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    SOTF Program 

Get the FUCK away from me! I'm armed, motherfucker!
Matthew Gourley, Program V1

Your dad's gonna so proud that a real man got rid of some useless little bitch, right? I doubt he wanted you anyway, not one parent in America would ever be proud of you, cun-
Vaughn Pearson, Program V1

If you're gonna kill me, just do it. I'm not cut out for this crap, and I doubt you are. So don't try and be a big girl and put on a show. If you wanna kill me, just say so right here, right now. I'll lay down and everything.
Chanel Martin, Program V1

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.
Damon Gent, Program V1

Hey, Mike? You think I could hold that shotgun for a bit? I pinky swear I won't shoot you with it. Least not until we're the final two, to be honest.
Harris Van Allen, Program V1

So, yeah," Nikki said, gesturing at the six pack. "Behold my weapon. Fearsome, no? Anyways, I figure things can't get much worse so I'm gonna get as drunk as I can and maybe it'll hurt less. And you're welcome to join me.
Nichole Campbell, Program V1

We can make any deal you like, so long as we both walk out of this room in once piece. You and I stick together, or we go our separate ways. All I care about is that you come out from under that bed and try to survive this, cuz that means you win. Death ain't losin', it's endin'. Givin' up on yourself, your friends, that's losin
Henry Barren, Program V1

Megan!(..) Guys! Run now, while you can!
Wendy Fischer, Program V1

You know, you're not much of a squad leader without a good weapon,
Chris Mitchell, Program V1

Of course not!(...) How would I know how to use it? Gun ownership is forbidden by law. I am a good, law abiding citizen.'
Michael Sekoler, Program V1

Dad... before I go, I just want you to know... I know where you buried those hookers.
Logan Sorenson, Program V1

You’re a bully, John Ferrara! A coward and an idiot and a big, stinking bully! I hope somebody big comes along and stomps on you, you big…douchebag!
Siobhan McCarthy, Program V1

H-Holy shit.
Alex Thornton, Program V1

I got nothing for the moment, but I s'pose I'll think of something. At least this is a better spot to camp out for a while while we plan our next move; we aren't cornered, so if we get attacked by someone we can't fight, we can make a break for it pretty easily,
Sean tucker, Program V1

Hey, I'm not going to harm you, okay? I really can't.(...) See? This thing is about as useful as bard in a swordfight. If I could do you any harm with this, they might as well just call me the winner already.
Sydney Cole, Program V1

You're a bad liar. Besides, now that I got him, I don't need you anymore. I think it's time Wendy was avenged.
Sherilyn Schachter, Program V1

"Well...(...) Stairs are supposed to be a good workout.
Allison Greene, Program V1

Umm.... okay, if you think you could unlock it.(...) Are you sure it's a good idea though? I mean, it might be a bomb or poison or something, and I don't think I'm ready to die just yet...
Rena Bellaire, Program V1

...Er, Claire, I wouldn't...
Durriken “Duncan” Lovel, Program V1

run, Run, RUN
Priscilla Sawyer, Program V1

Ok, Michael. I'm a pretty reasonable guy. I'll be honest with you here, I forgot to tell you that this thing is like, super-secret ninja status. We're talking arsenic or whatever, real 'drop-you-before-your-next-heartbeat' stuff. This ain't fancy girly-girl stuff here, this is bona fide super spy crap right here. But like I said, I can make a deal.
Jerry Aarons, Program V1

What'm I thinking about?(...) What aren't I thinking about? Home, my family... death. Thinking bout it all and more. When deaths in the room, you ain't got much choice but to look back on your life and wonder where the hell you went wrong.
Jehtro Stuarts, Program V1

Well. I mean. I don't mean to be rude, but uh. Can't do much in this, game. Program. Whatever. I'll, I'll be seeing you guys around yeah? Hopefully. Because if not, that'd be bad. Because you'd be dead. And that's bad
Benjamin latimer, Program V1

I'm David Byrne, and if I had a nickel for every person in this compound more of a badass than me right now, I would have no nickels.
David Byrne, Program V1

