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Awesome / La Pucelle

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  • The Boss of Chapter 11, since your gang finally gets back together, Prier snaps out of the Heroic BSoD she's been suffering through for the rest of the chapter, and Father Salad joins the team.
  • In Overlord Prier Mode: If Prier masters her Demon Overlord self enough; she can purify the Dark Prince. Croix also gets to keep his powers after he's brought back to his senses.
    • ALL of Overlord Prier's Double Team attacks. They range from an impressive Zerg Rush (Culotte), to a Dynamic Entry (Father Salade), to a Yin-Yang Bomb combo (Alouette), she is No Kill like Overkill incarnate.
    • How she and Croix finish off Noir. Once Noir has a Villainous Breakdown and transforms into a monster:
      Noir: I'll burn you both to ash and sacrifice what's left of you to revive Calamity!
      Priere: No one cares about your fake utopia! [Dashes towards Noir and punches him in the gut, making him recoil in pain.]
      Croix: And no one gives a damn if you forgive us or not! [blasts Noir from below, hurling him upwards]
      Priere If you want a sacrifice... [Descends to the ground while kicking Noir again]
      Croix: To summon Calamity... [hits Noir, smashing him into the floor]
      Priere and Croix: THEN BE ONE YOURSELF!! [Both of them punch Noir one last time, sending him flying skywards until he becomes A Twinkle in the Sky, destroying the crucifix in the process]
      Noir: Ugh! WAAAAHH!!