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  • Shidou's route, day four: the "boss fight" of the shooting game attraction requires them to hit all four of its weak points simultaneously, but they only have three spaceship cars thanks to being down two members. So Shidou hands the gun of their spaceship over to Saki, asking him to trust her... then stands up in the car and pulls out his very real pistol. Not flinching even when a rubber bullet from the boss clips his face, he signals the others to fire and blows that sucker away.
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  • Shidou again, day seven, stepping up and demanding that Meoshi lethally shock him so that they can get past the second stage of the Fighting Game... after privately instructing Shirabe to use the electrified glove as a makeshift defibrillator to resuscitate him as soon as the win is confirmed. When Shidou says "trust me," it's code for "I am about to do something ridiculously badass."
  • Meoshi's route, day seven: Meoshi uses Exact Words to flawlessly outplay Hogstein at his own game, and after Hogstein has taunted him for being an amateur who couldn't mind game his way out of a paper bag, no less.
    Meoshi: Too bad, huh? Must be rough losing to an amateur. I'll send you a paper bag to practice on.
  • Day three of Meoshi's route - he and Wakasa share the same offshoot point, when Saki gets too sick/injured to continue the Moonlight OX game. The difference between them? Wakasa begs the Big Bad for assistance, while Meoshi just tells Hogstein to deal with it and walks out.

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