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  • Virtually any performance of "Ongaku", arguably their Signature Song for concerts. It's recently gotten so awesome that the guitarist walks around stage rocking out along with the members.
  • "Magia".
    • The ten-million-year-long "negai".
    • The bridge dancing, complete with all three members miming archery.
    • The slow version, inspired by the first episode of Madoka in which the music was accidentally slowed down. Some like this better than the original song.
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  • This moment from a studio live performance.
  • Anna ni Issho Datta no ni.
    Hikaru: You were my delight~
  • The short acapella performances from their radio show "Kalafina Club", where they pick a random J-Pop song and sing a bit of it before starting the show. They also did a short acapella version of "Storia" all the way back in 2009.
  • Destination Unknown live. For that matter, Destination Unknown studio recording.
  • Mata Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Natta, moreso in the live performances than the studio recording. Especially in the Red Moon Live at JCB Hall.
  • "Fairytale". While not the most upbeat of their songs, it features flawless vocals, Latin-esque Kajiurago, haunting background music box, a lovely string quartet, and lyrics that evoke Love Nostalgia beautifully while quoting from The Garden of Sinners itself.
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  • The climax in ARIA that leads to an intense instrumental breakdown, featuring a multitude of world influences, distorted guitar, and lively Kajiuran chanting.
  • Best of both worlds: Kalafina covering Sorairo Days in ANIMAX 2011. Conjures the image of Madoka with Kamina shades in your mind.
  • Kalafina achieving their first Nippon Budokan concert in 2015.
  • "one light" is effectively an epic rock track which crystallizes the idea of True Companions and facing odds beyond normal human beings' capacities. Which is perhaps appropriate considering it serves as the ED of a story about recapturing an entire kingdom.
  • "blaze" which is an energetic, upbeat song about the "flame burning within you".
  • At the break between the Nippon Budokan Concert "Blue Day", the concert was patiently waiting for the girls to walk onto the stage. Then the drums kick in the within the audience is Kalafina, light shining on them in the side of the audience. They then proceed to walk down the audience with to the stage with stone faces, no smiling or waving, just badassness.
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  • Keiko's solo improvisation at the end of a live performance of Door.

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