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  • The original death post of Jerry Aarons in Program V1, a Call-Back to a moment in SOTF's own V1: "And then Jerry died of blades." It has since been edited into a full, more serious post, but the original is fondly remembered.
  • The death of Charity Gardner in Program V3 Prologue; after spending half of the first day wandering around with Grant Gault and growing frustrated with his lack of direction, her internal dialogue comments that maybe she would need to grow a pair herself if he doesn't start showing some spine. Then Grant throws a bomb at her.
    Charity's Narration: You know what. You fucking know what, Grant.
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  • In PV3P, Leonard Roycewood's indignant reaction to being selected and then repeated insistence that his dad will get him out of trouble, because he's a sergeant and very important. In a setting where everyone completes military service.


  • The first version of SOTF-TV brings us Jonas Jeffries' first thread. Immediately upon stumbling upon a group of people, he starts waving around his assigned gun and screaming "I'm from Detroit, I know how to use this!" It should be mentioned that Jonas did not know how to use said gun and was about as far from intimidating as possible.
  • A good portion of the mentors in SOTF-TV can provide these, mostly of the disturbingly hilarious Mood Whiplash variety. Examples include Wilson Howard asking his team to advertise Verizon, Susan Crawford being an ill-spoken anti-SOTF protester (with everything that implies), and a comedian who uses Alter-Ego Acting (similar to Stephen Colbert) who spends it entirely in-character. Another good example:
    Shannon Gant : (upon seeing that Taylor DeVasher is knocking down postcard racks) "Wait-wait-wait, did that kid just- Holy shit he actually did! STOP TRASHING MY RESORT YOU FUCK. KICK HIS ASS VINCENT!"
    • Caeser Knight in TV2 is one of the less helpful mentors but he certainly makes an impression. In his one and only message to each of his team members, he offers nothing useful and no moral support besides telling each individual that they're his favorite, including two teammates who are currently in the same room and telling them not to tell each other, and not checking in with one guy until just after he's died.
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  • TV3 contestant and anti-SOTF protestor Giselle Fillmore threatens Ivan Rodriguez, the son of the host of a SOTF-based podcast, to reveal to her his father's personal information such as his passwords and social security number in order to destroy his reputation. What did Ivan, who at this point was beaten and nearly knocked out by her allies, do? Jokingly ask her to complete a captcha.
    Ivan: "S-street you grew up on," he said through a whistle - was he missing a tooth? "P-pick the pics that don't have cars."
  • The various amounts of food-related, Cordon Bleugh Chef moments can be hilarious to some. Highlights include Laura Hakštok streaming herself eat an ungodly amount of chicken nuggets (some of them dipped in Nutella), Keegan Garcia drinking hot sauce out of the bottle in front of a bewildered audience, and Sylvain Kessler trying to create the worst food in the world by dipping bread in milky coffee and wrapping it over a burnt steak.


  • From "Big Mike" Gibraltar's death in Virtua. One of his last actions is attacking Brian Larke with a cake. His last thought before expiring?
    When I get to Heaven, I am so telling Anton that I threw a cake at Brian.

Second Chances

  • Early on, Blaine Eno face-plants during a fight with Michael Crowe, who promptly deposits him into a nearby barrel. Blaine's reaction to this turn of events?
  • One memory pre-game thread features Jay Harland writing a Stylistic Suck horror story about a demon-possessed child. Said child was conceived during what's described as a "haunted threeway", has red eyes and razor-sharp teeth, has to kill someone each year (including his mother in childbirth), and eventually grows up to become a war-mongering world leader. He tries describing it to Michael Crowe, who laughs in his face; he thought it was a parody. Jay doesn't take it well.

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