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  • Agnum's introduction scene has him save Yuma by casually blocking an atrack from Jinas. Made better by the following exchange :
    Agnum: (chuckling) Whoa there!
    Jinas: So it's you--!
    Agnum: Watch your swinging that thing... (serious tone) Jinas.
    • Then he goes one-on-one with him and forces a stalemate, which causes Jinas to relent. To put that in perspective, Agnum was able to fight Jinas on his own and wasn't even winded afterward, whereas Yuma and Kirika could barely keep up with Jinas and would have perished.
  • During the Empire's attack on Marga, King Albert pulls a You Shall Not Pass! on Excella...and her whole army...and her Dracomachina. By doing so, he spares the city from being destroyed, and he gets an opportunity to deliberately pull a Take Up My Sword moment for Sonia's benefit, forcing her to stop trailing in her father's shadow, which finally makes Albert's Armonic accept Sonia as its chosen wielder.
    • And he survives! Although he's seriously injured in his duel with Excella, he makes a full recovery and continues ruling Astoria. There's a reason he's the king, after all.
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  • Sonia gets one of her own when she not only withstands one of Zest's attacks, she gets back on her feet, which stuns him. Then she proceeds to actually parry several more of his attacks. This from a girl who was injured and without an Armonic! That took willpower and an exceptional amount of skill.

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