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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Jack Kelso has one on the last case. After Monroe arranges a meeting (which is clearly a trap) with Kelso in his estate, Kelso decides to call his former Marine buddies and stages an all-out assault on the estate. After that, he shoots Monroe in his leg, looks around his office for a bit, and leaves him bleeding before he calmly leaves the estate to find Elsa.
    • Made even better by what he says immediately after shooting Monroe in the leg.
      Jack: That's my opening negotiating position!
      • Better again by what he says after stomping on Monroe's injured leg while he's down.
      Jack: That's my second offer!
    • He does all of this while bleeding from a gunshot wound in his arm, which he doesn't even acknowledge while Monroe is screaming for a doctor due to his own gunshot wound.
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  • Even before that, Kelso forces his way into the apartment of his boss Curtis Benson at gunpoint. When he orders Kelso to leave, then threatens him, and even warns him to get out of town, Kelso responds "I guess we've exhausted the passive options", and pistol-whips him.
  • Jack also gets a great moment when he gets Courtney out from under Micky Cohen's thumb-he dictates the meeting place and lets Cohen know in no uncertain terms that Sheldon is done dealing morphine and it won't be happening again, Cohen is unfazed due to having several men with him, but then Kelso has his own men pop out from cover shoot at Cohen from above with him pointing out that he could've easily killed Cohen and his men if he wanted to and again demands that the distribution of morphine be stopped, Cohen acts bemused at Kelso and Sheldon then points out that Kelso was a badass during the war- his unit killed over 100,000 Japanese soldiers, with Kelso once personally taking out six of them with nothing but a K-Bar knife, Cohen still tries to act unimpressed by asking if the japs were "little guys" Kelso then remarks that the Japanese were around Cohen's size and leaves. The fact that Jack stood up to one of the most feared gangsters of all time and managed to get him to back down is truly amazing.
  • Cole's initial meeting with Leland Monroe, especially if you call him out on building houses on the cheap and lying about the Catalina Island promotion.
    • And getting even one of his questions right nets you an achievement in the Xbox 360 and Steam versions!
  • Cole telling off Roy Earle when he speaks ill of the late Courtney Sheldon. Mind you, Phelps has his gun trained on Earle throughout the whole rant.
    Cole: Courtney Sheldon was a corpsman, Roy. He served his country. He went out with a medical kit and an Army .45 into places that made the Valley of Death look like a picnic. He was either naive enough or dumb enough to get involved in the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, along with the mayor, the DA, Monroe, and a certain crooked cop. He was involved in the morphine heist, but he has a puncture wound in his jugular, which makes this a murder case. He was a better man than you'll ever know. You say one more word about him and I WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!!!
    • He also calls him off when he tries to warn him to stop investigating Elysian Fields.
  • Gameplay-wise, running over Roy Earle with a car once you find out that he ratted Phelps out for cheating on his wife with Elsa.
  • Cole's first introduction to Mickey Cohen. When Earle starts to introduce them, Phelps cuts him off by saying "I met his brother-in-law," and walks away. What makes it awesome is that Phelps had just gunned down Cohen's brother-in-law in the previous case. The point is not lost on Cohen.
  • Even Roy Earle gets one near the end of "The Black Caesar", a caretaker approaches the detectives as they attempt to enter the Polar Bear Ice Company building.
    Caretaker: Place has been closed for years. Not much demand for ice, what with the new freezers...
    Earle: Save it for someone who all janitors carry gats? (nonchalantly pulls out his gun as the caretaker goes for his and kills him before he can do anything.)
  • Elsa has one in the end when she calls out Roy Earle in Cole's funeral for pretending to be his friend.
    Earle: A cop wrongly accused, who never lost faith in the LAPD and the system...
    Elsa: Swine! You belittle his memory!
    • Also in "Manifest Destiny"
      Earle: If you care about working in this town, you better give me something on Bittleson and Bowe, or their knucklehead buddies Tyree and Lamont.
      Elsa: And this is your idea of making enquiries, Untersturmfuhrer?
  • Escaping from the falling chandelier in "The Quarter Moon Murders", with the Crowning Music of Awesome playing. On top of all this is tracking all the clues, and getting to the real Black Dahlia killer, Garrett Mason. When you find this bastard, even he can't help respecting your deduction skills. And when he tries to convince Phelps to use his talent for committing murders rather than solving them, having Phelps chasing Mason through the catacombs before putting some well-deserved rounds through his head will be SO damn satisfying. While it does suck that the case must be forgotten to not expose Mason's politician half-brother, taking the BD killer off the streets permanently ensures the whole thing wasn't a waste of time.
  • Any time Cole continues to recite the usual "put down your weapons and surrender" quotes while in the middle of a roaring gunfight.
  • In "Fallen Idol", Cole and Bekowsky are approached by a bunch of goons who want them to help them find the guy both they and the police are looking for. Cole acts like a good cop and politely but firmly tells them to stay away. Then...
    Goon: At least he's polite. Dumb, but polite.
    Bekowsky: But I’m a lot less polite, you smug son-of-a-bitch. So let me put it in ruder terms that even a pair of blockheads like you might understand. The only reason that you don’t have bars on your windows already is because you’re small fry, and we don’t waste our time on small fry. You stay away from Bishop and you stay away from me. Is that clear enough for you, asshole? Now run along back to your boss so he can pat you on the head and tell you what good boys you are.
  • The Fallen Idol's entire last section, where you chase Bishop through a collapsing movie set, then have an epic shootout to protect Bishop from Guy McAfee's men, who number in the dozens, and want you, your partner, and most of all Bishop dead. This is a ''Traffic'' case.
  • A similar shootout happens in the DLC case A Slip of the Tongue. Phelps and Bekowsky are getting ready to storm a warehouse loaded with armed Mooks inside. While Bekowsky slips in the back, Phelps will take the front. But before Phelps goes in, he gets the attention of the goons with this immortal one-liner:
  • Phelps stopping a runaway streetcar in "Nicholson Electroplating"
  • On a meta level: James Tiernan's voice actor, Will Collyer, delivers some of the best vocal and facial performances in the game, particularly upon breaking down and admitting he genuinely doesn't know whether he's innocent in the murder of his friend Evelyn or not.

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