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Heartwarming / Maim de Maim

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  • The scene in Chapter 9 where Satsuki and Nonon reconcile after the latter nearly loses her love of classical music is definitely a genuinely heartwarming sequence strengthening their friendship in the process
  • The flashback of how Ryuko and Sanageyama starting dating is a rare warm and fuzzy moment for the otherwise largely deplorable, unlikable daughter of Ragyo Kiryuin
  • The entire hospital sequence in Chapter 14 between Tsumuga Kinagase and Nui Harime definitely qualifies as one.
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  • the ending scene in Chapter 21 where Shiro and Satsuki at long last breaks the ice between them both and Junketsu was very pleased of the recent development he bared witness as well as the fact that the horrible things Ragyo did to his wearer didn't stop her from such desires
  • Chapter 22 where Satsuki tells Nui that the former recalls meeting the latter 13+ years ago as children. The mention of their intertwined childhood past was so emotionally powerful, it managed to break the evil half's hold on Nui's body; probably for good this time.
  • Chapter 25 when Satsuki finally stops with the tyrant act and returns to normal, if there ever was a thing for her in terms of modesty.
  • Chapter 29 when Satsuki and Shiro finally got that bit of 'alone time' that they always wanted. About time too....

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