"If you want to leave right now, go ahead. I don't know how good of an idea that would be though, for all we know the fighting is just starting up outside. Still, I probably wouldn't want to be in a room with two strangers, one with a gun, who may or may not want to kill me - oh wait, I already am.
Johan Luther, Program V1

Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Where are my pills?
Joanne Seguin, Program V1

''Sorry about that, mate, but-(..) -that- (..)
Matthew Payne, Program V1

"You're not yammering on about killing the stupid chink girl. So no harm done when you think about it.
Abby Erickson, Program V1

Don't know if you can hear me, but I just want you all to know that I'm done. This is real life, this isn't fantasy. And reality is this: I'm the Grim Reaper. I'm going to win this thing, just you watch and wait. I'll reap all you bastards.
Michael Maxwell, Program V1

Thomas(..) Not sure if you can get this wherever you’re stationed, but… please, one of us needs to stay alive, alright?
Corrina Landrey, Program V1

I don’t wanna kill! I will if I have to, but… If I had the choice… I have the choice.
Claire Heartland, Program V1

I know it'll be hard, but remember, you're only protecting others, not trying to harm another person.(...) Just as Claire had trusted us to watch over her, I trust you to watch over us both. Don't be afraid, we're here with you.
William Chandler, Program V1

W-W-What are you doing here?!? Get away, NOW, before Sophie notices you!
Stephanie Mason, Program V1

I can't do this. I can't use this. I'm not... I'm not able... to...
Jennifer Steinman, Program V1

D... define helping? Fuck, you're sneaking up on me! Who are you people? I mean, I know who 'fat guy is, but what's wiff everyone else? Helping? I guess you're trying to kill the Masons too, right? After all, Luke or whatever did say he wanted 'fe Masons to die, so you're hunting for 'fem too, right?
Kami Steele, Program V1

Yeah. Right now, it's just about extending what we have as long as possible. Sucks, though. I wanted to actually be able to start off the squash season next winter. That's probably not going to happen now.
Jessica Vogel, Program V1

Back the fuck up. Back up and if you take one step forward or if I see that gun go up and inch I will level this whole fucking block with you and me in it. Don’t think I won’t.
Kendra Gregory, Program V1

God bless America. I hope I didn't take up too much of everyone's day, (..)But... please... (...) Please don't let this keep happening.
Tyler Blake, Program V1

I think maybe you ought to be the one going, bitch.
Ryan Montoya, Program V1

I don't think you want to die, so fucking listen to me, (..) You know what a meat shield is? It's when you take any bullets intended for me, got it? You hear that? You're going to be my meat shield. If someone takes a shot at me, you go in front of the bullet whether you want to or not. You move and you get shot by me instead.
John Ferrara, Program V1

Well... ironically enough, the fact that I'm here, the fact that you have the gun... It's a pretty damn good point of proof that the government isn't as crooked as a lot of people say. (..) I mean... Well, we're all supposed to be equal," he said. "Maybe that's not how the real world works. It's the same everywhere, though.
Karl Chalmers, Program V1

Thanks for keeping your promises kid, and trying your best to help me. I really appreciate it... You're a strong girl... and I appreciate strong women like you... (..) Don't worry about any of this anymore, Hit Girl... I'll take it from here. (..) It will be over, really soon...
Luke Mendoza, Program V1

Personally speaking... (..) What you said, I can understand. Not something I'd have came up with, but it's alright. Yeah, that's all well and good. (..) But, I reckon we should try and cause as much trouble as possible for the real monsters here.
Alex Tartaglia, Program V1

I don't trust no-fucking-body round here. Nobody proved shit to me that they deserve it.
Bryant Carver, Program V1

You know nothing about art,
Madeline Harris, Program V1

Don't leave, okay? Just...please? I can't do this. I can't do this alone. I need you to promise me Brendon. Fucking pinky swear, you got it? You can't break a pinky swear, remember?
Megan Jacobson, Program V1

