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Headscratchers / Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

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  • At the climax of Mitarashi's route, he declares that since he and Saki have freed the hostages, Hogstein no longer has any leverage to force them to abide by his rules, meaning they can escape the park with impunity. In day seven of Wakasa's route, after they have not only freed the hostages but also destroyed the control panel in Hogstein's observation room, Mitarashi tells Wakasa and Saki that they need to keep from being caught by Hogstein's mooks until Shidou and the others have finished the last game. Under nearly exactly the same circumstances, the same character comes to two different and mutually contradictory conclusions - each of which turns out to be correct, based on Saki's wrap-up narration, which in Mitarashi's route confirms that everyone got out fine, and in Wakasa's route confirms that Shidou et al did have to clear the final game. Huh?
  • So... how did Makoto brainwash all those people into piglets?
    • Maybe Urabe had something to do with it? That was this troper's guess.
  • What the heck were Wakasa and Meoshi going on about at the end of game 6 on Shidou's route? And how did Ares' fans figure out who he was and what he needed so quickly? They should have just used Wakasa's fans...
    • I don't remember all of the specifics clearly, but I vaguely recall a bit at the end of that scene involving Meoshi with a smartphone that he did not have previously, which seemed to indicate to me that maybe he managed to cheat and get a message out onto the internet at some point. That would explain how fans of "Ares" would know that he was among the group and that flashmob tactics were needed.

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