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Awesome / The Humongous Mecha RP

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  • Every time a monster is killed by the squad, it is very satisfying, especially when Dan and Summer killed the Psychic Reaper for Hans.
  • Emil managing to pierce through the Psychic Reaper's illusion using little more than sheer resolution and courage! Something that no other pilot managed to do during that fight!
  • Emil's all-out assault against Trinity Eins after It brutally murdered Hans, he was so vicious that the beast was unable to counterattack. Too bad his MOA was horrifically subverted afterwards.
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  • George saving Celeste and Emil, just in time, from Eins' treacherous back-stab attack, despite the fact he was seriously injured by the later and had to deploy his backup mech to fight against it!
  • Celeste, with her body seriously damaged and barely clinging to consciousness, executes a borderline suicidal gambit to try to annihilate Zwei, and give her comrades a chance to defeat Drei. And it works!

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