Mom...Dad...(..) Terence...(..) Please help me...
Melinda Schenn, Program V1

I've watched foreign media. We—we've got people fleeing to Cuba because it's better here than there if the government thinks you've got your nose in stuff, or if people think you look a traitor. There are places, out there, even Japan, where my Da's from, with proper governments who— (..) —my parents were all into autonomy. Personal autonomy. Idea that people can't be—can't be moral beings unless they can make their own choices. Governments—our own government used to be way up on that. We got founded because some people decided that freedom of conscience was more important than a bunch of other bullshit, and it worked. Then some General took over, but it worked till then, and not too many people were gunned down in the streets, and—fuck them! We were founded for some shit, and it was cool, and now—now my parents aren't even allowed to live here. Fuck them. Fuck them for letting other countries get better than us. Fuck them for killing our own fucking dream.
Juliet Watanabe, Program V1

This is just great. Everyone I was looking for got wiped out. And there are only seven of us left. My goal is getting harder and harder with every passing minute. (..) I don't know how you react to sales pitches or anything like that, but lemme toss one at you anyway. My goal on this island is to just get the good people. You know, people who don't want to kill and don't want to fight in this game and just stay together. Get rid of all the actual killers, of course, but just hang out as long as we can and really put a thorn in Adams' side.
Louis Johnson, Program V1

I see you've finally decided to join the rest of us... Pity you didn't do so sooner. In case you hadn't heard, I ended up having to do most of the hard work all by myself.
Sophie Mason, Program V1

So what, you wanna pinky swear not to attack each other? You must think I'm pretty goddamn stupid.
Brett Torres, Program V1

R-r-ruh-rest i-in puh-puh-peace.
Marilyn Williams, Program V1

I'll win this...I'll climb to the top. I'll see if there are others that don't want to fight and I'll stick with them and I'll continue trying to be that hero I've always wanted to be.
Brendon Arrington, Program V1

I don't want to die! I don't want to die! Mom! Mom! Please don't let them kill me!
Brigid Paxton, Program V2

If someone's out there, how 'bout you quit hiding and show your face, huh?
Caleb Smartt, Program V2

There might be someone over that-a-way,
Emily Barnes, Program V2

I always thought you were a nice guy. Sorry.
Gwen Phonesavanh, Program V2

I fucking love America, alright? I mean, most of it. You know, like... there's stupid parts of it. But it was good. I mean... America is strong as balls, and what more can you really ask for in a country? Hell, I woulda happily gone to war for you guys. But you know why we're awesome at fighting stuff? It's... it's the same as any sporting team, y'know? Teamwork and... helping each other and shit. War's just one big game of basketball except... with guns instead of balls.
Marley Jenkins, Program V2

Erin Underwood, Program V2

You think I'm a dick, don't you, Marley? A real fucking cocksucker, right? (...) So here's my last question to you- if it was me, you, and Ashley, would you kill me? Even if I wanted to live, would you gun me down regardless?
Dan Orvall, Program V2

Uh, w-what I mean is... (...) I just want t-to get out of here, so if you would just let me p-pass, I, uh, would be very g-g-greatful.'
Yumi Nunes, Program V2

Wait, I'm sorry, what do you mean pissed? (...) We got chosen for the Program. As in, the Program. This is a goddamned honor. We're serving our country. You should be proud, idiots.
Stella Barnes, Program V2

Garritt Baker, Program V2

Listen. I'm heading over there. I'll see what's going on with her. Stay here until it's safe. If anything happens to me...
Nancy Morris, Program V2

Here's an idea: alliance? Or at least truce? Okay, so maybe we can form a truce and hike down the mountain, and you can skedaddle away if you want. If you don't, we can partner up and find my friends, and maybe yours too.
Tori Gavlik, Program V2

Please… (...) Don’t tell them.
Zora Spencer, Program V2

What’re you gonna do, bro? I’m just as curious as you are. Maybe she’ll bleed red, white and blue, eh? You willing to risk it? It’d be on your hands. Fuck if America wouldn’t turn their nose up to you after that. You’d be no better than a fucking spic yourself, yeah?
Angel Anguilar, Program V2

Hey, patriot. What's in that bag?
Josephine "Josie" Luu, Program V2

Aww, man. You killed the Furby.
Gerald Lawson, Program V2

Sorry, I'm about to make your day a whole lot worse.
America "Clara" Fox, Program V2

