's abusive father and his own dark desires of anarchy. His glowing red eyes, razor-sharp teeth and deep, scary voice combined with his size and the fact that the recess of Banner's mind that he occupies essentially resembles Hell itself makes him a pretty scary antagonist.
    "You can't win, Hulk. You're just a frightened child. You're a fractured piece of Bruce's psyche... a little boy crying out to be loved. And you are afraid of me - as you should be - because I'm going to erase you from his mind."
  • Blonskys personal logs in his files show his descent into madness after his mutation. Even with the reveal about Mission Directive clarifying the log is Blonsky talking to his wife the entry still makes him come off as losing his mind thanks to the Abomination taking control of his body.
    "My dearest, I feel as though I'm in a garden and you're there with me. I hear a snake in the grass nearby. If it hisses when I'm awake does that mean it's real? I've been having such nightmares. Banner's always there, laughing and pointing. I want to forgive him for what he did to me but I can't. We're going to uncover a secret. I'm so close and so are you."
    • The second log is much shorter, simply saying "My dearest, If there is a God I want to see His Face. I see only the Devil in my reflection. God is avoiding us." This accompanied by a photo of Blonsky's mutated hand. Samson notes that as Blonsky body mutates, his mind mutates with it.
    • The last of his personal logs simply says "No Survivors", while Blonsky himself mutters "I've seen the color of my soul and it's black" over and over.
  • The Abomination, who plays a lot of the same role with Blonsky that Devil Hulk plays with Banner. The difference being that when he and Blonsky talk as he urges Blonsky to destroy everything and his prodding succeeds.
    • The first scene where the Abomination is introduced. A voice calls him to him, and in the mirror, to his horror he sees the Abomination standing behind him.
    • The scene where the Abomination convinces Blonsky to surrender. Blonsky is has lost everything, and doesn't even want the power the Abomination offers him, he wants his life back. But the Abomination still has a card to play to make Emil give in.
      "They took away your dignity, Emil, and now they are going to take you away from Mission Directive. They'll destroy everything. Unless you destroy them first."
    • After Blonsky sees that Nadia is dead, he leaves to destroy the city's dam and flood it. His files noted how it was impossible to evacuate the city if Hulk attacked the damn without implementing martial law but Samson's words in the last two mission briefings state martial law in the city doesn't matter, a safe evacuation without the Hulk's intervention is impossible.
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  • The mission where Bruce thinks he's smashing enemy buildings. But as the mission goes on, the player hears the Devil Hulk's voice throughout, urging him to smash and kill.
  • The fact that Blonsky is implementing martial law to catch the Hulk. Imagine trying to live your life in the city with armed men and tanks every block. What is worse, Blonsky's files show he and Ross had a disagreement over it, but Blonsky doesn't care if his actions are legal or not using the justification it's the only way to evacuate the city if Hulk attacks the damn. As we see, he gets away with it because the federal government isn't stopping him.


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