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  • Garion's calling-out of the Child of Dark the Dark Prophecy itself, while entering the Place Which Is No More, in The Seeress of Kell:
    Garion: It will change, you know. Nothing you do will stop me from believing that. Torak offered to be my father, and now Zandramas offers to be my wife. I rejected Torak, and I reject Zandramas. You cannot lock me into immobility. If I change only one little thing, you've lost. Go stop the tide if you can, and leave me alone to do my work.
    • Even the Prophecy of Light praises him for it afterwards.
  • Polgara's Moment of Awesome came at the end of Enchanter's End Game. Aldur offers her a deal - to revive Durnik, who she has fallen in love with and who was just murdered in front of her eyes, she must become or live as "[Durnik's] equal". She interprets this as having to give up her powers as a sorceress - and agrees with barely an instant of hesitation. She thinks that she lost her powers, but in fact Durnik's the one who gains them, making him Polgara's equal, but it's still awesome.
    • For both of them together: Polgara's love for Durnik, and memory of his love for her, saved the frakking universe. It doesn't really get much more awesome than that.
  • Belgarath later heavily implies that he knew that would be the case, because for once he admits to knowing a little bit more about the nature of their 'talent' than his daughter - not that he'd stop her from first enjoying a good wangst-fest. Thus he gets a little MOA from that situation too.
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  • Velvet gets one in the Malloreon when she throws herself at the feet of one of the villains, screaming and begging for her life, then when he looks away she pulls a venomous snake out of the front of her dress and throws it in his face. Awesome.
  • Silk's epic clash with enemy ninja infiltrator Brill, who's been following them everywhere for three books by that point, is fairly anticlimacticnote  and ends with the ninja getting tossed off the miles-high cliff. It's the banter about it afterwards that definitely qualifies:
    Silk: Guess who I just ran into? Our old friend, Brill.
    Belgarath: What was he doing here?
    Silk: Learning to fly, last time I saw him.
    Belgarath: Oh. Was he having any luck with it?
    (there is a muffled 'thump' from far below, a brief pause, and then another)
    Silk: Does bouncing count?
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  • No love for Belgarion's stopping a small war in Arendia? He not only shames the mob, but scares the crap out of them by creating a freaking thunderstorm and punctuating his dressing-down with lightning bolts. He then goes to the root source of the problem, Mandorallen and Nerina, and literally forces them at BFSpoint to stop wangsting about their situation and get married. Might also double as a Funny Moment. Somewhat subverted when Belgarath demands to know what the hell Garion thought he was doing by creating an unexpected storm and screwing up weather elsewhere for Belgarath to sort out. Oh well, at least the marriage worked out.
  • After being a useless bitchy whiny lump for several books, Ce'Nedra finally steps up to the plate in the absence of her husband to-be and convinces every single legion in the Tolnedran Empire to desert and join her army. She then politically allies every other nation on the continent not actively serving the Big Bad into a massive crusade and leads them off thataway. Particularly interesting in that she has absolutely no idea about military strategy, but is willing to let herself be used as a rallying symbol by those who do.
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  • Garion is made of Moments of Awesome in the second series. Among his many, many exploits as The Hero, he stops an impending war between two friendly armies by summoning a hurricane, pretty much singlehandedly obliterates the defenses of a hostile city, and takes There Was a Door to an epic level in Zakath's palace in Rak Hagga, a feat he topped when he opened the gates of the Bear-Cult stronghold (and the wall...). Plus, there's the whole killing a God thing...
  • There's also the time when he lets it be known that following him might annoy him enough to result in a mile deep trench spanning several miles in either direction.
    • "Several miles"? He threatens to cut the trench across the ENTIRE CONTINENT OF MALLOREA!
  • One from the backstory: The original Gorim. When the Gods made the planet, the races of Men, and the Monsters (all that without the approval of UL, the Father of the Gods) there was one race of Men that remained Godless. Not caring about them, the Gods told them to seek out UL - which most of that race did (other members split off, eventually becoming the Morindim, Karands, Melcenes, and Dals). During their wanderings, the original Gorim (then a young man) set out to find UL on his own. He traveled for years, eventually stumbling upon the Spirit of UL on a mountain. UL, who hadn't cared for the other Gods creations, wanted even less to do with Gorim or the Godless Ones and told Gorim to go away. However, Gorim remained on the mountaintop, being fed by the various Monsters as he waited for UL to return and become their Gods. UL returned several times, only for Gorim to every time give a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Him about how the Godless Ones were suffering and dying without UL to protect and bless them. You read that right: A mere mortal out-waited and gave MULTIPLE The Reason You Suck Speeches to THE FATHER OF THE GODS. But that's not all. When UL finally relented to be the God of Gorim and the Godless Ones, Gorim gave Him ANOTHER "The Reason You Suck" Speech, this time about UL rejecting the Monsters. When UL refused to be God of the Monsters, Gorim YET AGAIN sat down on the mountaintop and waited. Eventually, UL came back, and ordered Gorim to present each and every Monster to Him, which led to UL seeing for the first time the beauty in the Dragon, the Unicorn, the Chimera, the Dwarf, the Dryad, the Troll, and the other Monsters. So basically, one guy out-waited, insulted, and withstood the wrath of THE FATHER OF THE GODS, and taught HIM the beauty in beings that were considered "mistakes" and "unseemly" by the other Gods. Bad. Ass.
  • Sadi poisoning one man at a banquet of thousands, not by poisoning the food, but by observing where he sits and coating his spoon with it.
    Sadi: I hope he enjoyed the soup. Mine was delicious. I really must get the recipe.
  • After the main plot is resolved and everyone is reunited, the party returns to the nearest populated lands, an Arendish colony practically half-way around the world from home. The Awesome moment, crossed with a little bit of Funny, comes when Mandorallen gives a speech of greeting to the local king. Said speech runs over a full page of monologue, consisting of one long run-on sentence that even the other characters recognise as impressive.
  • Ce'Nedra gets one when she joins the mission to save Geran in The Malloreon, after Cyradis has prophesied that one of Garion's companions will die on the journey. When Garion tries to convince her to stay at home because of this, she essentially responds with: "I'm not your companion, I'm your wife."


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