Haven't you heard? Maxim has been a naughty boy he attacked Dylan shot her too, stole her stuff and left her to die, cold. Haven't seen him but seems he has become He-Man and is rampaging round the island. So yeah watch out for him 'Glo -ri -a
Stephanie Moon, Program V2

It's about survival of the fittest, nothing more. We can lie to ourselves by saying there is a way to escape, where in reality there isn't. That's why I have to take the initiative.
Maxim Senders, Program V2

Th...Thanks you! Got a... umm, nice gun there. Better look out for it, or so... Good Luck!
Amanda White, Program V2

Are the things I could teach you proper manners, so you won't leer at women and be fucking rude to people? Because I think you need to be taught that. If you're going to stick around, you have to not start trouble. Got it?
Felicia La Chapelle, Program V2 note 

I’m just going to rest a while. We’ll figure out where to go next in the morning.
Aaron Chalmers, Program V2

I mean, my plan since I woke up was to find people... friendly people, that is! Not, uh... player-style finding people. I just wanted to find friends, and you’re here, so...
Johnathan Roberts, Program V2

You see, Louisa, I'm only doing my part to serve America. The Program exists to weed out the undesirables so that the true patriots can continue to live on and keep society marching forward. Hence the minorities, dissenters, and anti-government types are always the first to go. If I recall correctly, some time before the Program your friend here made some disparaging comments on the way our country is run. I remember those comments because I was there to witness the event in question. He wasn't punished then, but his sentence was written once he was placed in the Program. I was only performing my patriotic duty, to make sure that a true American wins the Program.
Brian Meyerhold Callison, Program V2

You want to play a card game? It'll help keep your mind off the game for now. Calm you down before it gets too intense. You look like you need a break.
Bailey Williams, Program V2

There's no difference between us and minorities, despite what the government says. I mean I saw the same person kill a minority and A-and an American like us. It didn't make a difference to them. In the end everyone bleeds and dies exactly the same. What difference does anything else make?
Jasmine Stone, Program V2

''That's not right, (...) With all due respect, if you say you don't want to kill someone, I sort of expect you to then not turn around and kill them. You're just being a coward, otherwise. You're saying you don't want any blood on your hands, but you're attached to his death anyways. You're trying to have your cake and eat it, and that's pretty low, if you ask me. The least you can do is be honest about your intentions.
Alexander Bonham, Program V2

Whoever you are, you better back the fuck off, okay? You don't want any of this right now.
Anastasia 'Tas' Flores, Program V2

Just so you know, if you were anyone else, I'd of probably killed you by now. However, seeing as you're a fellow American an' all, I felt that I should at least give you a heads up first. Nothin' personal, but only one of us is making it out of this valley alive, and I've no intention of giving up.
Damien Stone, Program V2

The hell I did! Look at this, (...) You see any bloodstains on it, Shawn? Hell, look me up and down, I can't be any more bloody than fucking Robin over there! Robin Pounds, who actually killed someone before!
Lenny Osborne, Program V2

I’m sorry, Louisa. I know she attacked you and all. But... I wanna bury Gwen. (...) Bury her, or something. Just show her some respect, y’know? Cause... I never wanted this to happen...
Carlyle Shotton, Program V2

If you stay with me, we won't have to worry anymore," she said. "I'll stick with you next time, and everything will be okay.
Robin Pounds, Program V2

His people might have been foreign. He might have lived the child of unnaturalized immigrants. (...)He died American. And we owe it to him to recognize that.
Frank Callahan, Program V2

When I saw you on the mountains, you looked pretty helpless. You were sitting alone, shivering and shit. When I learned you were sick, well, I wanted to help. That's... I guess that's my... my personality, I think. I want to protect people.
Shawn Bowe-Cooke, Program V2

...Bye, Dylan. I've got an idiot boyfriend to yell at.
Ashley Sydor, Program V2

What, walk out so you can shoot me? No thanks.
Chris Brooks, Program V2

Dude, snap out of it! (...) This isn’t you, you’re the nice guy who likes to sing and dance, not the guy who goes out and murders half the school! I mean geez, what did you even expect me to do? Why’d you even tell me this?
Rebecca “Becky” Long, Program V2

