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  • About everything Harry / Mr. Black does during his travel around the world, enough that a full blown Urban Legend is built around him, just because of a few Contrived Coincidences, his unadulterated dumb luck and the imagination of the different Auror Corps Harry meets.
    • In Netherlands, he defeats four Death Eaters using just two bottles of cooking oil and the judicious application of Blasting Charms. He also discovers the Crumple-Horned Snorkack.
    • In France, he accidentally convinces the people breaking into his hotel that he has undetectable wards set up and was only humoring them until they tried to break in (he was actually sick of waiting in lines and they misinterpreted his words). Then he kills a serial killer (one that had actually yet to be discovered by the French Aurors) in self-defense, in such a way that it cannot actually be tied to him.
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    • In Monaco, his dumb luck makes him bet on a table in such a way that it draws suspicion towards another of the players, who is part of a ring of cheaters.
    • In Rome, his dumb luck strikes again when an attempt to use mage sight while having a hangover gifts him with a more powerful form of mage sight. He identifies a problem in a set of wards just from reading a book on them for a few minutes. He meets with a Mafia boss and gets him to not support the Dark Lord. He kills another Mafia boss by throwing him out of the window and guts a Mook of his.
    • In Germany, he kills a bunch of Pureblood fanatics after they killed a Muggleborn girl that was in the age of going to magical school, sparking a massacre of fanatics by the local crime syndicates.
    • In Austria, after accidentally giving the Aurors a clue that an Eldritch Abomination may be about to escape its prison, he visits the Aurors' headquarters, where he destroys a huge rock (and part of the wall behind) with an old Soviet spell and barely reacts when a bunch of Death Eaters try to kill him (of course, he thinks it is a joke, as the Death Eaters land straight into a cell).
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    • In Hungary, he manages to help find a cure to an illness that is killing the Hungarian Horntails.
    • In Transylvania, he kills four vampires (one of them by accident, the other three with a tanning spell), gets the respect of Count Dracula, kills Fenrir Greyback, and his luck strikes again when the Count feeds him some of his blood, yet Harry turns not into a werewolf (Greyback bit him) nor a vampire. And then he meets a group of Veelas who recognize him (they are family of the Delacours), an encounter he comes out better of, turning him into a love god.
    • In Egypt, he finds a boatload of tombs, reveals the existence of a valley full of Egyptian wizards' tombs, and rescues a group of people that had been kidnapped by a bunch of magical bandits.
    • In Japan, he manages to convince a kappa (a monster of Japanese folklore) to let him go across its river and meets a yuki-onna (a spirit associated with winter and snowstorms, that is always cold), which he invites to have soup and then convinces her to settle in a place where her storms won't cause damage to other people.
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    • In Australia, he gets bitten by poisonous spiders that die themselves due to Harry's poisonous blood, finds a lot of opal stones in his first (and only) day of excavating in Coober Pedy, most of which he leaves to a girl he helps give birth to, and gets in a drunken fight with a kangaroo, knocking the animal out in one punch.
    • In America, he wins a shooting contest and convinces a robber baron to stop trying to steal the land from the locals in a Far West town.
    • Finally, in Sweden, he enters a race famed for passing next to a dragon reserve (who are quite prone to eat one or two of the fliers). Harry somehow gets nearly every dragon to hunt him, shakes them off by doing a Wronski Feint, and wins the race (which is noted to be the one where less people have died in the history of the race.

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