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The Program V2

  • Maxim Senders comes across Chris Brooks on the first day. Having robbed someone before, Maxim tries to do a "repeat performance". Only, though, Chris has this to say about it:
    "Fuck you." Chris said holding up his bloody middle finger to Maxim's face. He wasn't going to let someone try and intimidate him. Not when he was in a life and death game.

The Program V3 Prologue

  • A couple of days into yet another iteration of The Program, the British military pulls a Big Damn Heroes, killing the showrunners and rescuing more than half of the remaining students. Maybe a bit Harsher in Hindsight since this act causes the United States to abduct a group of British students for the next Program in retaliation but still a hugely unexpected blow on top of the setbacks that the US military has recently experienced.


  • "Big Mike" Gibraltar is facing Brian Larke. Mike has a cake, Brian has a shotgun. What does Mike do? Run at Brian and smash the cake in his face. He doesn't get very far before getting killed, but it's still one of the most audacious ways to attack someone.
    When I get to Heaven, I am so telling Anton that I threw a cake at Brian.

Second Chances V1

  • Nick Reid taking on a gun-toting Adam Reeves armed only with a sword.
    • Not long after he takes on Jennifer Steinman, the killer with the highest count on the island.

Second Chances V2

  • Wendy Fischer slapping wannabe player Bridgette Sommerfield with a fish to the face after Bridgette makes an attempt on her life.
  • Michael Crowe after having endured hours of torture on the hands of Blaine Eno, gets his revenge with the help of Simon Leroy and beats Blaine to death with a toilet seat.
  • Brigid Paxton besting two-time killer Jasmine King in a brief fight after Jasmine had arrogantly assumed she and her partner Cristohper Schwartz were easy prey, it ends with Brigid killing Jasmine after they attempt to commit suicide to avoid being killed.
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  • Ramona Shirley fighting noted killer Saachi Nidal to save Yumi Nunes's life and to cover her allies' retreat. And when at Saachi's mercy, refuses to give in and goes out on their own terms. Even more astounding is that Ramona did this right after being badly hurt from a failed attempt to disarm a collar.

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