Good to see you, but we don't have much time. Dylan could be lurking nearby. I'm only going to make this request once. Join us Audrey, together we can beat Dylan, and then end this nightmare. Louisa and I have a plan to ensure that no one wins this game. It's the only way to get the people responsible to understand. I know this sounds crazy but, the only way to really win this for our fallen friends is to die. Together.
Kyle Williams, Program V2

Thank you. For everything. I'm glad we had the chance to talk. (...) I think... I had a good life after all...
Louisa Bloom, Program V2

Someone has to live. So that it all matters.
Audrey McKee, Program V2

He was good to his country.
Matthew Davis, Program V3 Prologue note 

Carolyn Senn, Program V3 Prologue

Scott, did you see Elisa? (...) I need to know if she's okay. They didn't take her too, did they?
Juan Garza, Program V3 Prologue

Sorry Mom, sorry Dad
Scott Osbourne, Program V3 Prologue note 

But, c’mon. The knife he was holding? Super badass.
Joel "JB" Blackwell, Program V3 Prologue note 

Get the hell out of here, Laurie! I'll catch up with you, I promise.
Scotty Ward, Program V3 Prologue

I'm doing... uh, better than I might have thought, given the situation.
Howard Fong, Program V3 Prologue

Aww, that’s sad, (...) They threw my bag on the fence, but I got it down!
Clover Dubose, Program V3 Prologue

-I just want to know you're doing okay. Whatever you need to cope. You can scream. You can hit me. Whatever. We don't have to go anywhere. We don't have to face this. Not yet.
Jacqueline Hastert, Program V3 Prologue

What being a patriot, Scott? Would a true...a true American leave a die? (...) You're no patriot! Nothing but...a self-centered FASCIST!
Lisa Brighton, Program V3 Prologue

Such a dirty mouth,(...) I think we better keep you quiet until you're ready to talk like a civilized human being, no?
Scott Wallace, Program V3 Prologue

Not armed. Or we'd be talking less and fighting more... like some kind of married couple, (...) My weapon's useless for killing anyways, but if you're in the market for an air pump I'm accepting offers.
Annalise Franklin, Program V3 Prologue

Adrenaline, it turned out, was one hell of a drug.
Nellie Fitzpatrick, Program V3 note 

“H-how? How can I trust you?
Paxton Dombrowski, Program V3 Prologue

Theodora, I'm sorry that we met under these circumstances.... I should have told you in the past that I liked you.... A lot. But now.... I'm sorry for doing this....'
Elias Mills, Program V3 Prologue

    SOTF TV 

Shit angle though. Anyone on the crew ever take a film class?
Anthony Rollins, TV1

As for your friends; I get that, that you wouldn’t be able to shoot them. So I’ll do it instead.
Vincent Sullivan, TV1

You don't need to hurt him. Look, I'm alive! I'm unhurt! He hasn't touched me! I'm okay!
Mae St. Clair, TV1

Dunno who you're speaking to. Not sure I want to. Just keep your distance, and I'll be gone, okay?
Natalie "Nate" Chauncey, TV1

Before I kill you, I want you to know. My name is Madelyn.
Madelyn Connor, TV1

Hey Mason, we have problem. You don't want to shoot me, I don't want to shoot you and I sure as heck ain't gonna shoot myself. But like it or not one of us has to.
Shawn Morrison, TV1

I don't want to die, and I care more about myself than anyone else.
Karen Ruiz, TV1

I guess this is the part where I say something to close it all out, right? I got nothing
Mason Ross, TV1

If you ask me, I have no problem with these glory hogs dying. Is better for society if we got a bunch less of these nutjobs running around.
Vincent Holloway, TV2

Chris. You got me. But I was... just hoping you might... give me one final request.(...) Die with me.
Christine Wallis, TV2

The problem is, you don't really mean anything to me, no offense. And you don't want to talk about what I want to talk about, so I'm having a hard time figuring out why I shouldn't just shoot you. You're boring me.
Jewel Evans, TV2

None of us here today had the guts to not play.
Corin Albanesi, TV2


    SOTF SC 

I-it's not your fault. I... I... forgive you...
Craig Hoyle, SC1

ll... I'll let you go now. But next time... next time you're dead. Hear me?
Sidney Rice, SC1

