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  • Anyone remember the soldiers that you recruited throughout the game repaying Big Boss' loyalty throughout the game by sacrificing their own safety Char's Counterattack-style by shooting the shit out of the Metal Gear in the Launch Control Base. In fact, they even say, despite Big Boss' protests not to throw away their lives:
    You fought for our Motherland! Now let us help fight for yours!
  • Gene gets a CMOA for his sheer badassery by his effortless asskicking of Null at one point, ending with a one sentence command that basically amounted to Kneel Before Zod
  • Elisa gets a CMOA by using CarFu to kick Cunningham's ass so Snake and crew can avoid getting shot to death.
  • Hell, Colonel Skowronski gets a small CMOA by damn near killing Gene and Large Hamming his brief moment of Captain Ahab style glory when he temporarily hijacks Metal Gear RAXA. Bonus points for giving Big Boss, Elisa, and Gene a massive WTF reaction.
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  • In game, Big Boss gets a CMOA from all the soldiers present for kicking Metal Gear RAXA's ass, more or less reinforcing his badass reputation.
  • Capturing soldiers allows the player to turn Big Boss into the ultimate recruitment machine, capturing even whole towns of people.
  • Cunningham, a FOX operative condemned to a desk by the CIA, has just told Naked Snake that he's been manipulated the whole time, and that through his machinations, Snake will go home a hero when Cunningham launches a Davy Crockett and destroys the entire base, thus killing all the soldiers and friends Snake has made during the game. Considering the ideas of loyalty and responsibility that have been brewing since he killed The Boss, Snake turns down Cunningham's treacherous offer, pulls a gun on him, and tells the man he's going to stop him.
    Naked Snake: "I'm doing this out of loyalty to myself - I'm NOT going to live my life the way The Boss did."

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