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  • Trico catching the Boy whenever he jumps towards Trico. There's something epic about it catching the Boy with its mouth or its tail.
  • At one point, the boy is at the other side of a small gate and tries to open it for Trico when the boy is suddenly grabbed by a guard. Seeing this, Trico starts furiously roaring and ramming the gate with his horns, causing the entire wall and tunnel to collapse. The boy has to make a run for it, but before he gets too far and nearly falls with the rubble, a shadow emerges behind him as Trico has followed him through the collapsing debris and catches him just in time to jump to safety with him. It's the first moment you get a real feeling of how Trico's grown to care for the boy.
  • Another similar moment happens later, after a tunnel has collapsed on Trico which caused him to faint, the boy climbs ahead out of the rubble only to run into guards. Running back towards where Trico is, a loud roar and rumble emerges from the collapsed tunnel as hearing the boy being in danger again has become a serious Berserk Button for Trico, and he leaps out and attacks the guards in all his fury.
    • What makes this part is even more meaningful is that it happened not long after the second time Trico got affected by the antenna room that made him eat the boy and then threw him back up. A long sequence is spent on Trico being greatly distressed at the boy not moving and trying his best to wake him up, and literally jumping for joy when he does. Hearing the boy being targeted by guards again after this is likely what caused his anger to be at the most furious it had been.
  • The first time Trico uses his wings, becoming a literal Die or Fly moment.
  • When the Boy and Trico reach the main tower, guards come out and subdue the Boy just after he gets rid of one of the relics that Trico are afraid of. Before they get too far, Trico ignores the other relic and leaps over to the other side to save the Boy.
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  • The Boy whenever he helps out with the fighting. He can either charge at the soldiers wielding shields or rip off their helmets. Also, once he gets the mirror back, he can use it to fire at the soldiers instead of running away from them or luring them to Trico.
  • Twice in the game, you will enter a sci-fi like cage that mind controls Trico to down right eat the boy (with him fainting and regurgitating the boy up again afterwards). The third time you enter such a cage, Trico refuses to let it happen again and manages to resist the control long enough for the boy to destroy the construction with the shield. The boy's narrative voice will also comment, "My companion tried valiantly to resist."
  • Towards the end when Trico and the boy have reached as high up as they can manage before the main tower, the boy has to raise some bridges which eventually makes you realize that you're making a runway for Trico. After doing so, the boy gets on Trico, music starts swelling as he issues the command and Trico backs up... then gallops over the bridge, leaps into the air, spreads his fully healed wings and flies to the tower! (His landing isn't perfect, but still). Most players were probably shouting "Hell yeah!" at the screen when this happened.
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  • Poor Trico doesn't stand a chance being targeted by dozens of Brainwashed and Crazy Tricos, but before being overpowered, he does get a moment when he notices a Trico swiping the boy, and proceeds to gallop towards and ram the dark Trico so hard that it falls over.
  • Destroying the Master of the Valley at the very end. For once, Trico has been completely overpowered and is helpless, even getting its lightning-projecting tail bitten off. After struggling to help, the boy climbs back into the cage at the middle of the spire and uses the tail to break the cage, then climbs down the rest of the way to the Master's chamber that you went through to get back out and points the mirror at the bastard. The Master's defenses shrink back and it tries desperately to stop you, sending out those inhibiting runes, but the mirror stops them cold. After a few seconds, it's over in a single stroke.
  • The ending cinematic is this for Trico. Remember, when he got attacked by only one armoured Trico, the fight left him so beaten and exhausted that he had to recover for several hours. During the climax, he is mauled by several Tricos, likely making players afraid you were watching your Trico being beaten to death right then and there. After the Master of the Valley is destroyed and the Tricos are freed from their control, however, your Trico, against all odds, gets up again to find the unconscious boy. Shortly after, he gathers whatever strength he has left to make a leap of faith and escape the Valley through flying. Considering how badly beaten he is at this point, even worse than his one-on-one fight like previously mentioned, it serves to show the lengths he goes to in order to finally bring his boy to safety.