I'd made it. I was going to make it,
Liz Polanski, SC1

Oh crap! Oh crap, sorry!
Maria Graham, SC1

Hide before they shoot yeh, dumbass!
Quincy Archer, SC1

Thank ya, Mista Bole.
Benjamin "Ben" Latimer, SC1

Carol... I.... I've always li.... Liked.......
Marty J. Lovett, SC1

I… think we should stick together. Safety in numbers, you know.
Aileen Borden, SC1

Okay, so. Me. You two. Alliance. Sound good?
Glen Bole, SC1

Congratulations. (..) What now? Are you going to kill me? Are you willing to shed your innocence just to get home?
Karl Chalmers, SC1

I want a fucking Diet Coke.
Megan Jacobson, SC1

It's been... well, it's sucked horribly. Better than it could've been, I guess
Nick Reid, SC1

I should shoot you, (...) Not to be an asshole or anything. The opposite, really.
Richard Ormsby, SC2

Jesus, no. No. I don't think hurting anyone's the right choice. Not at all.
William Lohman, SC2

I want you... to make me pretty, okay? Cover that ugly wound and put flowers and twigs and leaves on me. I don't want to be seen by the world like I am right now.
Jeanette Buendia, SC2

It's no use to me. I'm tiny and weak, plus people have guns y'know?(...) Stay safe Daniel.
Yasmin Carrol, SC2

At least you're doing better than me. I'm such a mess right now.
Lyndi Thibodeaux, SC2

Just these. Who’d have thought terrorists would have such terrible fashion sense, huh?
Panya Bishara, SC2

Hey, the name's Vincent. But do call me Vin instead. (...) "So you'll save a cent each time.
Vincent Holway, SC2

Fuck off Michael. I told you, you're friends aren't here. You said you were going to leave so leave. Leave!
Aaron Chalmers, SC2

If your body happens to be weak and you die...That’s not my fault. It’s your body’s fault for being weak. (...) It's not my fault if you decide to sleep and never wake up. It's not my fault. (...) It's your fault if you die. N-not mine.
Blaine Eno, SC2

Just be careful and take care of yourself, Tania. (...) Good luck, Bunny. You're going to need it
Simon Leroy, SC2

Sorry but I have to disagree. I work best alone.
Michael Maxwell, SC2

Pretty, ain’t it?
Bridgette Sommerfield,SC2

I don't know about you dude. But me? (...) Yeah. I have to do something, even if I don't know what
Paris Ardennes, SC2

But we don't mind if you have no interest in this. Every person should always have a choice.
Lance Adams, SC2

I only play to win, duh. You’re just lucky I’m such a gentleman, otherwise you’d still be in the net.
Jay Harland, SC2

I haven't been keeping track of time, and I have no practical knowledge of tracking. (...) Even if I did have any skill in that, I wouldn't help you track down Katarina.
Eris Marquis, SC2

T-There isn't one person here who hasn't fucked up today. Everyone in this building killed Aaron. (...) N-Now, I will admit that I'm the most at fault here right now, but... (...) We can't afford to act like this anymore.
Everett Taylor, SC2

What if it is a prop?(..) I mean,(..) We don't know if that thing actually fires... I mean, we just assumed that, but what if it is actually fake? I wouldn't put it past them to give someone a fake.
Clair Belvedere, SC2

Hello. (..) Care to try this too?
Amanda White, SC2

I don't know if I want to go back.
Aria Samuels, SC2

I’ll show them all.
Jasmine King, SC2

Kasumi White, SC2

We just got here and there's blood on the ground, there's been a fight and someone was hurt bad, and then you show up outside yelling- gosh, sorry that we didn't go 'wow, we better go have a chat with the guy who beats the shit out of someone every other week!
Sebastien Bellamy, SC2

We'll leave her to her fortune, then.
Tessa Blackridge, SC2

The fuck am I supposed to know? I just said hi and she tried to kill me! Chasing me across half the fucking island!
Jason Andrews, SC2

Oh. You're gonna die. Your fault this time, too. Can I have your stuff?
Alice Gilman, SC2

