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Funny / Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

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  • Shirabe's route, day seven: "Can you reach my butt?"
  • Urabe's route, day seven: the rest of the group's reaction to discovering that Urabe and Saki are a couple, particularly Shidou's intense disapproval and Meoshi's rueful observation that although they've cleared the game, it looks like Urabe might not make it out alive...
  • The similar scene on the last day of Shidou's route is even more hysterical: "Conducting some undercover operations, Detective?"
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  • After a moment of raw badassery on the fourth day of his route, Shidou reacts to having his sunglasses broken by... reaching into a pocket and whipping out an identical pair. At Saki's surprised reaction, he explains that he always carries at least three pairs of sunglasses.

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