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  • Sleepwalker encounters the murderous Psyko in issue #28 and then spends the next several issues struggling with the brutal Mind Rape Psyko subjected him to. In issue #32, Sleepwalker and Spectra are both fighting and losing against Psyko, who's nearly driven them both insane. Psyko's turned them both against one another, and Sleepwalker is about to murder Spectra when she manages to remind him of who he really is. That's when Sleepwalker realizes that murdering Spectra would have driven him permanently insane, which is what Psyko wanted. Now, turning his Tranquil Fury on Psyko, he lunges at the monster and flattens him with one punch.
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  • In the final issue of the series, Sleepwalker and Rick are trapped in the Mindscape in Cobweb's lair. Rick has been Mind Raped by Cobweb to the point that he thinks he's dead, but when he sees that his body hasn't decayed he realizes that Cobweb's lying and manages to free himself and Sleepwalker. Sleepwalker, having by now been banished from his home and framed as a mass murderer by Cobweb, is filled with Unstoppable Rage and charges at Cobweb in a rage. He throws Cobweb's minions aside like they were nothing, and when he catches Cobweb he takes back the Imaginator Cobweb stole from him and uses it to banish the demon once and for all.
  • A villainous example features 8-Ball pulling off a successful robbery, defeating Sleepwalker in the process. Taking both his loot and the unconscious Sleepwalker back to his hideout, 8-Ball proceeds to celebrate his robbery by detonating a collection of giant explosive fireworks painted like billiard balls over New York City, with Sleepwalker attached to the biggest one to try and blow him up in the process. Sleepwalker just barely manages to escape alive, and even then he's badly hurt by the shockwave of the exploding fireworks.
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  • One of Sleepwalker's own moments comes in the second-to-last issue of the series, when he's nearly manipulated by Psyko into murdering one of his former enemies, which would have permanently driven him insane. At the last moment, however, his former enemy helps bring him back to his senses, and he realizes what Psyko's been doing to him. After spending the last three or four issues struggling against the Mind Rape Psyko put him through, Sleepwalker overcomes it all, turns around, and flattens Psyko with one punch.


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