Eh, shit happens.
Adonis Alba, SC2

Actually, on second thought.(..) Don't you think we should do something?
Damion Castillo, SC2

We should kill Jasmine.
Brigid Paxton, SC2

Don't you lie to me!
Clio Gabriella, SC2

I thought maybe I could help others anyway, even though I had no stake in helping them. All I did was take the word of a killer and let her get another kill. Then I thought maybe I might try and get a kill, do something to deserve all the crap I've taken over these past days. I failed even that, like I fail everything.
Tania Chell, SC2

I... (...) I trust all of you... 'Cause.. Irene's... a good friend. And so is Johnny...(...) But at the same time... I don't trust any of you.. Sorry...
Rachael Langdon, SC2 note 

Okay. It goes like this: we know that these collars are what's keeping us tied to the game right? If we can figure out how they work, it's then a matter of defusing the explosives in the collars, taking away their main weapon. They wouldn't be able to blow us up from a distance, meaning that they'd at least have to come over here, while we'd have the run of the island and the ability to remove the collars on our own time once we figure out the problem of them going boom.(...) To be fair, it's not going to be easy. We're talking about going into complicated electronic equipment with nothing to go by, and defusing a specific part of the collar, on the first try, without getting caught. It has to be better than the alternative of waiting to die, though.
—-Zubin Wadia, SC2

Bitch, you're just creeping me out. Get out of here.
Sarah Miller, SC2

Honestly, don't know if I can just stay cooped up here. So many people we could help out there, right?
Ramona Shirley, SC2

You can stay and I'll leave if you like.(..) Or not. I don't mind.
Natalie "Nate" Chauncey, SC2

I feel like you deserved better. (...) Everyone did.
Felicia LaChapelle, SC2

I guess now, my only creations are funerals and tributes to my dead classmates. In a way, I guess this is my masterpiece.
Sophie McDowell, SC2

Just live. You don’t need a plan. Living is enough.
James Mulzet, SC2

Is it... okay to prescribe it to you? I mean... you had so many other things to you than what weapon you got, but... I'm not good at this at all.
Christopher Schwartz, SC2 advantage of us and did this, and now what? You wanna be just like him?
Theodore "Theo" Fletcher

—'''Yumi Nunes

f it helps, you're the first person I haven't shot at. That's pretty unique for me.
Katarina "Kat" Konipaski

Don't fuck with me, don't fuck with my friends, don't fuck with my classmates, and most of all, drink more milk, snaggletooth. Maybe that shit wouldn't have happened if you actually flossed, you demented shit-heel.
Michael Crowe

You’re just like me. You’re just…
Miranda Miller

If someone dies because of me, it's only gonna be 'cause they had it coming.
Natali Greer

We don't need any help. But thanks for the offer.
Scarlet Mc Afee

Let 'em know I never stopped trying to do what I thought was right.
Roy Benson

Kyran Dean

Keep it secret, keep it safe.
Brandon Baxter

Yeah! Like, don't do the die!
Keiji Tanaka

I could ask you the same thing. I answered your question, and you'll be wasting your time if you keep asking.(...) Just like you'd be wasting your time if you kept on trying to save people. We both know that you can't.
Soren Rosendal

Hell of a morning, am I right?
Dan Liu

This game is a perversion of reality. We both just want to win and survive. That shouldn't make us monsters.
Saachi Niidal

Wow, you must really not want to live through this, (...) any sane person would probably have clubbed me over the head, or shot my in the back, or, like, punched my fucking lights out, but you didn't do that.
Kitty Gittschall

If you were literally anybody else, I would have shot you on spot but you are kinda cool and have cigarettes.
Tina Luz

I’ve always felt that we get another shot, somehow. It seems like every day that you hear about someone who remembers something that happened to them in a past life.
Cody Jenkins

Cheers to... uh, not dying, I guess.
"Badass" Johnathan "Johnny" Lancer

Delusional? Fuck yeah. I'm insane because you'd have to be insane to still be sane. I'm the only sane one on this fucking island.
Irene Djezari

Don't worry, Yaz. If someone comes in here just shout and I can like, stagger over and collapse on them or something.
Daniel Whitten

