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Funny / The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

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  • The Hulk needs to sneak into an Army base. His solution: Grab a truck, smash it down over himself like Solid Snake in his cardboard box, and walk into the base pretending to be the car. It works.
  • Savage Banner. Imagine all of the Hulk's strength, but put in Bruce Banner's tiny body, and then imagine it wreaking havoc. Actually doing it is better than imagining it.
  • Joe Fixit. Basically the Hulk dressed up like a spiffy gangster, he's usually spending his time spitting out one-liners while happily wreaking havoc upon the city. There's just something really hilarious, and satisfying, about smashing up the city while saying lines like:
    Joe Fixit: Does this bug you? Does this bug you? Does this bug you?
    Joe Fixit: Face it. I'm funny, and you're not.
    Joe Fixit: Love me, love my fists!
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  • When you first attract the attention of the police near the beginning of the game, you hear police dispatch: "Suspect is Bruce Banner. Approximately twelve feet, green skin." What makes it is the completely deadpan tone like this was nothing unusual.
  • One of the behind the scenes featurettes is about the game's sound design. The entire intro is just a bunch of the interviewed crew members making explosion and smashing sounds with their mouths.
  • Blonsky's file on Samson mentions he once attended one of Samson's lectures, and fell asleep.

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