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  • Angel actively kicking Rainbow INTO the bedroom so that she can sleep in bed with Fluttershy. It's awesome in the fact that you almost think that he's going to kick her out, but he doesn't. He instead handles the situation in his own usual manner, but in a way that benefits Fluttershy instead of his own selfish desires. Granted, he did also do it because he was bored and wanted her around to annoy; but he first and foremost did it to make Fluttershy happy.
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  • Fluttershy asserting herself and defending Angel. It's a small moment, but doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. She's aware that Angel can be a jerk, but knows that he means well. She does this standing up to Rainbow Dash, no less!
  • By the time the story ends, there is a bit of a Take That! to Gilda. In chapter seven's flashback, Gilda revealed to be perfectly aware of Fluttershy's crush on Rainbow. She threatened to physically hurt Fluttershy if she flirted with Rainbow, proving to be a Clingy Jealous Girl. In chapter eight, Rainbow reveals that Gilda had made advances on her, which she herself did not understand. Because the story takes place well into season two, it's already obvious that things didn't work out. All while Fluttershy and Rainbow rekindled their strong friendship, with a possible chance of becoming something more in the future. Exactly what Gilda was trying to prevent! Fluttershy isn't one to gloat in this kind of way, but in a sense, she DID end up getting the last laugh.
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  • Managing to defeat the Toast Monster.


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