    SOTF Virtua 

If I get killed, I'm going to get killed on my own, on my own terms.
Samuel Wilson

So, you think they kept the food cart for the ride home?
Leo Raclaw

Still, there's not much we can do, now. Regardless of whether or not we kill Rebecca, we are going to have to decide who lives and who dies. I don't think any of us want that responsibility, but I suppose that there is the matter of justice. Rebecca's wronged us in a lot of ways. Wronged everyone, killed too many of us.
Renee Murphy

Rebecca... I don't want to do this.
Kaede "Katie" Tanaka

    SOTF Evolution 

All I can say is that it ain't nothing you should worry about. Not a thing any of us all can do right now. You know? We ain't got no scientific labs to try and puzzle all these changes out, nor reverse them. Just have to take our licks up 'till we get a shot to overturn things.
Billy-Jay Clarke

Now, Mister Adelaide, was it? Yes, I was planning on shooting you. Someone needs to die here, and I'm the one with the gun. I don't give a shit if you just had a seizure or whatever, all I want to do right now is blow your fucking brains out all over the goddamn ground. And, in all honesty, I'm going to enjoy it, you fucking bitch. I'm going to enjoy watching your body twitch on the ground, I'm going to enjoy taking your food and water, I'm going to enjoy finding the rest of the fuckers on this goddamn rock, and killing them, too. And when I find that bitch with the banshee wail, I'm going to tell her the same thing I'm going to tell you. You do NOT fuck with CONAN!
Connor Bromwell

I wanna go home...
Jay Harland

They don't give a damn about us. Do they really expect us to believe that, after all but one of us are left, that person will be able to walk free? It is more likely they'd just finish that person off and wipe their hands, to avoid anyone getting word out about what they're doing now that they have their O SO precious lab results. Screw all of that! I'm not buying it.
Fredrick Slagenger

What: What am I doing here? Something about being a guinea pig. That "evolution" garbage. Ha! Everyone knows evolution is a process that takes more than thousands of years to happen! To develop a serum for it would be ludicrous!
Judith Vibert

Do me a favor, kid, and stay the fuck away from me. Because next time we meet, I'm not going to take it this easy on you.
Cristo Ruiz

Live, Sam. Just... live.
Otis Adelaide

Yeah. It would be nice to say 'just go with your emotions on this one' but sometimes logic has to overrule that.
Joel Deitrick note 

I'm not killing people just because I'm told to by a man in a creepy coat. Got that
Penelope Rivers

We... We can't just LEAVE him here!
Keira MacDonald

He'd done nothing. What did he do to deserve that? Eh? What have any of us done? Is that the end result, your precious data? Is that what you want? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?
Johnny Marsh

What the hell are you yammering about?! I'm not mad at Cristo! I'm mad at you Iris! YOU lied to us! Right to our faces!
Holly Chapman

Please don't shoot me. I-I just want to know what happened here. I was kinda friends with her, and I suppose answers would be nice. .... Did I mention please don't shoot me?
Chris Richardson

Must'a been hearing things cuz' I was 'ere the whole time and ain't heard no gunshots. You callin' me crazy? Cuz the only one actin' crazy 'ere is you.
Iris Landon

Taryn, what I'm going to do is live. Maybe I'll see you later. Maybe not. Honestly... I don't know what to hope. But hey, if I can't win, you do your damn best, you hear me? Both of you
Samantha Reynolds

Seriously, what do you think we just went through? I just left someone so close to me behind out there. She didn't make it dude. I'm sure you've lost someone too. An ally you made here, something! Yet you and I are still standing here, still breathing. And you have the balls to suggest I'm not a man?! Fuck you dude!
Raymond Pietrowski

Oh well. They’ve broken so many laws already just by kidnapping and experimenting on us, what’s breaking a couple laws of physics on top of that? They could be using magic for all I know.
Simon Matthews

Not again! I won! You can't do this to me!
Khalid Shamoun

Nice meeting you bitches.
Ashlie Jackson note 

Well, I didn't hear Ashlie's name. We owe her a gift from Samantha. Lead the way, Kate.
Taryn Gregory

To the end.
Katherine Black

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