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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • Maureen's death cry at the beginning.
  • When Sidney is confronted by Mickey, he begins comparing himself to Billy, to which Sid replies "You're forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis — I fucking killed him!" Sid's delivery AND the line itself is incredibly bad-ass!
  • Randy Meeks gets a dying moment of awesome by stalling the killer over the phone so Dewey and Gale to find him. It ends with him chewing out one of the first killers, Billy Loomis, as well as the killer, fully knowing it would kill him.
    Where's your innovation, huh?! Why copy two high school loser-ass dick heads? Stu was a pussy-ass wet rag! And Billy Loomis? Billy Loomis?! What the fuck?! Jesus! WHAT A RAT-LOOKING HOMO-REPRESSED MAMA'S BOY! WHY NOT SET YOUR GOALS HIGHER, HUH?! YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THE BIG BOYS!? HUH?! MANSON, BUNDY, O.J., SON O- (attacked from behind by the killer and dragged into Gale's car)
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  • Sidney shooting the (probably) already dead killer in the head with the deadpan remark "just in case".
  • Ghostface gets one when he attacks Sidney and Hailee while they are under the protection of the local police detectives by quickly and brutally dispatching people trained to stop people like him.
  • Ghostface again when he subverts Sidney's expectations and confronts her as soon as she goads him to quit hiding.
    Sidney: Why don't you show yourself, you fucking coward?
    Ghostface: My pleasure...
  • Dewey's brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gale considering not only again trying to get more on Sidney's life instead of leaving her alone and her basic "demotion" of his character in her book. It actually shakes Gale, who's usually a Jerkass, into feeling bad.


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