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Awesome / Scream (1996)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • Sidney taking out the killer Stu by dropping a TV on his head.
  • Tatum spending most of her chase scene kicking the killer's ass, smashing his face into a freezer door, hitting him several times in the crotch and face with beer bottles, and finally flipping him onto his back when he tried to bum-rush her. Had the scene been played for any degree of reality, Tatum would have emerged the victor.
    • The best part is that many call her attempt to escape through the flap one of the dumbest escape attempts ever...except that Rose Mcgowan could fit through the cat flap and her shirt needed to be stapled to the flap to keep from falling out when the door would rise.
  • Gale shooting the killer towards the end with the one liner:
    Gale: I guess I remembered the safety that time you bastard.
  • Sidney's phone conversation with the killers:
    Sidney: We're going to play a little game. It's called guess who just phoned the police and reported your sorry mother fucking ass!
    • Extra points with her using the voice changer as she taunted them. Pure badass.
    • As if that wasn't enough of A Taste of Their Own Medicine, she stabs Billy twice over, while dressed in his own Ghostface costume.
  • Sidney doesn't even hesitate to put one through Billy's skull when it turns out that he's Not Quite Dead.
    Sidney: Not in my movie.
    • Even better, despite Billy attempting a Jump Scare, she doesn't even bat an eye.
  • The opening sequence, which could easily stand on its own as a self-contained short film. The perfect mission statement for the series.
  • Sidney doing an Indy slide to escape Ghostface in the bathroom.
  • The principal gets one for chewing out two students for dressing up as Ghostface after two murders just happened and scaring Sydney, who had barely escaped Ghostface the night previously. Could he be described as a Dean Bitterman? Probably. But he gets points for being mad at the right people and actually having a point.
    • It does get subverted in his next scene where he is pretending to be Ghostface himself, albeit, in private.
  • Sidney punching Gale in the face. Yeah, she Took a Level in Kindness later, but for the first half of the first movie, she causes Sidney nothing but pain. It's hard not to cheer Sidney on when she just decks her.


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