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Tear Jerker / Survival Of The Fittest Mini

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  • Regina Aston giving up her life at the Ice Palace to save the lifes her classmates and a girl she doesn't know from a grenade thrown by her love interest Vahka Basayev, saving all but one of them.

Second Chances

  • Jeanette Buendia's death in Second Chances V2, wherein she asks Sophie McDowell for a mercy killing after being wounded, and to have her body decorated with flowers and her injuries covered after death, which Sophie fulfills.
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  • Damion Castillo's slow decline and death at the Shipping Yard. After being abandoned by his friends after an argument over a plan of whether to use him as bait for an ambush, he's left in the area with a crippled leg spending a day and a half trying to drag himself out, only stopping to listen to the announcements to learn his girlfriend, Jasmine King has killed two people which furthers his own resolve to live and see her. And then day 4 happens, he learns his girlfriend is dead and The Shipping Yard is turned into a danger zone, with Damion desperately trying, and failing to take his own life.

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