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  • Satsuki's first proper synchronization with Junketsu and subsequent fight with Ryuko in Chapter 10 is definitely one of her most badass moments to date.
  • Nui Harime gets some rather awesome moments in Chapter 13 where she exploits her own life fiber enhanced body by not only rescuing several people trapped in a burning apartment complex while getting a bit burnt in the process, she subsequently follows this up by allowing herself to get gratuitously shot up by a fake SWAT team that's up to no good, only to then freak them out by standing back while looking like a gore dripping zombie, quickly dispatching them with several assault rifle rounds in no time. The kind of acts of heroism that make people legends.
  • In Chapter 14 when not only Satsuki managed to come back to her senses after her fake weed trip, but also proceeded to pummel her rival Hokuto Shinken Style!
    • Earlier in the same chapter, she learned that she IS awesome when her Kamui told her that having Life Fibers in her body basically makes her a superhero. She was thunderstruck about the news, but in a very good meaning of the word.
  • The entire escape sequence in Chapter 18. Not only Satsuki manages to escape the Kiryuin Conglomerate headquarters in one piece, she does so by taking out several armored soldiers completely butt naked, even going as far as to knocking one of them out by just bum rushing him without warning!
  • The fact that Nui managed to use her scissor blade to split herself in two so she could be free of her split personality.
  • The battle between Nui and Dr. Batty. Nui won.

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